Having to start off hearing that Poppy them song again.

Should be interesting to see how these two do as I know they’ve crossed paths in Shine or Shimmer locker rooms in the past.
What a sick looking landing for Dakota Kai on the attempted slapjack by Martinez. Looked like she almost broke her arm on the landing.
Dakota gained the advantage in the match earlier on than I had expected in this one thanks to that DDT.
That bicycle kick from Dakota didn’t even come close to looking like it hit Martinez, even with the change in camera.
No picture in picture for us Canadians. If American’s only knew what we canadians had to go through to watch wrestling since… forever.
Dakota Kai is in control as we return from commercial sending Martinez to the outside.
Really shocked how much offense Dakota is getting in since I had expected this to be booked for Martinez to run through to get to Gonzalez.
Martinez hits a nice three amigos double under hook on Dakota.
Distraction and attempted interference leads to Gonzalez just booting Martinez for the DQ.
Post match, Gonzalez is just beating down Martinez around ringside. Martinez was introduced to the barricades and ringpost before being turned into a lawn dart.

Women’s Tag Champions are being interviewed about facing Robert Stone Brand tonight and The Way next week.
Someone delivers them flowers before Franky Monet walks in to read the card and it is from Dexter Lumis. Maybe it is really Franky stirring the pot?

Cameron Grimes earlier today shopping for something shiney at a jeweller.
He wants the best looking watch in the area and we are to be continued.

Grizzled Young Veterans are in the ring cutting a promo on MSK about wrestling any match except one against them for the belts.
Thatcher and Ciampa are apparently not happy with the talk and come out and say how they themselves are grizzled and veterans.
I didn’t realize until just now how much I want to see this match again.
Thatcher brings up TakeOver Cardiff and get the fans to chant Shoes Off If You Hate Gibson before Ciampa hits Gibson with his shoe.
Thatcher and Ciampa stand tall with their shoes held up in the ring after the brawl.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain are being interviewed with Drake saying he expects the typical turn.

Tian Sha video promo with Xia Li speaking in Chinese with no subtitles.

Make A Wish promo putting over the work WWE has done with the kids.

Another in the studio promo from Swerve on Leon Ruff about the attack and that he is actually proud of him.
Falls Count Anywhere challenge from Swerve and it is happening next week.

Before the match and before we know her opponent in the ring, Toni cuts a promo on Zoey Stark.
Toni boots Ramier right in the face to start this and it is all Storm.
Raimer gets some offense in but then Toni just ducks some kicks and hits a sick German Suplex to regain the advantage.
Storm was going for the Storm Zero but tossed Zayda aside and put her on the top before Zoey Stark comes out to distract Storm.
Raimer fights Storm off after the distraction and hits a beautiful shooting star press and gets the pinfall victory in shocking fashion.

Video promo from Legado Del Fantasma about the six man match in the main event and about them all claiming the gold that is theirs.

Bronson Reed walking towards the entrance for his match when he comes face to face with Gargano and Candice. Reed heads off for his entrance when Theory appears out of nowhere.

LA Knight is being interviewed next about how he got the win against Dexter before talking about Indi and hitting on her.
Ever Rise walks in after LA Knight leaves and they cut away when they have no questions for them.

Indi Hartwell just walks straight to the ring all sad and doesn’t participate in the entrance until forced. She is in total spoiled teenager mode.
Loved that Gargano asked the ref’s permission to help up Theory before doing it. He wasn’t fast enough though as Reed comes running to pounce Theory.
Theory moves out of the way sending Reed full speed in to the steel steps as we head to commercial.
Back from commercial with Reed in a sleeper hold from Theory until Reed can attempt a comeback. Surprised at how strong Theory is looking.
Loved how great it looked when Theory jumped in to the body press from Reed.
Theory is a great guy for anyone who needs to get power moves sold well.
Amazing blockbuster from Theory rolling into it. Looked like a great way to use momentum to take a big man down.
You just have to know that any time that someone says they have this that they won’t be having it.
Dexter Lumis is coming down and starts to follow Indi Hartwell who then gets in the ring.
Dexter pushes Indi out of the way and takes the impact from Theory.
Interference didn’t help as Reed hits the Tsunami and gets the pinfall victory to earn a shot at Gargano and the North American Title.
Post match, Bronson Reed is staring down all of the Way.

