AEW AEW Dynamite


Ten of the Dark Order challenges for the TNT Championship, The Young Bucks are in action and Moxley & Kingston are looking for Omega.

Feed was a bit behind but live now with the card being run down.

Team Taz all jump Hangman before the match leading to Dark Order coming out and everyone being forced to the back except for Cage and Hangman.
All Cage now that we are in the ring and the match gets started officially.
Hangman Page gets the knees up for the standing moonsault by Cage to start his comeback but his stopped short by a stiff kick by Cage.
Huge moonsault by Hangman to Cage on the outside from the top Turnbuckle.
Cage catches Hangman to avoid the Buckshot and hits an F5 before he gets a finisher to get the shocking pinfall victory.

Callis and the Elite are packed into a Limo talking about what happened Last Week but not what happened on Sunday.
Nakazawa scares everyone in the limo by accidently honking the horn.

At least the Sydal Brothers got an actual entrance instead of having to already be in the ring after a commercial break.
Callis is joining the broadcast booth for this one like Taz did for the opener.
Why is Excalibur so shocked by the actions of the Bucks if he truly has known them their whole career?
Is Cuter basically the Virgil to the Young Bucks Dibiase now?
Our first restaurant quality picture in picture of the night.
Back from break with Matt Jackson rolling his brother out after both he and Mike Sydal were down to pull of the twin trick when the Bucks aren’t even twins. Great way to make Knox look like an idiot.
Some great moves from the Sydal’s here making them look real good.
Matt Jackson looks right at the camera after punching Mike Sydal below the belt behind Knox’s back.
BTE Trigger and Bucks get the pinfall victory over the Sydal’s.
Post match, SCU come out to say they are the number one contenders and still promise to disband if they lose and want the title shot.
Daniels says he looked forward to facing his friends but now they are just bitches.

Video promo from Jade Cargill having all the managers wanting her services. A lot like when Bobby Roode was getting a manager in TNA.

We are hearing from Penta and Alex in a picture in picture promo from earlier today.
Cassidy starting it off with his sunglasses on and Penta doing his Zero Miedo thing every time Orange Cassidy tries to do his pockets bit.
Cassidy takes his sunglasses off, gets his hands in the pockets and tries to do the tap kicks. Penta is having none of it but falls in to the trap of Cassidy who avoids the attacks and gets Penta to the mat and stands tall.
Penta bites the thumb of Orange Cassidy when he tries to pose.
Great catch by Penta as Cassidy was going for the Tope Suicida and Holds Cassidy up with just one arm. Cool spot.
Penta in full control after coming back from the commercial break. Just waiting for Orange Cassidy to make his comeback.
Diving crossbody from Orange Cassidy but gets blocked on the DDT attempt as Penta turns it into a Brain Buster.
Sick pumphandle package move by Penta on Orange Cassidy with the leg coming down on the neck of Cassidy during the drop.
Beach Break from Orange Cassidy out of nowhere after a Destroyer from Penta but only a two count.
What a sick sounding thrust kick from Penta to Cassidy sitting in the corner.
Diving DDT from Cassidy followed up with the Spinning DDT but only a two count as Alex gets on the mic to trash talk but Cassidy brings him in the ring.
Behind the ref’s back, Trent gives a mic to Cassidy who uses it for an Orange Punch to get the pinfall victory. Great match.

Tony interviewing Britt Backer earlier today about being the number one contender. Britt then says she is the face of Women’s Division and the next champion.

Tony is now in the ring to introduce us to the Pinnacle and Inner Circle for the Parlay over who will start off with the advantage.
Inner Circle security come out on motor cycles to one up the Pinnacle who just had regular security.
Spears stops Tony from flipping a coin and say that they should get the advantage because they were lured into the match.
Great promo from Spears on Sammy who just responds about not believing him since he is a failure. At least Spears got rid of the hair.
Sammy says they can have the advantage and he will even start the match off against them.
FTR ask Santana & Ortiz to Blood N Guts as they are soft and want the old version of them. FTR mentions their kids and you don’t do that.
Santana & Ortiz say they’ve been locked up before and the others can’t say that.
MJF thanking Chris Jericho saying there is no AEW without Jericho and even says Inner Circle is greatest stable.
MJF then says that the pressure is getting to Jericho and he is going to take the burden off Jericho and take it on.
Jericho tells MJF that you can’t inherit a spot and take it just because you want it like MJF’s trust fund. You want it, you earn it.
Jericho talks about the respect he earned by travelling and learning the business around the world before 25.
A great promo even if it went on a little too long.

