WWE Superstars battle for supremacy on The Grandest Stage of Them All on night one of WrestleMania. Bobby Lashley defends the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre. 2021 Royal Rumble Winner Bianca Belair challenges Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

The Kickoff show without a match is more pointless than the old Free For All Shows.
We can’t just have a match for the fans to start the show instead of Vince McMahon? This seems like something he could have done during the show.
Does it not sound like Vince is saying WB and not WWE?
Why are Triple H and Stephanie having to be socially distanced on the stage? Do they not share a bed like every night?
We are getting a new recap like last years with the Jack Sparrow voice over going over what has happened since last years.

Seriously, a weather delay at WrestleMania? Wouldn’t happen at an indoor stadium and now all the fans are pissed off before the first match.

Shane McMahon is being interviewed now to fill time until they are allowed to go ahead with the matches.
Shane says he doesn’t have a problem with Braun Strowman and just likes to have fun with him.
MVP and Bobby Lashley then come in and Shane lets them have the space.
MVP saying the time for talk is over and it is time for violence.
Drew McIntyre now walks in and he is getting in MVPs face while MVP is holding Bobby Lashley back. Drew says Mother Nature be damned and we can have the match backstage and officials break them up.

Kevin Patrick is backstage interviewing the New Day about their Raw Tag Team Matches now.
Great hearing Xavier explain that he is not worried about Bigger guys because he has always been this size and has been fighting big guys.
Big E is out there with Xavier and Kofi to put over Kofi and Xavier while reminding us about his Title match tomorrow night.

Braun Strowman’s turn to hype his Steel Cage Match against Shane McMahon later tonight.

Kevin Owens is now going over his long history with Sami Zayn all the way back to wrestling all over the world against each other.
He says tomorrow night they are going to prove every critic wrong that said they would never make it to the show.

Bianca Belair now going over how great it is tonight to Main Event tonight’s show and do it in front of fans.

Seth Rollins spending time calling Kevin Patrick by Mike while trying to avoid talking about Cesaro.

Miz and Morrison are up next to go over their match against Bad Bunny and Damian Priest later tonight.

Did we really need to know that JBL needed to go to the Bathroom? Cut those mics people!

Our Co-Hosts of WrestleMania are coming out first and that means Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan get to be the first to have a crowd.
Am I the only one thinking the crowd sounds fake? Are we just always going to hear piped in sounds now?
Are the crowd being drowned out booing Hulk Hogan every time he talks? I swear I can hear fans booing him.

Anyone else get freaked out by the huge lightning as part of Lashley’s entrance when you just had a 40 minute weather delay?
Keep expecting a weapon to come out in this one after watching Hardcore Justice earlier today.
How great is it to see Connecting People Through Wrestling in the audience of a PPV again?
Looks like we are not going to get a lot of action on the outside with the commentators having to stand in front of the broadcast table.
Did Samoa Joe just say “Give us a Kiss, Bobby” when Drew pulled him in for the headbutt?
Didn’t come off as expected but still cool spot with Drew pulling himself up and tossing Bobby off the top turnbuckle.
A series of three Future Shock DDTs from Drew McIntyre is not enough to get the pinfall victory. Probably because that’s not Drew’s finisher.
Speaking of which he lines of Bobby for the Claymore but Lashley slips to the outside only to get a flying Drew landing on him and MVP for his troubles.
Great spot with MVP just yelling to distract Drew enough for Bobby to avoid the Claymore again. Lashley uses the change in advantage to put the Hurt Lock on but Drew fights off.
Bobby Lashley actually wins by TKO with the Hurt Lock to retain. Shocked.

nWo is backstage with Titus O’Neil backstage with Bayley coming in to make things awkward as no one will Too Sweet her.

Always loving when Billie Kay is on screen. Her character work and charisma is great.
Can’t say these two teams are enough to keep me engaged. Hopefully they can do something quickly or get Billie and Carmella to the back soon.
Billie actually rolls up one to get the pinfall victory. How do they not have Lana booked to beat Nia tomorrow night?
Riott Squad are out next to take on Billie and Carmella.
Carmella is caught trying to kelp Billie Kay pin Liv Morgan this time and stops the count.
Ruby Riott hits a senton on the back of Billie Kay to eliminate them.
Carmella is not too happy about the loss and gives kicks to both members of Riott Squad as Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose head to the ring even if Mandy Rose slips on the ramp.
Did Mandy get extensions to look more like Dana or does her hair just grow that fast?
Are Mandy and Dana heels? I don’t watch either show enough to know their deal.
Swanton from Dana Brooke but Liv Morgan is able to reverse the pinfall to get the elimination even if the announcer announced it incorrectly at first.
Natalya and Tamina are the next team out to replace Mandy and Dana.
Natalya goes for the sharpshooter on Liv immediately but Liv tries for another roll up only to get a two count though.
Some really interesting double team moves from Riott Squad here but their Senton on the back Double Team wasn’t enough to get the pin on Tamina.
Heart Attack on Ruby Riott then a Sharp Shooter but takes forever to put it on and decides against it and tells Tamina to go to the top who gets the Splash and the pinfall victory.