Kushida and MSK are being interviewed about facing Legado Del Fantasma in the Main Event tonight.

The Way are all pissed off backstage with Theory not getting Reed’s number with Austin saying he had the wrong number.
Candice gets Indi fired about about “Dexter” sending Ember and Shotzi flowers and chocolate. Maybe Candice sent it?

Maverick is playing up the Paranoid partner perfectly for this with Dain finally saying he will start it off.
Imperium finally getting some offense in after Maverick is tagged in to the match.
Another commercial break as Maverick is laid out by Barthel.
Back with Maverick still in the ring taking a beating from Imperium.
Aichner broke the belt of Maverick by swinging him around the ring by it.
Dain is pulled down by Barthel allowing Aichner to hit the running knee to the back of Maverick’s head but Killian gets up to take out Imperium.
Wolfe wouldn’t hit Dain with the chair even after told by Barthel. Sanity friendship instead?
Eurobomb from Imperium on Maverick with Dain taken out on the outside to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Wolfe takes a step in front of the other two and they don’t like it and take a step in front of Wolfe.

Dunne is now cutting a promo on all the titles he could take in NXT across both brands. He tells Kross that he doesn’t need smoke and mirrors as the mood changes when Dunne walks in the room.

Another make a wish promo with Superstars putting over why the charity is more important than ever now.

Back to Cameron Grimes getting the best watch earlier today when Ted Dibiase shows up with an even better watch.

The Way attack Ember and Shotzi as they are getting more flowers and chocolate before the match with Indi smashing the a vase over Shotzi’s head.
Robert Stone Brand celebrate in the ring with the belts but the refs take it away from them since no match was started.

Adam Cole is being interviewed at his home about his future after the brutal match with Kyle.
Adam says he doesn’t make mistakes, he makes decisions. Good heel motive.
Cole is asked about Kyle opening and main eventing NXT last week and now the face of NXT but Cole says it has taken Kyle four years to do what he has done since day one.
When asked about the NXT Champion, Karrion Kross, and says he is good but doesn’t know if he is great.
Adam says he is not going to tell anyone what is next because that is his business.
We then see Kyle watching the interview on a monitor in a dark room.

Kushida comes out with his Jean Jacket, Puffy Vest and Boots again in Marty McFly fashion again. Maybe they took on the criticism or if he is only going barefoot for singles title matches?
Don’t ever take your eyes off Kushida as Joaquin Wilde just learned. He can bring you down out of no where.
Lots of kicks from MSK to Mendoza and Escobar in the ring before triple teaming Mendoza. Faces stand tall as we head to the commercial break.
Back with Santos Escobar has control of Nash Carter in the middle of the ring with Carter selling it very well.
Just spending the time building to the hot tag as Carter is getting destroyed by all members of Legado Del Fantasma.
Kushida finally gets the hot tag and takes out all three members of Legado Del Fantasma before Lee tags in and Carter comes in so they can hit their pushing splash.
Kushida is taken out by Escobar ptting Kushida through the table then Mendoza sends Carter into the ring steps leaving Lee alone.
Medical Staff appear to be looking at Kushida after that Table spot.
Fantasma tagging in and out after each hit one move but no pin attempts for a minute or two giving Carter time to recover on the outside.
No one for Lee to tag but he is still fighting off Fantasma as Carter finally gets up to his corner to make the tag.
Kushida is pushing off the medical staff to get in the ring but is taken out by Escobar immediately.
Nash Carter takes the pinfall from Raul Mendoza as Legado Del Fantasma finally get to look strong again.
Post match, Legado Del Fantasma stand tall holding the titles up as we end the show.

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