Impact TNA


Weird to not be watching this on a Tuesday let alone watching it as it airs. Previously on, James Storm has his 1000th and the feud between Good Brothers, Kenny Omega and Impact Wrestling.

We see Kaleb with a K, Tenille, Nevaeh and Alisha already in the ring. Doesn’t Alisha hate Tenille?
While Alisha is not the most talented in ring performer in the knockout division, she fits her role very well.
Great character work from Tenille after being disgusted from the tag in by Alisha against Tenille’s will.
That Tope Suicida almost ended up being really bad by the looks of it.
Not sure if it was on purpose but Rosemary getting caught up in Alisha during the spear made it look more impactful.
Could have been better but still a cool spot with Neveah hitting the Side Russian Leg Sweep off the ring apron through the table on the outside.
Red Wedding from Rosemary on Alisha to get the pinfall victory.

Gia Miller is with Matt Cardona responding to Brian Myers rejecting his challenge last week. He says he is happy with it because he doesn’t want to fight Brian.

Video package revealing the Let’s Get Wilde to promote Taylor Wilde returning.

Susan is in the back recovering as Deonna Purrazzo is checking on her. A doctor then walks in triggering the screen to change colours implying Su Yung.

Is Cardona seriously advertising his newest podcast on the back of his trunks?
Really liked how good the counter into a neck breaker by Cardona. Neck Breaker’s usually look terrible so really stands out when one is done smoothly.
Wait, why does D’Lo Brown hate the boot wash that Cardona does?
Great spot with Cardona countering the powerbomb by taking them both over the top.
Myers comes out and takes out both to end the match before sending Jake Something eye first into the corner of the ring steps before accepting Cardona’s challenge for Rebellion.

XXXL are walking backstage when they run into Trey Miguel who points out XXXL must not watch the show cause he isn’t going to team with Sami tonight.
XXXL say that sounds like a man without passion and call him a joke before walking off.

Violent By Design video promo time. Eric Young blames his loss last week on Deaner and says he has to face the consequences he has accepted.
Eric Young says Deaner is going to get the win tonight and he is going to do it alone.

So does Trey come out or not? They have done a lot to give him motivation to want to come out just to prove it to XXXL and not Sami. Does he come out early or at the end or at all?
Trey’s music hits and is introduced but is not coming out so looks like Sami is starting off on his own.
Trey’s music comes on again and he does come out this time before the match actually starts and he gets in front of Sami showing he is there to just fight XXXL.
Is it a good thing or bad thing that Reno Scum got released in the XXXL perspective as it means more screen time but also means jobbing more.
Sami blind tags in just before the break as it is appearing that is the only way he was going to get in to this match.
Back from commercial, Trey blind tags himself in now so he can be the only beating up XXXL.
Cool spot with XXXL trying to rip apart Trey Miguel before having him falling down.
Trey loses it on Sami after getting blind tagged again but used Trey to hit a move on Larry D.
Now they are hitting each other harder with each blind tag.
Sami and Trey have the same idea and do a double Tope Suicida to XXXL before Trey locks on the submission to get Larry D to tap out for the victory.
Post match, Sami raises the hand of Trey but he pulls away instantly and walks to the back while Sami celebrates.

Back to Swinger’s Palace with America’s Most Wanted, Chris Sabin and Alisha are not winning. Storm tells Harris to win them some Beer Money which doesn’t sit well with Harris so Storm uses their guilty as charged saying. Funny stuff.

Deaner showing no fear and just gets right in the face of Storm. Hope they give Deaner the win here in order to help make him look strong.
Such a sick move with Deaner wedging his opponent into the corner and then dropkicking them further into it.
Even with a fist full of tights Deaner is unable to get the pinfall victory.
Beautiful Swinging into a Powerbomb from Deaner on Sabin. Just so smooth in how they executed it.
Cradleshock piledriver and Sabin gets the pinfall victory to continue Deaner losing.
Eric Young is on the screen saying Deaner was not expected to win or lose and they have Chris Harris threatening to beat him up when Rhino gores Storm in the ring and Deaner takes out Sabin.
Does Harris join Violent by Design now since we don’t see the destruction of him?

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are pissed in the back when Josh Alexander is smiling and TJP comes in and it all leads to Tommy Dreamer making a match at Hardcore Justice. Triple Threat Tag Match with TJP and Alexander each getting a partner of their choice.

Eric Young is walking backstage when Tommy Dreamer is sitting there telling him Justice comes to those who deserve it.
Dreamer says EY is full of it and is taking out all his friends.
Dreamer makes a match with his friends against EY and Violent By Design at Hardcore Justice.

Video package to promote the career of Jazz with her career on the line against Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice.
Jazz mentions how she was the last WWF Women’s Champion and was the first WWE Women’s Champion.

Deonna Purrazzo is now being interviewed about how she remembers how women like Jazz made a division for her to reign supreme of.
When the help she gets is brought up and how Kimber Lee won’t be at her side. Deonna says she built it on HER back and will face Jazz one on one.

Brian Myers is walking backstage and of course there is Tommy Dreamer. Jake Something asked for a match against him but Myers says he is booked up.
Tommy says he is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling and makes a Hardcore Blindfold Match between the two.

Rich Swann coming out with both World Titles makes me want to see a new title that is Impact branded but looks like the TNA belt.
Love seeing Willie Mack making fun of Good Brothers coming out without the Impact World Title by imitating how Gallows used to swing the belt.
Heels are wasting no time and attack to start the match with Omega and Swann pairing off as the two in the ring.
Faces all hit moves to the heels on the outside to stand tall before heading to a commercial break.
Willie hits his standing moonsault on both Omega and Anderson who were laid out beside each other in the middle of the ring.
Talk about selling. Karl Anderson really sold the crotch shot in the turnbuckle by screaming like a little girl.
Great flurry of offense from Rich Swann on Anderson and Omega after getting the hot tag from Willie.
Blue Impact from Kenny Omega but Eddie Edwards kicks out just before the three count.
Beautiful Snap German from Eddie on Omega after avoiding the V Trigger.
Why did the referee stop counting after Swann hit the move on the three piled on top of Eddie when Omega was still on Eddie with Eddie’s shoulders still down?
Rich counters the one winged angel and hits a 450 but Callis pulls Swann off Kenny without Hebner seeing in order to stop the pin.
Anderson takes the Boston Knee Party then a phoenix Splash from Swann to allow Swann to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, the heels head to the back with their tails between their legs as Kenny tells Swann it was just a warm up.

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