AEW AEW Dynamite


We see the Inner Circle all showing up in their own vehicle before forming an almost flying V as they arrived to the show earlier in the day.

They have started really pushing that Hangman is the #1 ranked for the World Title now. A lot earlier than I expected.
Love how Hangman was having none of Bowens and just boots him before he can get going then taking it to Castor, his actual opponent, to start the match.
Another week of getting to point out how great AEW is about having the wrestlers get back in quickly to break a 10 count from the referee.
Nice organic way to get the boombox in play by having Hangman wanting to do a move against that turnbuckle and just moving it.
That was unfortunate when Castor didn’t get up to Hangman on the first try as Hangman should have been able to get out of the way for the second attempt.
Castor tells Bowens to slide him the boombox which is the decoy as Bowens then gets him the Chain which he connects Hangman with but only a two count.
Bowens stops the first attempt at the Buckshot but gets taken out and Hangman hits it on the second try and gets the pinfall victory over Castor. Next stop, Omega?
Post match, Hangman finds his cooler beer stash to start drinking and heading to the crowd to share a beer with a fan.

Tony Schiavone has taken over the ring to interview Death Triangle.
Before Pac or Fenix can say anything about their title match next week, Orange Cassidy’s music hits and he comes out with Best Friends and Statlander.
Orange Cassidy says, yes says, it is nice to see Death Triangle in the ring but… they then show footage on the big screen of what Death Triangle did to them way back when and tell Death Triangle that they don’t forget.
Pac says he gets what’s going on and says they have a lot of work and aren’t worthy of facing them.
Trent says they know they have to work their way back up because he was injured. He says they are only out there to let them know the boys and an alien are back in town.

We see Mike Tyson talking to the head coach of the Jaguars earlier in the day.

Inner Circle coming out of the Face Entrance just seems wrong. Are we the only ones thinking that?
Our neighbours below us must hate when ever Chris Jericho comes out because of the uncontrollable leg going with the beat of Judas.
Are we going to get a Pinnacle parody shirt saying “Pineapple” now?
Jericho calls MJF, My Jerkoff Friend, which made me chuckle. Nothing funnier then Jericho when he doesn’t have to still try and be a Heel.
Jericho admits that MJF outsmarted them and was one step ahead of them before getting a Swirley chant going.
Jericho said MJF stole the scarf gimmick from him which stopped being cool years ago and offers him a clipboard if he wants to do that again.
Jericho says the ultimate insult calling MJF a Mark for himself but goes one step forward and says we should call it a Max.
Jericho calls FTR the AEW version of the Jonas Brothers “You know their good but you can’t tell who was who.” As well as calling Tully Blanchard a third rate member of the Horsemen.
Jericho quotes AC/DC and says May 5th if we want blood we’ve got it and it’s Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle in Blood N Guts.

Dasha is backstage to interview Christian Cage about his debut victory last week and how he is feeling.
Christian puts over Frankie saying he pushed him so much that his lungs were on fire and he loved it.
Taz interrupts the interview saying that he has a team that can help him and offers him a spot in Team Taz to help him and they can help them. He says doesn’t need a decision yet.

Good job to put over that this match is more than just a publicity stunt by letting us know their rankings and how both are close to being at the top.
Nice spot with Bear Country being able to catch Jungle Boy but couldn’t catch Luchasaurus seconds later coming over the top rope himself.
Picture in Picture time and of course it is to advertise Kong vs. Godzilla. Although I can’t complain since it is nice to see heavy promotion for movies again.
Back with Jungle Boy making the comeback trying to get the hot tag.
Not the crispest thing in the world but the DDT coming over the top rope by Jungle Boy still looked good.
Chokeslam from Luchasaurus and they get the pinfall victory over Bear Country as if there was any doubt.

QT Marshall video promo with his men bitching about Cody getting everyone to do his work and called Cody a bargain bin Sting.

Is Tony Schiavone interviewing Sting going to be an every week occurrence? Is there no other way to use Sting?
Jake Roberts wastes no times and comes out and saying that this is the same thing again and again but this time Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are watching from the stands.
We are reminded by Jake what the definition of insanity is before Archer comes out to bitch until Sting takes the mic to finally say something.
Sting says he actually agrees with Archer that he should be at the top and that is on Archer and Jake not channeling the energy in the right direction.
Sting walks off after telling Archer to show it if he thinks it with Ethan Page and Sky laughing thinking it is all a joke.

