The Showcase of the Immortals continues on WrestleMania night two as Roman Reigns battles Edge and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship. The Fiend rises from the ashes to seek payback against Randy Orton. Asuka faces Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women's Championship.

Did JBL seriously say “What In God’s Flat Earth?” Has he been hanging out with AJ Styles too much?
Heyman looks at Roman Reigns the same way that every hot smart girl’s “gay” best friend that isn’t actually gay.
Why is Roman Reigns still in a suit when he has a match in a matter of hours? Also, why is Braun dressed like he is going to wrestle when he wrestled last night?
Is this the same intro as last night? Seriously? Please say they change it up a little bit.

Great to at least see that Titus and Hogan have dressed up tonight and that the piped in sound is in full gear with them drowning out the boos for Hogan.

Can’t believe we are actually starting out with this one. Excited to see what happens here. This could be a disaster or could be a classic.
If they use the drones for the Fiend’s entrance I say that is why it is going on now while the weather allows it.
Can someone explain to me why this match is not a Casket match?
Alright this entrance is cool so far. Let’s see what happens and if he really is coming out as the old Fiend.
Alexa Bliss comes out first and she plays up to the crowd as she hops down the ramp. Nice to see her get an entrance with the crowd.
Well apparently there is a huge jack in the box at ringside now which explains the video package AFTER Orton’s entrance.
That is a pretty sweet entrance as Fiend comes rising out of the Jack in the Box but acting like he is more a puppet than anything.
Looks like we are fighting in the red light tonight. No one listened to the complaints after the Cage Match against Rollins I guess.
I have no issue with a No Sell Monster in wrestling but only if, IF, they get a LONG run with the Championship before getting finally taken out by someone. If you don’t have plans it is a terrible gimmick.
Alexa Bliss is pouring black stuff from her face which distracts Fiend and Orton hits the RKO to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Fiend looks at Alexa and they stare off as all the lights go out. Now we know why this went on first, it was not good. Betting Vince is wishing they were back in the Thunderdome after that reaction.

Titus and Hogan are talking with Eric Bischoff backstage about Sasha and Bianca last night when Bayley walks in.
Bayley is not happy with them all putting over Bianca and Sasha and they just take the chance to walk off.

This is the most pointless match on this card and I am only watching because I am writing something for it. So much more they could do then use these belts as props for moments.
This is a story of destroying the leg of Natalya to build to a hot tag to Tamina who is out of sight.
Orton vs. Fiend: We’re going to get the worst match of the night
Women’s Tag Match: Hold our Beer.
Natalya actually gets Nia into the sharpshooter but Shayna is the legal one and makes Natalya tap out to retain. What was the point of this match?

Okay the crowd singing to Sami’s theme is the best part so far of having the crowd back and makes me want to hear that many people sing Judas.
Let’s be honest, for most wrestling fans, adding Logan Paul to this match has hurt the interest. We know he is not there for us though.
Pop up powerbomb IMMEDIATELY at the start of this match but Sami rolled out of the ring. This leads to a call back with KO trying to powerbomb Sami on to the edge of the ring.
Sami hits a sick Brainbuster to Owens on the second hardest part of the ring.
Huge splash from Owens with a great camera angle but only a two count as this one is likely to go a bit longer, I’d hope.
Blue Thunder Bomb from Sami but another kick out before three by KO.
Did someone tell Logan Paul that Bad Bunny only sold so much because he was in the match? Logan Paul is selling every thing going on in the ring.
Stunner in the middle of the ring and Owens gets the win a lot sooner than I had expected.
Post match, Logan Paul is talking to Sami Zayn who is saying he got screwed before offering a handshake to Kevin Owens and Sami tells him to back off.
Logan Paul pushes Sami Zayn down and Sami leaves but KO is still in the ring with Logan Paul.
Logan raises the hand of KO which doesn’t seem to please KO and we all know what is happening as the crowd erupts.
Logan Paul does not know how to sell a stunner and may have just broke his face. Not sad about that if it happened.

Riddle rolls up to Great Khali backstage and checks out his HOF ring when he goes off on one his bits.
RVD walks in to translate for Khali and the fans went nuts. He also gives them both some RVD Rolling papers.
Glad we got to have Riddle and RVD together on screen and interacting. Good moment.

