AEW AEW Dynamite


Opening with The Young Bucks, via a video promo, telling us why they did what they did last week. They thank Moxley for pushing them to choosing friendship.
They say not only are the OLD Young Bucks coming back but a new and improved version of them while we see them cutting off the tassels from their gear.

We are hearing from Mike Tyson about being the special enforcer but MJF comes in to tell Tyson that MJF’s dad told him Tyson was a big deal.
MJF is trying to get Tyson to see Jericho as his enemy while also making fun of Tyson’s face tattoo. MJF offers a blank cheque but Tyson rips it up, eats and spits in his face. MJF is pissed and makes me think they are trying to redo the Mania build with him between HBK and Austin.

Don Callis coming with the Young Bucks from the Left Tunnel with no Bucks but confetti being shot out now. Doing what Jericho mentioned on the Broken Skull Sessions about changing the image when turning.
Four tag teams are shown in the crowd, socially distanced, watching on as they all have a vested interest in the match. Always great to see who AEW puts out to signify who they consider the top teams.
Love the double teaming from Rey Fenix and PAC. They’re the better looking team so far.
Really like the heel work from Nick Jackson impressed with himself and letting the near by camera know it after Fenix sold the face plant with perfection.
What does the back rake do other than just piss off your opponent? I know its purpose in wrestling for heels but it just seems pointless.
Back from commercial with the Young Bucks continuing their heel work making fun of their old gimmick.
Rey Fenix gets the hot tag and takes on both Bucks using one to help balance himself to hit the other. Guy can move when the ropes aren’t wet.
Blue Thunder Bomb from PAC but only gets a two count as Nick Jackson is able to kick out just in time.
A couple times in this one so far I’ve thought it was going to be over with Death Triangle getting the win but Bucks keep kicking out with that stroke.
Okay that rebounding Destroyer by Nick Jackson on Rey Fenix was insane. Nice to see some variations of it, finally.
Scary looking stereo Poison Ranas by Fenix and Nick Jackson. The Camera Angle made it look like PAC had his head smashed into the ringside mats.
Does anyone actually expect the Young Bucks to lose the titles ONE WEEK after turning heel?
Low Blow from Nick Jackson on PAC before taking the mask off the face of Rey Fenix leading to a Double SuperKick on Fenix and Bucks getting the pinfall victory.

Marvez is now interviewing Hangman Adam Page about Omega and all his friends with the Dark Order. Hangman changes the subject and leaves before answering the question while Dark Order show off some of the Rehab from Silver.

Back from commercial with Marvez asking Jericho why he and Tyson are not enemies anymore. Jericho said after the beatdown from the Pineapple he made amends with people he wronged in the past.
Tyson says he is firm and fair and is going to call it down the middle and he said he will knock out Jericho if he gets involved.

Got to love the fire with Red Velvet attacking Jade doing her flip into the ring. Jade is able to get the advantage back real quick but is selling her shoulder.
Great looking Tope Suicida from Red Velvet that I thought at first was going to result in her over shooting Jade.
Jade ends up throwing Red Velvet into the crowd of wrestlers at ringside with ease.
Off to another picture in picture break with Jade Cargill in full control of Red Velvet.
Back from commercial with Red Velvet moving out of the corner leading to Jade Cargill spearing the ringpost.
Cargill moves and hits the Jaded on Velvet to get the pinfall victory, as expected.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Britt Baker and Reba to go over the new Rankings of the Women’s Division pointing out that she now should be ahead of Red Velvet after the loss.
Britt lets us know that she is going to continue her working up the rankings on Elevation this week.

Yeah I think we all know how this one is going to play out.
Anthony Ogogo gets the victory after a TKO from a punch to the gut.

We are getting a video promo from Miro telling all the Champions that he is not waiting for Kip to return as he is coming for gold.

