NWA Powerrr


The debut edition of PowerrrSurge! We'll be hearing from Mike Parrow, Kamille, and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Plus, recent Powerrr standouts Matthew Mims & Jeremiah Plunkett will be squaring off in a special PowerrrSurge exclusive match!

May Valentine is joining Joe Galli today at the booth, at least it is not Velvet Sky.

We are seeing a replay of Aldis saying on Powerrr that Strictly Business is now accepting New Members.

Mike Parrow is now joining the commentary team to be interviewed about his past.
Parrow shows so much passion talking about how he got a spotlight at the 70th as the openly gay wrestler but had to go to Japan to earn a spot on Powerrr while everyone else was handed the opportunity.
Parrow ends it by telling everyone in the roster to Fear Him.

We are seeing footage courtesy of AEW of the match between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker before back to Rosa’s interview with her on Powerrr talking about Kamille.
Back to the booth with Kamille now having to listen to Rosa’s accomplishments before asking if Kamille would be on Rosa’s promotion?
Kamille says she is sitting here and Rosa can promote herself enough and doesn’t need Joe and May to do it.
Kamille said she didn’t interfere in the Rosa match, she made it better.
Kamille is calling herself and Latimer a power couple.
Kamille and May get in to it ignoring, I guess, that they were friends before?

Aldis retro commercial for his retro figure again to showcase his kid.

Velvet Sky is back with us on commentary for the wrestling. Never thought I’d be wishing for May Valentine.
Great heel move by fish hooking the mouth of Mims by Plunkett during the camel clutch.
Velvet Sky is sounding like an innocent librarian while talking about loving “heels” and mentioning “heat.”
Joe Galli gets in the first Surge pun of the episode. First of many I am expecting.
Mims starts running the ropes for some showboating and his former teacher shows him why you don’t do that by getting up in the mean time.
Mims hits the Hook Up to get the pinfall victory and beats his former teacher.

Our next weekly Universal Wrestling College promo from Austin Idol and May Valentine.

Back to Joe Galli and May Valentine who are not talking about Saul Rinaro to go over the story with the Tag Champs with us finding out he has been given a non title match.
They let us know he found a former champion as his partner.

Off to see an edited replay of the confrontation between Pope, Austin Idol and Idol’s newest client.
They then go in to recapping the current stories that have developed over the past few episodes of Powerrr.

Nick Aldis, the NWA World Champion, is now with May and Joe being asked about who Nick thinks will next face him for the World Title.
Nick says the pool is quite big of talent that are very CLOSE to meeting the criteria of his for a match.
Aldis says he heard the interview with Kamille and blames everything on May’s questions and that he just has a standard that needs to be met.
Aldis says Latimer and Kamille are his friends but that is not part of the criteria for membership. They’re elite athletes and as long as they stay at that level they will continue to be members.

Looks like that is the end of the episode. 30 minutes is all but still not as “filler” as I expected. Good place for people to jump in to the show.

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