The tournament to crown new PROGRESS Tag Team Champions kicks off as Big Money Gun Dogs face off against The Sunshine Machine, and Chris Ridgeway & Danny Black battle The Young Guns. Kid Lykos challenges Cara Noir for the PROGRESS Title. Jordan Breaks makes his PROGRESS Wrestling debut against Kid Lykos II.

No Roy Johnson to start the shows as Kanji’s music is playing and she is coming out to start off the show.
Kanji said she was going to make a change and history and she did and made the obligatory Thunderbastard match.
Kanji talks about her respect for Jinny before talking about how she is fighting for making sure everyone gets more.
Jinny does show up on the screen with the Progress Women’s Championship to interrupt Kanji.
Jinny goes over those who have held the title to make it into what it is and puts over that Progress means as much to Kanji as it does.
Jinny has decided to vacate the title so someone like Kanji can hold it and make it what it deserves to be.
Gisele Shaw comes out the minute Jinny says she wants to give it to Kanji. Jinny tells Shaw to shut the F up and isn’t going to give it over.
Jinny says the title won’t be won with anything but honour and says it is a best out of 3 series before telling us she is allowed to return when ever she CAN to come back and get her title.

Video promo from The Sunshine Machine to talk about how they’ve won together all over the world but never before in Progress until now.
They are letting us know they are going to be Gene Munny and Big Guns Joe in the first round on their way to winning the titles.

There we go, Roy Johnson is in the ring to finally formally welcome us to Chapter 108.

We are getting the debut of Jordan Breaks but the bigger story is how cool the jacket of Kid Lykos II is.
Typical British Strong Style fast paced match so far trying to show how Breaks fits in to the Progress roster.
Feel bad for the hand of the referee after that series of back and forth pin attempts.
Jordan Breaks hits a Styles Clash on Kid Lykos II but he’s not AJ Styles and that is not his finisher as Lykos kicks out.
Float Over from the outside into the Code Red from Kid Lykos II.
Low Blow from Lykos after he used the Referee as a shield but Breaks apparently has steel grapefruits and kicks out at two.
Finlay Roll off the top by Breaks but Lykos II is able to kick out of that as well.
Kid Lykos II taps after Breaks puts on his submission finisher out of nowhere.

Time to hear from Big Money Gun Dogs team about their match against The Sunshine Machine. They put each other over as I think they were put together just to lose to The Sunshine Machine. Love they even mention that.

Funny spot during the entrances with Big Guns Joe and Gene Munny shaking hands and Gene selling it like it is the strongest hand shake ever.
Sign of respect between the teams before the match with handshakes/hand bumps.
Big Guns Joe is basically the same gimmick as Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams but taken up five more notches.
Mambo yelling he refuses to tap out to a wrist lock. Funny spot.
Almost as much as Mambo makes Munny answer his hand phone to let him know it is a Wrist Lock and puts Gene in one of his own. Very indy but fun stuff. Great when Munny called back to hit saying ring ring before dropkicking him.
Some really good team work and double team moves from both of these teams. Really like the future possibilities of the division.
Lots of tags in and out from The Sunshine Machine in order to build to a hot tag to Big Guns Joe.
Gene Munny asks for the tag but TK Cooper sends him into Big Guns Joe crotching Joe on the top.
Love that Mambo hoped over the top and over Big Guns Joe who was trying to stop him from breaking the pin.
After a great double team move TK Cooper gets the pinfall victory on Gene Munny to advance to the semi finals.

Sunshine Machine cut a promo in the back about their win.

Young Guns promo now going over their history together since they started training at the same time.
Young Guns talks about how they were trained by the Grizzled Young Veterans before putting them over as the best in the world.

This is going to be confusing with the overlap of Millie in Progress and NXT UK with her using a different first name on both.
What great Selling by Millie after the missile dropkick from Alexxis Falcon.
I know Millie sold it great but that Bridging Submission from Falcon did not look impressive at all as it looked like it was more painful to Falcon than Millie.
They’re really trying their best to make Alexxis Falcon look like an equal in this one when we all know there are few that can equal Millie in the Progress Women’s Division.
Flipping Spear from Millie to Alexxis but not enough to get a three count on the pin attempt.
Millie hits her Shining Wizard variation to get the pinfall victory.