Nakazawa is in the ring before Eddie Kingston comes out and Eddie is having none of it and tells Kenny to come out.
Kenny says you don’t get Kenny just for asking for him but Nakazawa hits him with a laptop from behind.
Kingston quickly knocks out Nakazawa and sets up him up for a pilmanizing but Omega doesn’t care.
Kenny calls for Cutler and after he is tossed out we see Moxley attack Omega from behind.
Callis grabs the mic to stop a pilmanizing of Omega to accept a challenge for a tag team match next week.

Sammy Guevara came out to do his old cue cards thing for the picture in picture to promote next week’s Blood N Guts.

Back with Taz being interviewed about Christian Cage who then comes in to talk about how bad Taz USED to be tough but stopped backing up his tough talk.
Christian says that Taz sees someone like him and sees everything he wishes he could do.

Great to see that Cassidy is coming selling his match from earlier very noticeably.
Penelope Ford immediately goes after the repaired leg but Statlander using her power.
Penelope is able to hit a nice move by spinning Statlander around and coming head first into a forearm.
Ford gets a kick in to Statlander after getting distracted by Ford at ringside. They begin to brawl on the outside as we head to a commercial.
Slugfest as we come back from commercial with Statlander getting the best of it.
Nobody home for the Cartwheel move from Ford as Statlander moved to hit a spinning kick on Ford.
Cassidy stops Kip from getting involved and Statlander hits the Big Bang to get the pinfall victory.

We are getting a video promo from Ten of the Dark Order talking about his motivations going into the Main Event tonight.

The Factory come out driving the Nightmare Express which is the personal bus of the Nightmare Family.
Love the classic bear hug from Comoroto to Billy Gunn with Billy selling the rib injury.
Back from the commercial with QT Marshall in control of Dustin but QT got cocky and Dustin is able to hot tag Lee Johnson.
Blue Thunder Bomb from Lee Johnson but Comoroto is able to break up the pin attempt.
Lee Johnson goes flying to the outside but that leads to Ogogo punching Johnson and Gunn allowing QT Marshall to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Comoroto levels Dustin Rhodes with the Cow Bell before QT Marshall gets left alone and taken out by the Gunn Club. Solow and Comoroto come out.
QT Marshall retreats to the bus but Cody was waiting in the bus. They fight around on the bus until going to the top of it. Aubrey tries to stop them as Cody puts QT in a figure four.

Kip goes to talk to Miro and Miro just beats the heck out of Sabian saying that no one is going to stop him.
Miro says Kip has to pay his dues by smashing the arm of Kip in the door before saying he forgives him and it is a good talk.

Great to see that Sting didn’t stand with Darby during the entrance and just went to his spot at ringside. Great to see as the spotlight should be on the guy fighting and Sting used to help increase the spotlight.
What great selling by Darby after the Shoulder Block by Ten sending Darby flying.
Back from what we hope is our last commercial break of the night with Ten still in control of Darby.
What a sick powerslam from Ten on Darby as Allin was trying to make his comeback. Ten then is able to fight off Darby’s submission attempt with a one arm powerslam.
Damage could be done but 10 was able to get the rope to break the Armbar by Darby Allin.
Why did Angels and Ten so obviously move before Darby hit the move off the top.
With everyone distracted, Ethan Page attacks Darby and throws him back in the ring. Ten even asked Dark Order if they did that but they just tell him to take advantage.
Sick looking Wheelbarrow Slingshot German Suplex from Ten on Darby Allin.
Darby starts to rip the mask off and then goes for a Coffin Drop move before getting caught into the Full Nelson by Ten.
Darby counters by kicking back on the turnbuckles to put 10 in a pinfall to get the victory.
Post match, 10 helps up Darby who then grabs a Brodie wrist band and holds it up before a sign of respect.
Ethan Page returns after Dark Order leave causing the distraction for Sky to chop block Sting and the two beat down both.
Archer comes running out with Ten to run off Sky and Page.

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