Impact TNA


This week on Impact Wrestling we get five top level matches featuring Kiera Hogan, Eric Young, Jake Something and others. Plus more on the final IMPACT! before Rebellion.

Starting off with another match for the go home edition of Impact.

Black Taurus moves faster than even Karl Anderson should be able to.
Someone tell Striker that Impact didn’t give the Good Brothers an opportunity and just backed up a truck of money to them. Good, D’Lo told him.
Love that twisting neck move that Steve does even if it doesn’t do anything to his opponent in reality, it just looks cool.
Magic Killer out of nowhere on Steve and the Good Brothers get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Good Brothers talk about 2020 was their best year and it led them to get cocky. They thank FinJuice for waking them up to that and are going to reclaim their belts now.

Going over the Rebellion card and the related matches for tonight.

We are hearing from fellow superstars and staff about who they think will win between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann.

Violent By Design promo telling us the path is set while talking about James Storm more than the others.

Great to see all the subtle hints from Susan showing the Su Yung character could come out at any minute without making it overly obvious.
Susan wants Kaleb to delete the photos off the phone in true Karen fashion.
Noogie from Tenille but Susan gains the advantage shortly after thanks to a trip up by Deonna on Dashwood.
Susan is now in control as we head off to a commercial break.
Back with Susan still in control over Tenille which can only mean one thing, Tenille is going to make a come back.
Susan going full Karen once again pulling out her own phone after seeing Kaleb recording a video saying she is going to report them.
After a running kick to Susan’s head, Tenille gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, after a quick celebration, Tenille gets on the microphone asking if Deonna got a look at what she did.
Tenille is taking credit once again for the women’s revolution before telling Deonna to shine the belt up. Deonna looks pissed and walks off.

Brian Myers, with a new eye patch, saying he hates living in the past which is where Cardona loves to live.
Myers takes the eye patch off after saying he can see clearly now.

Another video package with more superstars talking about who they think is winning in the main event of Rebellion.

Video promo in the Sami Callihan style with him telling Trey Miguel has screwed up and he is going to teach him lesson at Rebellion.

Rohit Raju is starting to remind me of a mix between Aziz Anzari and Howard Wolowitz.
Jake Something having none of it and kicks out at the one count on the first pin attempt by Shera.
This is all about who is the better big man and trying to show the world.
Jake Something is just pushing and shoving Shera to show his power.
Sky High from Shera after Rohit distracted Brandon Tolle leading to Shera getting the pinfall victory.

Terrible video promo from Trey and his mentor that was straight out of bad soap opera school.
Terrible acting followed by over doing it with his workout acting like he is some big guy. Just such unfitting to Trey’s character.

Another in a series of video promos that is tonight’s episode. This one is for the three way x division title match at Rebellion.

Rich Swann coming out to talk about the brawl at the press conference last week. Swann says that he made the mistake of trying to accept the handshake of Omega.
Swann goes on to tell Omega to come out and lay a hand on him tonight. Omega and Callis appear on the screen as you expect.
After Callis and Omega say good night Swann stands alone and the music comes on for MOOSE! Moose is back in the impact zone!
Moose is coming out to congratulate Swann after taking time to think about what happened at Sacrifice.
Moose asks Swann who it was the showed Swann what real pain is like. Moose is saying their match should be what was needed to prepare against Omega.
Moose points out that the Good Brothers and Callis are the only difference between Omega and Moose.
Moose ends by telling Swann that if he loses those belts he will have to deal with Moose.
Swann responds as Moose is leaving saying he is going to win the AEW World Title and will be happy to pin him after.

More superstars saying who they think are going to win at Rebellion.

We’re back to see a highlight reel of Taylor Wilde to remind us of her incoming return this month.

Fire N Flava definitely have my favourite entrance in Impact right now.
Jordynne Grace takes it right to Kiera Hogan just picking her up and running her into the turnbuckles.
Muscle Buster from Jordynne Grace and goes for the pin but Tasha breaks it up to cause the DQ win for Grace.
Post match, the beat down begins when Rachel Ellering comes out to make the save and revealed as the tag partner for Grace.
Jordynne Grace grabs the microphone to spell out for everyone what we already knew that Rachel will be her partner.

FinJuice give us a video promo from Japan. Got to love that Japan tech that allows them to do that but the tech in Mexico apparently wasn’t good enough for Tessa to do it.

We see another video package showing the build toward the Title vs. Title match at Rebellion.

Commercial break after Violent By Design make their entrance for the Main Event tonight.
After wasting ten minutes for the VBD entrance we are a go pretty quickly after Eddie gets in the ring.
Off to another commercial break but it is our last one of the night with both men trying rest holds on the mat.
Back from the commercial with Eddie Edwards holding on to EY on the mat until EY can make his comeback.
Eddie Edwards just had his leg get caught up between the ropes that looked so bad that if it had been EY it would be what I thought would have got him injured.
Brandon Tolle goes to the outside and tells both sides to back away. Why not just send them all to the back?
Superplex off the top from Eddie Edwards. Keep thinking we are going to see the injury spot any second with each move.
Blue Thunder Bomb but Eric Young kicks out just before the three.
Tope Suicida from Eddie after EY rolls to the outside to avoid the Boston Knee Party.
Eric Young rolls up Eddie and hooks the legs to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, all hell breaks loose as both sides go after each other.

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