Pointless Video Package now for the Old Spice sponsored storyline with the 24/7 title and that it can be seen on their youtube.

Anyone else almost have a seizure watching the entrance for Cesaro?
Still hard to watch anyone take a buckle bomb. One of those moves that is forever tainted.
I think the only thing that would make ROH diehards more happy than this one is if they got Bryan vs. Punk at mania.
Loved that Diving Corkscrew from Rollings off the top turnbuckle.
Rollins getting all confident now and starts the trash talk on Cesaro before hitting a wicked strike to the back of the neck.
That UFO move from Cesaro looks awesome with Rollins spinning over the arms of Cesaro.
You know it is a long time of spinning when the crowd gets tired of counting.
Neutralizer from Cesaro and he gets the pinfall victory he deserves.

Recap of last night’s Andre Memorial Battle Royal which was won by Jey Uso.

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode are now seen after their successful title defense last week.

Great to hear Big E do the introduction for New Day even though it would be better to have him join them at ringside.
I am guessing they don’t make ring gear that fits Omos as he is basically dressed like Mr. Hughes just minus the tie and with a black shirt instead.
Unicorn Stomp time with New Day tagging in and out repeatedly while stomping AJ Styles in the corner.
I really, really hate these teased tags when it so very obvious that they can reach each other if they really wanted to.
Why didn’t AJ Styles 1) go the other way to get to his corner on the outside and 2) go in so soon when if he went in closer to Omos he would not have got taken out by Xavier?
Great reaction from Xavier Woods after AJ finally tags in Omos who is just staying in the middle of the ring and no selling all of Woods’ offense.
Why wasn’t the referee making a five count while Omos was destroying Xavier and Kofi in the ring at the same time?
Omos pins Kofi with one foot to get the pinfall victory and win the Tag Team Championships. They did a great job at getting Omos over as a monster.

Do we really need Jerry Lawler on commentary in 2021? Even if it is just for one match.
Opening with Shane holding the cage door closed so that Ryker and Elias can come out of no where to attack Bruan from behind before getting him in the ring.
Does anyone else miss the original TNA Cage rules where it was no escape and just was meant to keep the competitors in and alliances out?
How convenient for Shane McMahon that there was a random piece of metal at the top of the Steel Cage that was never there before.
Coast to Coast from Shane McMahon although Braun wasn’t all the way in the corner and the camera angle helped.
Shane comes falling back in to the ring after Elias and Ryker were trying to help Shane escape until Braun runs into the cage sending the cronies flying.
Shane hits Braun with a toolbox before trying to escape only for braun to hold his arm through the cage fence and pulling the wall off to bring Shane back in.
Braun just tossed Shane off the top back in to the ring and then gets back down in the ring instead of winning the match.
Running Powerslam and Strowman gets the pinfall victory.

Bayley is now at the broadcast booth to make things awkward there but the fans are chanting for her before she introduces the video package for the Hall Of Famers.
Says a lot that Kevin Nash is one of the best moving members of the nWo.

Video promo from Steve Austin to put over next year’s WrestleMania taking place in Dallas, Texas.

We are getting Booker T on commentary for the next one because of his relationship with Bad Bunny.

I think all that can be said about Sasha Banks tonight is… to quote Ron Simmons… DAMN!
A lot of mind games early on with Bianca slapping her butt right in the face of Sasha.
Suicide Dive from Sasha but Bianca rolls it into a Body Press and literally carries her up the steel steps before throwing Banks into the ring. Cool, cool spot.
Great counter from Sasha by grabbing Bianca’s ponytail during the running standing moonsault.
Grabbing the ponytail backfires on the second attempt for Sasha as Bianca pulls back and sends her into the ringpost.
I’d like to see Tully Blanchard pull off that Slingshot Suplex Variation that Bianca pulled off.
Beautiful standing shooting star moonsault by Bianca.
Why would Sasha have gone for a Mediora when Bianca was flat on her back on the mat? It’s obvious she just didn’t get the Frog Splash exactly as she expected.
Sasha Banks ties up the ponytail of Bianca before locking in the Banks Statement with Bianca getting out thanks to using Banks’ momentum against her and gets to the rope.
Love the reaction from Bianca after Sasha kicked out at two after the 450.
That ponytail whip from Bianca hurt me big time. Bianca hits her finisher and gets a pinfall victory even though Michael Cole yelled that Sasha kicked out.
On the replays you can see that Sasha looks like she got sliced a bit from the hair whip. Yup we can see it now after the match.

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