Tully Blanchard comes out with FTR but JR is insisting he is going to be told to leave since each man can only have one person with them.
Aubrey is now telling Tully he has to get to the back with him acting all shocked even though it was obvious he knows he wasn’t going to be allowed.
Mike Tyson takes a Chair out of the hands of Jericho and the Bat out of Harwood but at one point he seemed confused grabbing Dax but let go once one of them let him know.
Dax Harwood was at the ringside table and is able to use a microphone before Jericho uses a pen. How are they not getting DQ’d when Aubrey can easily see them doing it?
Back from commercial with Jericho working his way back into it while Wheeler gets a warning from Tyson after looking like Cash was going to get in the ring.
Rebound Sitout Powerbomb from Dax but Chris Jericho can kick out before the three. Great looking move.
Lion Tamer is on but Cash gets up on the Apron after Jericho terribly moved A LOT closer to the rope for no reason. Sammy takes Cash out though so that Tyson didn’t have to.
Code Breaker from Chris Jericho when Pinnacle come out while Inner Circle right behind them. Tyson gives a huge right to Wheeler who was trying to use the distraction to interfere.
Judas Effect and Jericho gets the pinfall victory while the brawl is still going on around the ring.
Post match, Inner Circle celebrate together with Mike Tyson in the ring while Pinnacle Carry a knocked out Cash.
Jericho gets a microphone to cut a promo letting us know that Mike Tyson is now an Associated Member of the Inner Circle.

Marvez is interviewing The Elite as they are getting ready to leave in their private vehicle in the parking lot.
Callis tells us that once you see something doesn’t mean you have seen everything. Bucks joining them was not the end of the story but just another PART of it.
Omega says he has never been like the fans like they wished and they are going to be who they want.
Callis ends it with telling us to expect more surprises then Superkicks, yes Don Callis Superkicked, the camera man.

Video promo from Thunder Rosa letting Tay Conti and Shida know she is coming for the winner of their match and the AEW Championship.
She then mentions Serena Deeb and coming for her title even though Kamille is the new contender.

Statlander looking like she is not having any ring rust in this one but she definitely seems a lot different some how.
Amber Nova is pie facing Statlander repeatedly while Kris just gets more pissed from it.
Supernova from Kris Statlander and she gets the easy pinfall victory in her return, as we all knew she would. Time for her super push to the top.

Team Taz are now giving us an update on how they are never on the same page as they don’t want to wait on Christian Cage.
Taz is making Starks and Cage stay backstage so their issues don’t cost them getting Christian.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Christian Cage before his open contract challenge. Christian saying it is a huge deal for him to be out there with Tony for the first time.
Taz comes out before Christian really is able to say anything. Christian points out Team Taz is a dumpster fire and he isn’t here to help Taz fix his problems.
Taz says Christian made the biggest mistake and isn’t happy with the orange on the trunks of Christian as Hobbs gets in the ring appearing to step up and they’re swinging.
Hook distracts Christian Cage and Hobbs is able to get the cheap shot in.
Sick spot with Hobbs stepping on Christian’s head which was laying on the steel steps. I guess Christian is not having that match tonight.

Video package to hype next week’s title match between Shida and Conti.

Is Darby Allin wearing the pants because of the stipulations for this match or is that going to be his new gear? I hope it is going to be his new gear now.
Chair in play immediately and Darby’s back is already sliced from the chair.
Hardy tries to hit a twist of Fate on Darby while Darby’s head is positioned inside a chair but Darby counters.
With Darby in control here comes the Hardy Family Office to help until Dark Order come out with Sting to even the odds.
As the brawl rages on we are heading to a picture in picture break.
We are back with Sting taking on Private Party leading to Lance Archer having to come out to stop Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky to get involved.
Archer destroys Private Party in front of Sting like he is trying to impress him after last week.
Matt Hardy is back to trying to hit the Twist of Fate on Darby with the chair and pulls it off this time but Darby kicks out before the three to the surprise of everyone.
Backstage they are setting up Darby on a table with a Ladder beside it and Hardy hits the leg drop through the table but again Darby kicks out.
Darby tells the announcers to leave the broadcast table and uses Sting’s bat to clear the table before putting Hardy on to it.
Darby climbs the Metal Structure to hit a Coffin Drop on Hardy through the table to get the pinfall victory in a perfectly pulled off spot.

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