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This Wednesday night, with BLOOD AND GUTS looming just two weeks away on May 5th, AEW brings another jam-packed edition of DYNAMITE! There are two major title matches on tap with the Women's World Title and TNT Title up for grabs, a battle over the top spot in the rankings, Powerhouse Hobbs looking for his biggest win, and plenty more on tap!

Justin Roberts is in the ring to start the show and that can usually only mean one thing.

I am really looking forward to this one. Both of these guys are stars and can’t wait to see them continue the record of good openers.
Taz would know all about the Fat Man Roll, wouldn’t he?
All Hangman to start out so far. Both guys are bringing their A game for this one.
Beautiful looking bridging pinfall attempt by Hangman and smart by Starks to slap the belly of Hangman to break it.
Starks just sent Hangman in so hard with Hangman having the side of his ribs going into the turnbuckles.
Starks is selling his ankle after spring boarding into a clothesline of Hangman.
Starks looking good with his Liger Bomb basically floating to the mat with Hangman. Just great.
Great spear from Starks but Hangman kicks out just in time.
Hangman gets the submission victory after Starks sells the choke perfectly.
Post match, Taz is on the mic telling Hangman to watch his back when Hook attacks and then Brian Cage but Dark Order comes out to run off Team Taz.

We see The Elite going to their special dressing while Cutler films them. They’re blending that character into the main show now.

You have to love that Justin Roberts actually pronounced the question mark part of Trent’s name.
Penta is so fluid with his flying crossbody on Trent.
Beautiful springing Destroyer from Penta. Love how we are seeing variations on the Canadian Destroyer now instead of the same ol same ol.
Back from the picture in picture with Penta in control so prepare yourself for the Trent comeback.
Not the best looking Piledriver on Penta from Trent while on the second hardest part of the ring but rather them be safe.
Penta gets the package piledriver and pinfall victory after Alex hits Trent with a microphone while the ref was distracted and Orange Cassidy got superkicked out of the way.

Off to the Sit down interview with Jim Ross and The Pinnacle.
Wardlow talks about how the Jericho promo was the perfect promo until he got to Wardlow and Jericho knew he screwed up saying Wardlow’s name.
MJF talks about how Jericho wrestles guys below him but claims he gave them the rub when they are already on their way up. Great points.
MJF says he is a mark not for Jericho but for Jericho’s spot. Great segment.

Video promo from Tay Conti and Hikaru Shida promoting their match coming up next.

Dark Order come out with Tay Conti and head to the back after showing respect to the champion when Shida comes out.
Conti not fooling around and knows this is her chance and giving it her all. Shida is loving it and giving it right back.
Conti finally gets a hip takedown after Shida and her go back and forth earlier blocking each other.
Conti stopped a bit early before Shida got her with the Enziguri. Looked like Conti hit an invisible wall.
Shida is in control as we head to another picture in picture break.
Coming back with Shida suplexing Conti into the ring from the outside only to eat a boot from Conti and both are down.
Interesting Senton from Conti to Shida who was laid out on the top rope.
Knee Strike and Falcon Arrow but Conti kicks out at two. Shocked she kicked out there.
Oh wow the Witches Shot from Shida looks vicious as Conti lands hard spine first on the turnbuckle.
TayKO from Conti but Shida kicks out. Only fair that they both kick out of each others signature moves.
Katana from Shida finally and it is over as Shida gets the pinfall victory to retain. Great match.
Post match, Britt Baker’s music hits and she comes out to show she is now the number 1 contender by actually using the rankings for the story. Only took two years.

Miro video promo telling us he still hasn’t decided which champion he is going after.

Tony is in the ring to interview the Inner Circle. So great seeing these guys as faces finally.
The Jacksonville Children’s Choir was on fire tonight for Judas.
They are out there to push the Blood and Guts and keep pushing the Pineapple/Pinnacle feud.
Jericho gives the second Rosie O’Donnell reference of the night before giving us a really bad rhyming “song.”
Jericho shows just how great he is when he is both passionate and funny. He can do anything.

Billy Gunn wasting no time and taking out the factory during their entrance to ensure a one on one match with QT.
All Billy Gunn so far as QT Marshall has now been sent to the outside with Billy trying to back off The Factory while fighting QT on the outside.
Comoroto pushes Billy into the ring post leading to the Gunn Club jumping the Barricade on to Solow and Comoroto. They brawl to the back.
Both men have their finishers blocked by the other before they head outside and back in just so Ogogo can come out and deck Gunn without the ref seeing.
Diamond Cutter to Billy Gunn from QT Marshall and it is all over with a pinfall victory.
Post match, they go to hit a wooden chair over Billy until Dustin come out with a bull rope leading to what I bet will be a bull rope match at Blood and Guts.
Comoroto is back and gets the wooden chair smashed over his head which he just no sells to great effect.

The Elite are being interviewed in the back with Cutler doing the camera work.
Nakazawa wearing a headset stealing Scott D’Amore’s gimmick.
They actually mentioned that Kenny Omega would soon be winning the Impact World Title.
Someone is honking a horn outside and it has to be Kingston and Moxley right.
Cut to Kingston and Moxley in their big truck to run in to the portable trailer dressing room. Kingston wanted to apparently steal sneakers but the Elite ran off.
Kingston and Moxley is gold. Better than anything either of those have done.

Taz is on commentary but tells us the rest of Team Taz has been banned from ringside for this one and that next week Hangman is facing Brian Cage. Wish it was for the FTW Title.
All about Hobbs power to start so we can see the brilliance of Cage later on when he pulls out the win.
Back with Hobbs just toying and playing with Cage until he eats some of Cage’s boots taking too long to hit a move.
Nice diving European Uppercut from Christian that looks like he learned something from Cesaro.
Christian hits the frogsplash but it is just a signature move as Hobbs kicks out after two.
Kill Switch by Christian gets the pinfall victory after countering Hobbs who was showboating.
Post match, Ricky Starks comes out to check on Hobbs and locks eyes with Cage. Is this the start of Starks leaving Taz for Christian?

Jade Cargill says a lot of Managers are coming up to her wanting to represent her. She says she doesn’t need one so the offer better be damn good if they want to sign her.

Really great to hear the announcers explain the reasoning behind the time limit difference with this match and the Women’s title match earlier. Small things go a long way.
Darby and Jungle Boy go over the barricade on the outside hard as we head to what should be our final picture in picture of the night.
Back from commercial with Jungle Boy tossing Darby all over the ring with one Suplex into the bridge pin by Jungle Boy looked like it broke the neck of Darby.
Jungle Boy gets the feet up on the third Coffin Splash from Darby proving he went to the well too many times.
Darby uses the top rope to choke Jungle Boy to get a bit dirty to try.
Coffin Drop to Jungle Boy on the second hardest part of the ring and both fall to the ringside area.
Anyone else thinking we are going to get a draw on this one.
Sting not happy with Luchasaurus helping Jungle Boy get to his feet and the end up brawling to the back after Luchasaurus puts his hand on Sting.
Snartrap from Jungle Boy but Darby Allin starts to crawl to the bottom rope but Jungle Boy pulls him off and hits the Romero Special and hitting the Snartrap again.
Darby gauges the eyes to finally break the hold leading to Jungle Boy getting a little dirty slapping the face of Darby.
Darby gets his awesome looking pin attempt on and get the victory after a good competitive match to end the show.
Post match, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky hit the ring to take out Darby Allin with Sting out of the picture.
Lance Archer comes out to take out both Sky and Ethan but they fight him off until Sting makes his way and they bail.

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