Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams go head-to-head as the two former tag team partners look to settle their differences. Gallus return with an appearance on Noam Dar's “Supernova Sessions.” Nathan Frazer faces Saxon Huxley.

Andy is welcoming us to the show while recapping WrestleMania week to lead us into a video package for the events.

Can we get Saxon Huxley’s gimmick fleshed out more like they are doing with Isla Dawn?
I thought Huxley wasn’t that big nor did I think Frazier was that small but put them beside each other and you see how wrong I was.
Is Saxon Huxley just Festus and Eugene all in one character?
This is all Huxley so far, just him destructing the small Frazier.
Does Saxon Huxley have Asthma? Why else would someone need to breath that heavily all the time?
Frazier hit the Tope Suicida so hard and fast he flipped over Huxley.
Dropkick then Frog splash from Nathan Frazier and he gets the pinfall victory after being destroyed for most of the match.

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels were interviewed earlier this week about Noam’s lost last week.
They let us know they have a tag match against Moustache Mountain in a regular match.

Now it is time for Gallus to appear on Supernova Sessions. They have so much faith in Dar to give him a feud while still doing the show without it having to do with said feud.
Love that Noam Dar is forced to sit on the metal chairs as Gallus took up the whole couch.
Joe Coffey says he wants Rampage Brown but here comes Eddie Dennis saying that Coffey got involved costing them the tag titles.
Joe Coffey suggests next week he and Eddie Dennis go one on one but Primate and T-Bone attack from behind and we have a big brawl.

Gradwell trying to arrive earlier this week but the door is locked with Dan Mastiff opening it but locking it back when Gradwell talks trash to him.

Earlier today video promo from Moustache Mountain talking about their singles path but teaming next week against Sha and Noam.

Really love that Emilia hit back after the cheap shot in the corner from Isla Dawn.
A couple spots weren’t as crisp as they could be with these two but could just be due to them not working against each much recently.
Kick out at two from Isla Dawn after the spear from Emilia McKenzie.
We have black gloves on the referee but can’t see who has been busted open yet.
Emilia gets too emotional and Isla is able to use the ref as a quick distraction before hitting her Bridging Pin Suplex finisher to get the pinfall victory to shock us.

Video promo from Jinny and Joseph Conners talking about Dani Luna to push a match against the two next week.

We are seeing the footage of Aoife Valkyrie leaving a feather at ringside for Meiko.
Meiko is seen last week telling Aofie that she knows what it means and accepts.

Never noticed if anyone else does that but looked like Smith shook the hand of the referee before the match.
Does anyone think that this “relationship” with Piper and Jack leading to Piper rejecting a romantic relationship and Jack goes heel?
Nigel says that Smith should be the favourite because of his size but come on, when was the last time you saw a video promo from Ashton Smith?
Story of the match is Smith destroying Starz over and over but Jack just not giving up.
Piper Niven giving a pep talk to Jack Starz who is out on the outside. She is telling him to dig deep and just keep fighting.
Starz counters into a roll up and puts all his weight on the legs of Smith to get the pinfall victory. Smith looked strong but Starz gets the fluke win.
Post match, Starz gets to celebrate with Piper and she even gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

Video promo time to push our main event with Kenny Williams taking credit for all the wins they got on the way to the title match.

No wasted time as Amir Jordan is all fired up to start this one and takes it to Kenny Williams once Amir gets in the ring.
Kenny has started to target the taped up, formerly injured shoulder of Amir Jordan. Really good showing the personal aspect of this match.
Really hard to think who will come out of this one with the win. Either could get it but depends on who they want to push.
Almost thought they were going to go with a double pin finish for a second.
Neither is able to get the pinfall on the other in this one.
Kenny Williams went for the low blow with the ref seeing but Amir avoided it knowing it was coming and hits a superkick but yet ANOTHER near fall.
Semi exposed turnbuckle allows Kenny Williams to take out Amir Jorden to get the pinfall victory.

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