We see the Debut of Sarray, Io Shirai and Kyle O'Reilly both return to NXT TV we see Grizzled Young Veterans take on Breezango and more.

Do you think MSK is going to have a great night tonight seeing as it is 4/20?
Anyone else hate the new intro theme music to NXT from who I assume is Poppy?

Kyle O’Reilly coming out looking healthy when he was just carted into a hospital two weeks ago, what’s up with that?
I really don’t like Kyle’s face promos as they just seem like it’s not coming from a star and just that dude in your friend group that you all think should be a comedian but shouldn’t be.
Kyle asks if he should go after the North American Title or the NXT Title before making it known he is going after Kross.
Cameron Grimes’ music hits and he comes out to congratulate Kyle since he won money on his match and suggesting he watches Kyle’s back.
Kyle compliments Grimes before swerving him and saying Grimes is Kyle’s first match since being cleared.

We see the arrival of Sarray and her translator from earlier today when Zoey Stark comes in to introduce herself and ask to be the first opponent for Sarray.

LA Knight wants to talk to us about the Gauntlet Eliminator and only getting out after others teamed up to take him out.

The Way has to get involved in this one to try and get Indi Hartwell back, right?
Pushing Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis as a legit relationship is like saying Joker and Harley are a good couple.
Amazing back drop from Lumis that leads to LA Knight crotching himself into the ringpost trying to get away from the slithering Lumis.
Back from commercial with Lumis making his comeback and getting a two count after hitting a beautiful Springing Suplex that would make Tully Blanchard proud.
Indi Hartwell is at ringside and has the attention of Dexter Lumis leading to LA Knight attacking Lumis.
LA Knight gets the pinfall victory after hitting a 1 Percenter on Lumis getting back in the ring after being distracted at Indi.
Post match, Indi Hartwell is looking to get in the ring to have her moment with Dexter Lumis wanting her kiss but The Way come down to pull her away and take her to the back.

Leon Ruff is cutting a promo backstage about how great it felt to smash Swerve’s face into the lockers last week.

We see Io Shirai backstage getting ready for an interview segment with Beth Phoenix.

We see Io Shirai backstage getting ready for an interview segment with Beth Phoenix.
Really like how they set up this sit down interview with the screen between them showing the moments they are talking about.
Io is saying she needs some rest now but is going to come back for her title.
The Dog walks in and Franky Monet walks in to introduce herself to Io and fan girl over Beth Phoenix.
Io gets mad and yells at Franky Monet about liking cats and walks off.

Grizzled Young Veterans come out to bash the “tribute” to the Queen’s Guards before this match.
Grizzled Young Veterans sent to the outside by Brezzango to start this one off.
Back from commercial with Drake huring his knee coming off the top with the referee checking on him.
With the referee distracted, Gibson pokes the eye of Fandango and that is the magic cure for Drake’s knee to heal.
Don’t know where Fandango went. Ticket to Mayhem by Grizzled Young Veterans and Gibson gets the pinfall victory on Breeze.

The Way come in to stop Indi Hartwell from doing an Interview when Bronson Reed comes in to pick a fight with Theory and Gargano.
Love Indi trying to get to the microphone in the background while we hear Theory challenge Reed.

Cameron Grimes is being interviewed about his new NFT but apparently The Million Dollar Man bought it out from him.

I don’t have much faith in Zoey Stark picking up the win in this one against the debuting Sarray but I’ve been wrong with the booking of Stark in the past.
Sarray has an interesting music mix of poppy and rock music but her actual entrance is VERY Joshi and NOT VERY WWE at all.
Seeing a LOT of the personality of Sarray coming out in the ring, she just needs to show more of it in her entrance.
Sarray has my favourite submission move in her moveset, aka the Muta Lock.
Pretty even match so far with Zoey Stark going to come out of this likely loss still looking strong.
Nice looking series of Drop kicks to Stark from Sarray. Stiff looking moves likely thanks to the ropes adding to the effect.
Zoey Stark got a very close two count on Sarray. Sarray looking smart but not the biggest threat by having Stark look so strong.
Sarray lands on her feet and hits a series of moves ending with a suplex to get the pinfall victory in a surprise fashion.
Post match, Sarray and Stark show respect with a hug and Zoey holds up Sarray’s arm before Toni Storm attacks Zoey Stark on her way to the back.
Sarray backs Toni Storm off looking to set up a future match.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez let us know that they aren’t worried about Io wanting a rematch nor are they worried about Mercedes.