Another episode of the dysfunctional times of Team Taz with Taz telling them to stop instigating each other so they can get Christian Cage to join them.

This match up reminds me of the old match ups where Tully Blanchard would defend the Television Championship against jobbers on NWA Saturday Night shows.
Sting chases off Ryan Nemeth but it seems like it was a more Nemeth luring Sting away from ringside especially with Bononi still being at ringside.
Back from commercial with JD Drake in control even hitting a sick move after sending Darby into the ropes but Darby gets control again after moving out of the Cannonball by Drake.
They really are making JD Drake look strong in this one I just wish it would be going along with a story told more than just on Dark.
Avalanche Code Red then a coffin drop gets the pinfall victory for Darby Allin in a good back and forth.
Post match, Butcher and Blade attack Darby Allin with Hardy Family Office with Bunny at the broadcast booth but is left alone when Dark Order and Sting come out to save Darby.
Tay Conti is able to attack Bunny before their match coming up next.

Video package showing the history between Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Good Brothers and Moxley to push the main event tonight.

Marvez is now in the back to interview Jericho about the announcement of Blood N Guts when Pinnacle attack since Jericho is alone.
They have dragged Jericho into the ring so they can all take him out as we also see the Inner Circle door being knocked down as they got locked in.
Wardlow sets up Jericho to put him through a table when the music for Mike Tyson hits and he comes out to apparently back up Jericho.
Spears drew the short straw as Tyson takes him out as the Inner Circle make it to the ring. Guaranteed Tyson joins Inner Circle for Blood N Guts and turns on them during the match.
Jericho offers a handshake to Tyson who accepts and they have buried the hatchet apparently.

Off to an interview from earlier today with Britt Baker who has a special announcement/request for TK. She says the rankings shouldn’t matter and the demos and merch sales should make someone the number one contender.
Britt says she is going to be getting her wins up over all three shows to get into the #1 spot.

Tay Conti is slowly starting to change her gear colours to get closer in line with the Dark Order.
Loved Conti catching the leg of Bunny when she goes for the kick and able to hit a suplex on Bunny.
Back from commercial with the commentators pointing out Shida is at ringside. Apparently they are just noticing.
Matt Hardy tries to distract Tay Conti but Conti is able to hit the TayKO but Bunny actually kicked out at 2.
Bunny takes a cheap shot on the outside to get the Kendo Stick and able to use it behind Aubrey’s back but Shida stops Bunny while Aubrey still distracted.
DDTay from Conti and she gets the eventual pinfall victory to keep Conti in the top spot.
Post match, Negative One makes us all jealous as he celebrates with Tay Conti.

Video package to push the Red Velvet and Jade Cargill feud with their one on one match scheduled for next week.

Did JR actually say that Moxley doesn’t punch clocks he punches faces?
How, with naming all the things going on with Kenny, does the match against Rich Swann not get mentioned? This should be mentioned at least once a week.
Really not getting into this match but only because the ending twist was spoiled before watching it.
If you didn’t know the turn was coming you should go back and watch just how cartoonish some of the selling by Good Brothers and Kenny is against the Bucks.
Liked the fake out into the DDT by Matt Jackson on Kenny Omega. Matt won’t superkick Kenny leading to a slap from Kenny getting him fired up and Matt gets the punches in.
Piledriver from Matt Jackson on Kenny Omega but only a two count with Matt Jackson still checking on Kenny after not wanting to hurt him.
More Bang For Your Buck but Karl Anderson breaks up the pinfall attempt just in time.
Bucks are slowly getting Kenny Omega up while Moxley is in the corner but The Bucks won’t hit the V Trigger with Moxley getting in their face over it.
Moxley finally blind tags himself in getting in the face of the Bucks and hits two Paradigm Shifts and puts on a rear naked choke.
Superkicks from Young Bucks to Moxley as Kingston comes running in but are stopped by Good Brothers with Kingston getting a Magic Killer.
Are they going to say this is Moxley pushing them to the decision? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense why have that whole match.
Kenny Omega gets the obvious pinfall victory on Moxley.
Post match, Good Brothers pick up Moxley telling Young Bucks to hit him with a Super Kick Party while still looking conflicted about being with them. Matt Jackson says no to the Too Sweet and wants a hug instead.

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