Danny Black doing a promo to put over he is in the tournament for the Tag Titles but is alone. He said he has loved Tag Team Wrestling all his life and wants to continue in it.
We then see Chris Ridgeway sit down and offer himself as his partner without saying anything and walks away again.

Is it not a conflict of interest to offer yourself as a partner in a match against your stable mates?
Ridgeway starts it off and is able to back Allen on to the mat and in to the corner.
Danny Black has finally got in after Ridgeway gets his stablemates going. Would be interesting if they end up adding Black to North West Strong after this.
Did Danny Black hit Allen with a DDT while never letting go of the headlock?
Some of those chops from Jacobs remind me of the clotheslines and chops that JBL would do back in the day.
Young Guns have changed things around since the start and are now taking things to Ridgeway now but the mentor has some tricks up his sleeve.
My arm is in a lot of pain myself after seeing how Ridgeway was pulling the arms back of Ethan Allen.
Allen slapped his thigh almost a second before it looked like he connected his knee with Ridgeway.
Great work to have the referee enforce the tag rope saying the tag didn’t count since they weren’t holding the tag rope.
Chris Ridgeway sets things up but Danny Black blind tags in only to get kicked off the apron by Ridgeway. Young Gungs then destroy Ridgeway but Danny Black is the legal one.
Young Guns get the eventual pin on Danny Black even though Ridgeway still tried to break up the pin attempt. Good hard hitting match with some interesting stories coming out of it.
Post match, Ridgeway gives a thumbs up to the Young Guns before telling them to leave the ring as a sign of respect.
Ridgeway tells Danny Black to get up and when he does Chris slaps him back down before leaving the ring.

Young Guns are now cutting a promo backstage about their win and mention how they are different from when they lost to Pretty Deadly in the past.

I got excited when Kanji came out thinking we were getting the first match in the best of three but nope, just a match against Mercedez Blaze.
Blaze not looking too happy with Kanji getting the better of her at the start.
Mercedez Blaze does not hit that leg pull into the turnbuckle anywhere as near as impressive as Su Yung does it.
Gisele Shaw has not come out to get a better look of the match in yet another outfit from what she wore earlier in the show.
How distracting was the ref shirt coming up showing full crack any time he counted the pin in this one?
Missile Dropkick by Blaze sending Kanji into the corner but can only get a two count from the pinfall attempt.
Springboard Stunner from Kanji but Gisele calls the referee over to prevent him from making the pin attempt.
Triangle choke from Kanji leading to Gisele getting up on the apron to throw Blaze a pipe and Blaze uses it on Kanji before hitting Tower of Blaze and gets the pinfall victory. Kanji’s undefeated streak is over and the three way story continues.

Video package putting over Kid Lykos as the swan slayer after pinning Cara Noir in the previous chapter.

There is zero debating that Cara Noir has the best entrance in professional wrestling today. Cara gets so offended that Lykos stepped in front of the camera during that entrance.
Cara Noir unleashes the rage the second the bell rings chasing Lykos around the ring and the ringside area.
Great spot with Lykos II having to explain to Lykos that Noir didn’t kick the ringpost this time and is faking it but Lykos learns the hard way to trust him.
Great storytelling with Noir just stopping to stare in rage at his opponent.
Lykos gets the advantage in the match after Lykos II takes out the legs of Noir on the apron behind the referee’s back.
Lykos II again getting involved, this time distracting the referee so Kid Lykos can use a metal sheet on Noir’s leg that is still injured from the last Chapter.
Noir is trying to take the mask of Lykos out of range and ends up taking a piece of the mask off and laughs at doing it but fires up Lykos.
Instead of going after Kid Lykos, Cara Noir starts destroying Lykos II on the outside while Kid Lykos is in the ring watching.
Beautiful Counter by Cara Noir twisting Lykos in the air before trying to tear more parts of the mask of Lykos.
Loved seeing the look in the eyes of Cara Noir right before he bites the inner thigh of Lykos.
Lykos II interferes again but results in only a very close two count again.
Sleeper Hold from Cara Noir and he is able to overcome Lykos Gym to retain the World Title.
Post match, the referee has to pull the sleeper apart as Cara Noir wouldn’t let go of the hold from all the rage built up during the match. Another great Cara Noir classic.
Cara Noir looks down on the fallen Kid Lykos and turns the face of Lykos over so that you only see the black side and not the white side.

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