Candice and Indi are walking backstage but Indi gets distracted by Dexter leaving Candice by herself to confront Ember and Shotzi.
Candice gets beat up by Ember and Shotzi after Indi abandons her.

Video promo highlighting what happened last week with Kushida beating Santos to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.
We actually heard from Steve Corino during the video promo.

Kushida has a microphone to the shock of me and he is saying he is giving the same opportunity that he got last week.
Oney Lorcan is answering the challenge in what is going to be a very obvious result.
Kushida has it pointed out by the commentators that he is not wearing boots and just has taped up feet to further the change of his character away from Marty McFly rip off.
Kushida can really get that Hoverboard Lock on out of nowhere but Lorcan makes it to the ropes.
Heading to a commercial after Kushida sends Lorcan off the top turnbuckle falling to the outside.
Back from commercial, Kushida is making a comeback as Lorcan took control of the match during the commercial break.
Kushida really selling that Knee to the gut from Lorcan like he is Heath Slater and got a Hernia.
Nice stomp by Kushida to the arm of Lorcan to set up for the Arm Bar.
Blockbuster from Lorcan to Kushida but only gets a two count on this one but still a close two count.
How is Kushida taking those hard chops from Lorcan? His chest is clearly redder than an Apple at this point.
Hoverboard Lock gets locked on by Kushida and he gets the submission victory to retain the championship.
Post match, Santos Escobar comes out with Wilde and Mendoza attacking from behind and it is a three on one beat down.
MSK coming out wearing their GREEN shirts to make the save.

Mercedes Martinez says that Raquel is scared because she didn’t say anything earlier saying Raquel is Dakota’s Lap Dog.

Theory and Gargano are going over how Regal set up a match when Candice walks in all beat up. Indi then comes in saying she got a title match for the Women’s Titles but Candice is not happy.

Picture in Picture video promo with Imperium letting us know the expansion will continue.
Aichner taking it right to Ever-Rise as they are going to be lucky to get much offense in. This is clearly going to be a story of putting over Imperium as a team to be reckoned with.
Killian Dain has come out leading to a distraction that Ever Rise almost got the win.
Maverick comes out but carried to the back by Dain to keep him away from Wolfe.
Imperium hit the doomsday device variation to get the pinfall victory.

Stare down between Kyle O’Reilly and the combination of Scarlett and Karrion Kross who were waiting at the go position for him. Kyle is not intimidated.

Getting a recap of how the main event came about with Kyle Punching Grimes in the ring to start the show.
I have to say that Cameron Grimes is likely the best character in NXT right now.
Why are all these “cool guy” moves that Kyle O’Reilly is doing more Heel Cool and not Face Cool?
Loved the counter by Grimes to flip back and then suplex Kyle out of the ring as we head to, hopefully, our last commercial break of the night.
Back with Grimes working over the neck of Kyle which is likely going to be a target of wrestlers until creative forget about it.
Kyle has made his comeback leading to Grimes having to get to the ropes to break the arm bar attempts from Kyle.
Spinning Uranagi Variation from Cameron Grimes was really impressive and could be an interesting finisher in the future if protected.
Grimes almost gets the three by hitting his spinning slam counter as Kyle was running the ropes.
Grimes looking for the Cave In but Kyle is avoiding and countering it but Grimes can’t do the same for slingshot clothesline.
Brainbuster from Kyle O’Reilly before going to the top and hitting the diving knee to the back of Grimes to get the pinfall victory.

Check out our Live React video of this episode of WWE NXT.

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