Impact TNA


Going to be starting off with a big one going to be exciting!
We get our package showing the match between Jazz and Deonna t Hardcore Justice with Jazz losing her career.

Great series of countering and a real fight for the advantage between TJP and Josh Alexander with TJP getting the early advantage.
Those chops back and forth between the two was a battle of whose chest could get more red.
Not sure if Josh Alexander got caught in the ropes as the announcers said, more like one of them was not quite in position. Good cover up on the announcers though.
Did you hear that leg slap from TJP when kicking the back of Alexander’s head? That would have lost him a week’s pay in WWE.
The back and forth between these two from the arm bar to the ankle lock is insane.
Josh Alexander hits divine intervention and gets the pinfall victory after a really good opener.

Really interested to see what gimmick Taylor Wilde is getting when she debuts as the vignettes make me get Cherry of Deuce and Domino vibes.

I may not be able to stand the Good Brothers but man do they have a great entrance theme.
Karl Anderson wasting no time and trying to prove a point but Crazzy Steve is able to scare him off pretty quick leading to a commercial break.
Back from commercial with Karl Anderson now in full control of the match. He’s going after the eyes of the BLIND Crazzy Steve.
Crazzy Steve is able to get on an STF on Anderson but Gallows gets on the mat to make Steve let go of the move. Gallows backs off as Decay stare him down.
Anderson hits the spinebuster after the distraction and is able to get the pinfall victory.

Ace Austin and Fulton have arrived in the Palace to find out the betting odds on the Rebellion X Division Title.
Petey Williams comes in with Josh Alexander to parody the Scott Steiner math promo. How does he have it perfectly memorized?

Back with Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack in the ring cutting a promo about losing the match at Hardcore Justice against Violent By Design saying loses happen.
They are there to make things right for taking out Tommy Dreamer before the show.
Violent By Design’s music hits and all four men walk out standing behind Eric Young who has the microphone.
Eric Young says he loved seeing the beat down of the Tommy Dreamer but isn’t a liar and says they didn’t take out Tommy Dreamer.
Eddie says what ever and wants to fight but not before James Storm and Chris Sabin run out to join the fun and chase off Violent by Design.
Storm makes a challenge for Rebellion against Violent By Design.

Susan is walking with Deonna Purrazzo when they run into Scott D’Amore who tells them they are not to go out there and ruin Jazz’s moment.

Tenille Dashwood is hosting her own talk show where she is her own guest and other people come in to ask her questions.
Gia Miller tells her this is the Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne. Tenille doesn’t know what she is talking about.
Tenille is just telling us why she is going to win the Knockouts Title.

Jazz is coming out with Jordynne Grace for the retirement speech/moment or whatever is going to happen next.
Jazz puts over Deonna Purrazzo saying she is the present and future of women’s wrestling. Ouch to Grace hearing that standing next to Jazz.
She thanks Jordynne and Impact for bringing her in and making her feel like family.
Here comes Fire N Flava to break up to emotional moment with Tasha pretending to cry while Kiera says it is about time for Jazz to retire.
Grace grabs the mic to tell them they talk too much and this is Jazz’s time. She says if they want to talk come in the ring to do it.
Fire N Flava back out of that until a referee comes out saying as per D’Amore the match is on now, even in street clothes.

The impromptu match doesn’t last long as Jazz is able to get the pinfall victory on Kiera Hogan.
Post match, Jazz has the microphone again calling them disrespectful and continues on with what she was saying before.
Jazz says it is time for her to say it is really it and she is officially retiring from wrestling thanking the fans.
Great to see the entire locker room to come out and show their respect to Jazz including Daivari and Gail Kim.

Fire N Flava are now arguing with Scott D’Amore backstage about what they just did.
Scott said that since they lost tonight, match is set for Rebellion but Jazz walks in to tell Scott saying she is a woman of her word and won’t do the match.
Jazz says she has the perfect person, gee I wonder if it will be ODB. We know it will be.

Matt Cardona comes out to let Myers know who his opponent is going to be tonight and it’s Jake Something.
A lot quicker match than expected as Brian Myers hits the Roster Cut to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Myers gets on the microphone to let Cardona his opponent and lights go out and we get Sami Callihan attacking Myers before going to commercial.

Back from commercial and they are just ringing the bell as Sami has been beating him down on the outside during the whole break.
You had to know that Cardona was going to move before Sami hit the ringpost. I think Sami is the only one who didn’t know Cardona was going to move.
Great work from Cardona as it looked sick when he went flying over the top rope after over shooting Sami while running the ropes.
Since they’re fighting on the outside the producers decide it was a good time for another commercial break.
Back with Sami in control of Cardona in the middle of the ring. Nice change to see them in the ring during this match.
Cardona getting the sick sounding Face Wash in the corner on Sami Callihan but only a two count.
Thumb to the eye and package piledriver from Sami Callihan and he gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Sami Callihan asks for a microphone to rub salt in the wound of Cardona before moving on to calling out Trey.
Trey is coming out now wondering what this is up but has a microphone in hand but Sami tells him that Sami’s not there to fight him.
Sami congratulates Trey for showing the definition of Passion but Trey explains out his actions being for him. Sami asks if it didn’t feel good to give in to the fire.
Trey turns down Sami and Sami says Trey should thank him as he takes responsibility for taking out Dreamer so Trey could take the spot.
Trey answers the final challenge by taking it to Sami but Sami low blows him real quick.
This is now reminding me of Jeff Hardy and Undertaker with Hardy refusing to stay down.
Suplex from Sami Callihan to Trey Miguel on to a set up chair that looked like it broke every Vertebrae in the lower back of Trey.

FinJuice with a video promo from Japan to promote the match at Rebellion against the Good Brothers while putting over what they’ve done in Japan.

We see Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn are there representing AEW but no Callis or Omega at the start.
Rich Swann getting the first question about having to face the Best Wrestler on the Planet?
Mike Johnson asking how this match came about and how they will handle one person holding both and asked what they think about fans not expecting a clear winner.
Tony and Scott say everything has been signed and the champion who walks out will work both schedules. We are told that we will have an AEW referee at ringside for the match as well to sanction the results. Guess that is where the screw finish is coming.
Don Callis is being asked if he is done pretending he is picking a side and he is not having enough and is taking over the conference.
Kenny says this is nothing new to him and he has done it all before and come out on top as this is just any given sunday.
Kenny saying he was put on earth to make a difference while Rich is here just because he loves wrestling.
Was anyone else wishing Moose would just show up out of no where and take out Kenny and Rich both?
Kenny offers the hand but then slaps the face of Swann and the brawl is on.

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