NWA Powerrr


In this hour of NWA Powerrr, Nick Aldis makes a major announcement about the future of Strictly Business, Jax and Crimson reunite against some new blood, the NWA Television Title is on the line, plus much, much more!

As is custom we get a video package showing the story behind Murdoch, Aldis and Adonis with Adonis winning the National Title last week.

Aron Stevens is joining the broadcast team with Kratos behind him. Great to see anything other than Velvet Sky at the announce booth.
Stevens is talking about how he dropped the comedy stuff after his match with Aldis.
Sal Rinauro comes out to grab a microphone from Kyle Davis saying what is up with the title shot he was promised since NWA Management doesn’t know.
Aron says that he doesn’t have a partner but didn’t say a title shot just a match. It is up to the NWA to sanction a title match.
Aron and Kratos says that they are going to leave now but if Sal finds a partner he will be happy to face them in the ring.

Loving the big men going after each other and no one is giving an inch between Parrow and Latimer before having Odinson and Adonis set up a test of strength but Adonis being the heel gets the kick in the midsection.
Nice spot with Odinson dropping Parrow on to Latimer showing off the strength of Odinson.
Parrow was able to counter the Adonis Lock by dropping down.
Super Collider from Parrow and Odinson on Strictly Business before setting up Adnois but Kamille allows the distraction and Latimer sends Odinson badly into the second hardest part of the ring.
Adonis puts on the Master Lock on Odinson after this leading to him fading and Strictly Business getting the TKO win.
Post match, Strictly Business celebrates even with a kiss between Latimer and Kamille. Thunder Rosa comes out to confront Kamille with Kamille standing behind the boys.

Retro commercial to promote the retro Nick Aldis wrestling figure.

Back with Thunder Rosa cutting a great fired up promo on Kamille when Taryn Terrell comes out like a showgirl making Rosa laugh at the idea she could beat Rosa.
Taryn says she has a “owie in her hip” and offers her services as a manager which leads to Melina coming out with Rosa just confused.
Rosa just walks off after saying she doesn’t want either of them.

May Valentine is with Austin Idol for this week’s commercial to promote Universal Wrestling College.

Trevor Murdoch is now being interviewed by May Valentine about how he lost the National Title last week and if he regrets it. He says he is not going to back down just because times are tough.
Called it. Murdoch is calling out Aldis saying he is coming for him now.

Sadly we have Velvet Sky back on commentary for this one. Hoping it doesn’t last too long which is never good to wish when starting a match.
Interesting to see how this match goes with Slice Boogie having a bit of a push going on and with Crimson and Dane having issues before the pandemic.
They show some issues between Dane and Crimson so that could be the story going forward to push a feud down the road. Would love to see them as the NWA Tag Champs though.
Jax Dane sold that move from Slice Boogie with him being out cold way more than he should have. Even Tim Storm was confused at it.
Velvet Sky sounds like every college broadcast journalist in their first show.
Boogie chop blocks Crimson who was yelling at Dane to get up who is still out on the floor. Love that Crimson kicked out just after a 1.
Just a handicapped match at this point as Dane is just taking a nap on the outside.
Death Valley Driver from Crimson on Mims but Boogie breaks it up before three. Dane is shown finally being checked on by an official.
Mims is able to roll up Crimson to get the pinfall victory. Really shocked Mims was the one to get the pinfall in this one.
Post match, Crimson is checking on Dane wondering what’s going on and he seems to be able to get up now that the bell has rung.

Nick Aldis is at the podium with Kyle Davis letting us know he has a big announcement for us.
Nick tells us it is not about announcing a new member for Strictly Business.
Aldis says he knows the difference between Good and Great and it pisses him off when he is good because he always wants to be Great.
He tells us that he is ACTIVELY recruiting for Strictly Business and there is open spots not just one but also says NO ONES spot in Strictly Business is guaranteed.
Aldis says that he has opened the door to invite anyone from Any. Where.

Will be interesting to see if the NWA messes with the time clock on this one like they did at the PPV.
Great work from Pope when Rosser ducks out of the way of the upper cut with Pope looking at the hard camera in surprise.
They’ve left the clock on screen for the entire match here so looks like the clock is going to be accurate through out it. Most likely the PPV match ended up being a few seconds off for the time limit and they wanted to fix that.
Rosser gets the first two count in a pin attempt after Pope goes ribs first into the turnbuckles hard.
Pope rolls all the way out of the ring after Rosser hits his finisher on the Ribs of Pope. The Time it takes for Rosser to get Pope back in allows Pope to kick out.
Knees to the back of Rosser and Pope gets the pinfall victory to retain the NWA Television Championship.
Post match, Austin Idol and his client come out to mockingly applaud Pope obviously making it known what they want and it is Pope’s title.

We are hearing next Tuesday will be a “Special” episode called Powerrr Surge. Likely to fill space before they can film the next set of shows.

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