Three huge matches highlight NXT UK Prelude, a special WrestleMania Week episode of NXT UK. WALTER defends his NXT UK Title against Rampage Brown. NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray teams with Isla Dawn against Meiko Satomura & Emilia McKenzie. Tyler Bate collides with Noam Dar in an NXT UK Heritage Cup Title No. 1 Contender's Match.

We are starting off strong with a video package to highlight the card for today’s show.

Really interested to see how Trent Seven and Sha Samuels factor into this one since we don’t usually get people at ringside for Heritage Rules Matches.
Really freaked me out to hear A-Kid on the screen. Sounded like the voice of God before we saw him on the screen. Nice to show he is watching although would have been great to see him in the studio watching like KLR did with Meiko Satomura.
Tyler Bate with a flurry gets the first fall in round one real quick. Loved it.
BATE 1-0
Really like how British Chain Wrestling has so much psychology than the Lucha speed moves. Everything is about throwing your opponent off or tiring them out as opposed to just doing cool looking moves.
Still all Tyler Bate during Round Two with Bate countering any offense that Noam is able to try.
Samuels and Seven really adding a lot acting like Arn Anderson does during Cody matches on Dynamite.
Time running out in Round Two with no one close to getting a pin or submission.
BATE 1-0
Sick kick strikes from Noam Dar to start Round Three but he doesn’t keep up with the attack as Bate kicks Dar in the back of the legs when he turns his back to Bate.
Dar throws Bate into the ropes deliberately to damage the leg of Bate in order to work it over later.
Great selling from Tyler Bate on the knee for the airplane spin but he just keeps doing it until the end of the round for some reason.
BATE 1-0
Bate grabs Dar to start Round 4 and he starts the Airplane spin again but this time is able to follow it up and hit Dar with the rebound Lariat but only a two count.
Another pin attempt from Dar after a sick lariat to the back of Bate on the mat but only a two count.
Dar has decided to finally start focusing his offense on the knee/leg of Bate but Tyler is resourceful and able to lock Dar with his feet and hit a strong right.
Great spot with Bate doing a full 360 flip after Dar takes out his leg. Both men are down as Round 4 ends.
BATE 1-0
Dar is now going after the knee of Bate as much as possible to counter all offense and puts on the Leg Lock out of no where to get the submission fall in Round 5.
TIED 1-1
Does this go to overtime or are we going to get a winner in the final round?
Bate counters Dar going after the knee immediately and hits a deadlift suplex but only a two count.
Both men are giving everything they have knowing they are just one fall away.
Samuels gets on the apron causing Seven to go take him down and Bate and Dar both go out but Dar avoids Bate as he is coming out and gets the advantage.
Noam sets up his finisher but Tyler counters and hits the Tyler Driver to surprisingly get the pinfall and victory.
BATE 2-1
Post match, Sha Samuels is not happy with Noam Dar in the ring as they talk it over as Moustache Mountain Celebrate.

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster talking about the training they are doing after losing to Amir and Kenny while Dani Luna is training with them.

Video package to put over the change in Ilja Dragunov since his loss to Walter and how Sam Gradwell has brought the emotions out of him.

More footage of the PC this time it is Piper Niven and Jack Starz talking about Jack being ready and says next week we see what he has worked for.

Jordan Devlin video promo taped from NXT in the USA saying that he will be back with the Cruiserweight title when things are said and done tonight.

You have to love that Emelia McKenzie still has the double M’s on her gear for her Indie Name of Millie. Also, if you’re going to have her change the name, don’t use a weird spelling.
Announcers putting over that Isla Dawn is no longer the White Witch and is a lot darker now going over her definition as a heel, finally.
Really starting to get annoyed at the competitors standing back in the corner during tag matches instead of being stretched out as much as possible. Announcers need to explain it or it needs to stop.
Nigel actually acknowledge Emelia being known as Millie previously. Will be interesting to hear if Fans can still do the same chant with her new name.
Great looking spear from McKenzie coming off the top turnbuckle before hitting it.
Another great looking move from Emelia as she hits a cutter to counter Isla Dawn leading to both being laid out until the hot tags are made.
How amazing was the selling from Kay Lee Ray after the kick from Meiko? Should have got the win but stops the pin when Meiko sees Isla trying to come in the ring.
Gory Bomb from Kay Lee on Meiko but Emelia is able to break up the pinfall.
STF from Meiko Satomura but Isla is able to push the bottom rope forward so Kay Lee Ray could reach it and break the count.
Emelia McKenzie counters Isla Dawn into a roll up with Meiko staring down Kay Lee Ray who doesn’t think it worth it to break up the pinfall and McKenzie gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Aoife Valkyrie is at the Entrance getting the attention of Meiko and Emelia as she lays down a feather from her gear to signal that she is targeting Meiko now.

We are hearing from A-Kid about Tyler Bate winning earlier and having to defend the Cup against Tyler one more time and to prove he is the best.

We see Amir Jordan from earlier this week having a fit looking for Kenny Williams when Sid Scala gets in his face to calm him down letting him now they will fight next week.
We cut to earlier today with Kenny Williams saying he was the reason for all their success and that he was carrying Amir this whole time.

Great to hear that they acknowledge the match from Last Night against Ciampa even if they didn’t mention this match against Rampage on NXT.
Nothing says battle of big men like massive chops only firing the other up instead of knocking them down like Walter just coming out of the corner from one and Rampage just ran through the one from Walter.
In the lead up to this match, I really feel they could have pushed the fact Walter has yet to be beat in a singles match in NXT UK a lot more.
Battle of the Chops in the center of the ring until it leads to blows being traded. These guys are hitting as hard as one would expect.
Walter kicking out at one after a huge flurry from Brown but Walter is still down but able to counter the powerbomb finish from Brown.
Walter hits his Powerbomb but Rampage Brown actually kicked out at two. Maybe Walter should try the chop that he did to Ciampa since that worked.
Brown hits the Doctor Bomb but he used so much to do it he couldn’t stop Walter from rolling to the ropes and avoid being pinned.
These guys are giving it everything they have but neither is able to finish the other off. Great match so far.
One more powerbomb from Walter and yet another kick our from Rampage so Walter is going to the top and hits his splash to get the pinfall victory and retain.
Really shocked that Rampage lost this match but both men looked strong. Still think Rampage is the one who will take the belt from Walter just down the line.

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