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This week we have the Fallout from Rebellion, an In-ring celebration for new IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega, Taylor Wilde vs Kimber Lee, W. Morrissey making his IMPACT! debut, Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship and more.

Seeing our obligatory recap highlight video for Rebellion.
Now everyone is outside Scott’s office wanting a shot but he sends them to the ring as he is going to address.
Don Callis comes out after everyone has left and Scott tells Don that Kenny can’t Zoom in and has to be there in person as per the contract. If he is not, he will stripped of the title and suspended from both companies.

Now in the ring with Scott D’Amore there surrounded by the roster.
We are told that there was no rematch clause so to determine the next contender for Kenny there will be a 6 way at Under Siege. If Kenny doesn’t show by the end of the night the match will be a title match.
We will have 6 matches over the next two weeks to determine the 6 in the match.
Scott says no time like the present so he calls up Jake Something and puts him over.

Chris Bey makes his return to be the opponent. Chris in full HBK homage gear.
Really liking this match up with their differences blending well together so far.
Nice crossbody off the turnbuckles by Chris Bey on Jake Something. Looked like he was floating for a second.
Jake Something and Bey go back and forth but Jake gets the better of it hitting the sit out power bomb.
I do like that everyone has stayed at ringside for this match. They really should have roster members in the audience area like AEW.
Rohit Raju grabs the leg to distract Jake Something allowing Bey to hit a drop kick to the back and roll up Something for the pinfall victory using the ropes to make it to the 6 way.

Don Callis is on the phone with Kenny telling him to take the jet and to get there.
Sami comes in after the call ends to talk to the “jackyl.”
Don Callis asks what business this is of his and Sami tells him that Kenny won’t know when but he is going to get him.

Taylor Wilde being interviewed about her first match back in a decade before Tenille and Kaleb with a K come in.
Tenille is trying to get her to be a partner but Taylor says she came back for the singles title.
Taylor is having none of it but Tenille and Kaleb are delusional and think they’re a team now.

Morrissey gets a microphone saying we may recognize him but we don’t know them. No one there loves the fans and the industry is full of bad people.
We’re off as he splashes Beale in the corner immediately after the bell rings.
Powerbomb from Morrissey and it is quickly over in a full squash.

Susan, Kimber Lee and Deonna are now being interviewed about Taylor Wilde’s return tonight with Kimber saying she is going to beat her tonight.
Deonna says she wants to watch from the back tonight with Gia suggesting that Deonna is afraid to face Taylor.
Havok then walks in and gets in the face of Deonna and just walks off without saying anything.

Willie Mack is being interviewed now about Morrissey and the comments from moments earlier.
Willie challenges W. Morrissey to a match at Under Siege and do it like men.

Taylor Wilde lip syncs her entrance music on the way to the ring like Scarlett does in NXT.
Nice to hear Matt Striker talk about his history training with Taylor when she was in developmental with WWE.
Kimber took it to Taylor right away but Wilde gets the advantage until Kimber fights off a submission attempt before the commercial.
Back from commercial with Kimber Lee showing her flexibility with her foot in the jaw of Taylor Wilde.
Kimber Lee keeps fighting off the weird looking submission attempt from Taylor.
Susan gets involved to choke out Taylor on the bottom rope with Brandon Tolle distracted.
Interesting chin breaker from Kimber Lee by using the splits instead of going to her knees.
Kimber Lee misses the senton then eats a Code Breaker and gets the submission with her Indian Death Lock variation.
Post match, Susan attacks Taylor Wilde but Tenille Dashwood comes down to make the save but Taylor doesn’t seem happy about it.

Gia Miller grabs Scott coming out of his office for an interview on a Kenny update.
Moose walks in upset that he has to qualify with Scott agreeing with him that is why it should be easy.
Moose grabs Scott and even threatens him until James Storm walks in.
Moose tells Scott this on him referring to what happens next to Storm.

Like that we are seeing the rematch exercised within days so we can move on for Under Siege if Ace and Josh is not the feud we are going with.
Great selling with the facial expression by Ace Austin after the back breaker from Josh Alexander.
Nice touch to have Josh block the Elbows to the head allowing Austin to hit elbows to the midsection.
Beautiful looking Chaos Theory from Josh Alexander sending Austin flying.
Austin blocks the Divine Intervention and hits a sick knee but Alexander still locks on the Ankle Lock but Ace is able to fight it off.
Alexander fights off Fulton on the outside sending Fulton into the steps.
Weird looking spot with Austin hitting a move on to the knees of Alexander. Doesn’t look like that was meant to happen.
Backbreaker into the ankle lock to get the submission win as Alexander retains.

Don Callis is trying to get an ETA on Kenny when Swinger and Hernandez comes in and offers a “stooge” to go pick up Kenny.
Bravo is going to be sent to get Kenny. That could be an interesting pairing.

The new Knockouts Tag Team Champions are being interviewed about Rachel being the missing piece needed to get the titles.
Fire N Flava coming in with one very “interesting” outfit on Kiera Hogan. They let us know they are getting their rematch at Under Siege.

Myers comes out to attack Cardona before the match but Matt ends up hitting a Side Russian Leg Sweep into the Barricade.
Myers baits in Cardona once they’re both in the ring and goes after the injured knee from the PPV.
Great work selling the knee that was “injured” at Rebellion in the match against Myers.
On the outside, Myers sends Cardona knee first into the ring steps multiple times as we head to a commercial break.
Back with Myers in complete control of Cardona in the ring but only able to get a two count on the pin attempt.
Cardona makes his comeback on one leg after taking a beating but Myers stops it pretty easily.
Cardona hits the Sky High on Myers to the delight of D’Lo Brown on commentary but only a two count.
Myers sets up Cardona but gets the Radio Silence hit out of no where to get the pinfall victory to make the match at Under Siege.
Post match, nothing happens as I was expecting an attack from Myers.

Violent By Design are doing a video promo about choosing the wrong path and pointing out the loss by Deaner again.

Video promo showing a Bullet Club member coming to impact and it is El Phantasmo coming next week.

Will you ever argue when you know you are getting Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan face each other? Regardless of how many times we get it?
Within the first minute of the match, Eddie is sent to the outside and we head off for a commercial as Sami gets hits by a Tope Suicida.
We’re back from commercial with Eddie in control in the middle of the ring while getting an update that Kenny has yet to arrive.
Sami showing his dirty side using the ropes and chokes to hold the advantage over Eddie.
Blue Thunder Bomb but only a two on the pin attempt from Eddie on Sami.
Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers come running out and take out both to lead to a no contest.
Post match, FinJuice come out to even the odds to save Sami from a further attack but The Elite boys get the upper hand.
Don Callis has the microphone to talk about the beat down they just did. They say this is what happens when you demand he shows up.

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