Just noticed that Connecting People Through Wrestling doesn’t have as good of seats for Night Two as they did for night One!
One of the things I hate about Wrestling Commentary is when a commentator will rip into a heel for using the four count to their advantage but say it is smart and part of the rules when a face does it.
Smart for them to replant and try the press again. Not sure if it was a case of Sheamus Sandbagging or just a bit of a screw up.
That knee to the face of Riddle was heard across the world it was so loud.
How bad are the late kick outs from Riddle? Like it is so late you can clearly see the arm curled before Riddle even moves his arm.
Sheamus slips off the top with Riddle set for White Noise but still recovers and just hit it regularly instead of off the top.
Sheamus wins after a sick brogue kick to Riddle coming off the second rope before getting the pinfall victory.
Post match, you can see that Riddle is busted up and Sheamus just stares him down with a smile.

Remember when we used to get bands like Drowning Pool, Disturbed and Motorhead performing at Mania? I guess that is just NXT now.
This is just an anything goes match with pinfalls and submissions only. Nothing like a crazy gimmick.
Very nice Uranagi to Apollo on to the Steel Steps off the Ring Apron by Big E.
Not sure how I feel about the really fast cuts during Crews hitting Big E with the Kendo Stick repeatedly.
Big Ending but then Dabba-Kato comes out to take out Big E and help Apollo Crews win the championship.
So I am apparently getting Dabba-Kato and Dio Maddin confused and not sure who played what roles. Who was the dude in Retribution and is that this dude?

Ever thought you’d live in a world where the wrestling Industry could have someone show up on competitors shows weeks apart when those two are the biggest rivals in the industry?

We finally get some real music on the show and the band had to be terrible? Of course.
Doesn’t Rhea look like she has the same hair cut as Ralphie from A Christmas Story?
Rhea is going full heel now and just slapping Asuka after mounting her. Not sure if she was Heel on Raw leading up to this but she is definitely one now.
Lots of stuff coming off the gear of Asuka and Rhea which is all over the ring now.
Not every day do you see someone hit a DDT to someone off the ring apron to the ringside mats.
Rhea hits the riptide out of nowhere while Asuka had control of the match and gets the pinfall victory to become the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Did we really need to be reminded of the terribleness that was Fiend vs. Randy Orton earlier tonight?

Hopefully the reactions towards Hogan the last two nights have sent the message to WWE about Hogan being used in the future.
Bellas apparently are tired of hearing Bayley and come out to take her out to the displeasure of the crowd after Bayley got a great John Cena comment in.
Wait, is the next event ACTUALLY called “WrestleMania Backlash”? Seriously?

This 4K camera has taken video games looking more and more like real life to now having real life look more like video games.
Jey Uso wastes no time and dropkicks Daniel Bryan the minute Roman throws him to the outside than does the same for Edge. Triple Threat rules, Edge and Daniel Bryan are to blame for not bringing back up.
Jey Uso being check on now after Edge plants him into the steel steps. Does this somehow lead to Jimmy Uso returning?
Bryan’s feet almost got him badly hurt but thankfully he was caught by Roman without issue.
When was the last time you saw two guys hit each other with a spear?
Bryan was allowed to do TWO flying headbutts in a WrestleMania Main Event? How much of a cut in his pay did he take to get them to let him do that?
Nice that Roman almost woke up to the fans chanting “Roman Sucks” at him.
Roman literally folded Daniel Bryan in half putting him through the commentary table before Edge comes out of no where to Spear Roman.
You had to know that piece of the chair was going to get used in a hold when it landed on the mat.
Edge has Roman in a Crossface while Bryan has Roman in a Yes Lock leading to Edge and Bryan headbutting each other.
Spear from Edge on Daniel Bryan and on Roman but Bryan pulls the ref out of the ring when Edge goes for the pin on Roman.
Jey Uso returns to stop Edge from hitting anymore conchairto’s which provides enough of a distraction to Edge for Roman to get back up and hit a spear.
Reigns pins both Edge and Daniel Bryan thanks to Jey’s distraction and he retains the Universal Championship in a shocker.

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