Tyler Bate & Trent Seven are back together as Moustache Mountain to take on Noam Dar & Sha Samuels. Joe Coffey collides with Eddie Dennis.

Love the NXT UK theme, it is now even better than the NXT Theme not that it is done by Poppy.

Really like seeing that Joe Coffey comes out alone when he is a face but has the boys when is a heel.
Eddie Dennis is so sleek and tall that he looks like he is going to break in half at any time.
Surprised Eddie Dennis is coming out on his own but I expect Primate and T-Bone at some point.
Pounce from Joe Coffey sends Eddie Dennis to the outside as the announcers actually tell us this is the first meeting between the two. Is that true?
What an interesting Bodyslam to Dennis by Coffey to escape the hold of Dennis.
Nigel and Andy are really pushing the Judo background of Eddie Dennis as he uses that background to keep control of Coffey.
Really liked how Eddie Dennis was selling a move while shifting position for the next move. Looked so much more realistic.
Boston Crab from Joe Coffey and that brings out Primate and T-Bone but Dennis only gets a two off the distraction.
Right on cue, the Gallus boys come out to make the odds even but Wolfie and Mark are taken out.
Glasgow Sendoff and Best of the Bells leads to Joe Coffey getting the pinfall victory while the Gallus boys were out on the outside. Surprised that happened.
Post match, both sides brawl with Gallus standing tall in the ring.

Ilja Dragunov in a black and white promo is watching the clips back of him losing it in matches as he appears to lose it.

Gallus boys celebrating during the break backstage when Joe Coffey and Rampage talk about Brown’s loss to Walter before Joe offers a rematch against them again.

Should have known it was Gradwell when they mentioned Mastiff’s opponent was running his mouth.
Always nice to start with an old school lock up once and a while.
Loved the selling of Gradwell with his knee after getting his knees up as Mastiff was coming down on him. Small things go a long way.
Mastiff hits the headbutt after Gradwell thought it was a good idea to call Mastiff a yoghurt.
Gradwell hoists up Mastiff and hits a sitout bomb and gets the shocking pinfall victory in this one over Mastiff.

Aoife Valkyrie video promo to push her match against Meiko Satomura and Aoife’s further development.

Time for another video promo to hear from Emilia McKenzie to let us know her goals and her history while away from NXT UK.

Announcers mention that Jinny was trying to recruit Dani Luna even though I don’t remember that happening. Still good to give us reasons for matches.
Dani Luna didn’t like the slap to the face by Jinny but Jinny puts herself in the ropes to have the referee back Luna off.
Really doing a great job in this one at putting over the power of Luna by highlighting all her power moves as well as using power to counter Jinny’s moves.
Conners causes a distraction allowing Jinny to attack the arm of Luna with a running Liger Kick and rolls her up to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Dani Luna is beat down by Jinny after the encouragement of Conners until Flash and Andrews come out for the save.

Sid Scala giving us an update on Kenny and Amir with Jordan walking in for a rematch with Scala says Kenny is fine with.
The catch is the rematch is going to be a Loser Leaves Town Match.

Rohan Raja video promo letting us know he is a legit world athlete. Canadian Trained from Australia and Indian descent.

Teoman gives a quick video promo to push his match against the debuting Rohan Raja.

Sha Samuels is not lacking in confidence, that is one thing we can all say with certainty.
Did they seriously say that Trent Seven is a grandfather? How old is the guy?
Both teams are tagging in and out keeping both sides fresh. No building to a hot tag for either team at this point.
Of course now we see the working over of Seven in the corner of Dar and Samuels after I said they weren’t going for the hot tag.
Seven fights off Dar as Noam was trying to hit the Tyler Driver. Great to show that a wrestler knows how to counter their partner’s moves.
They really are building to the hot tag now as Seven as been in the ring without tagging out for over 5 minutes now.
Both men down, perfect set up for the hot tag but Dar is holding him back but of course we get Seven fighting Dar off and hitting the hot tag.
Noam Dar almost cost his team the match but Samuels kicks out after two following the double team by Moustache Mountain.
Tyler Bate lands hard on his arm after flying to the outside over the top rope.
Burning Hammer from Moustache Mountain and Tyler Bate gets the pinfall victory pinning Samuels. Shocked at that result.

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