Gallus collide with Eddie Dennis, T-Bone & Primate. Meiko Satomura battles Aoife Valkyrie in a highly-anticipated showdown. Rohan Raja makes his NXT UK debut against Teoman.

Some interesting match ups on the card tonight that look good on paper at least.

Is Teoman taking over the gatekeeper role from Jack Starz? He’s looking to do the job against Raja in this one.
Raja is giving us a picture in picture video promo during his entrance about where he is from and where he has been.
Raja slaps Teoman hard wanting to be shown respect but Raja just tries to force respect out of Raja instead.
Nice running forearm from Teoman to the face of Rohan Raja.
Nice looking sit out powerbomb from Rohan Raja as Teoman was coming off the ropes.
Teoman is able to hit a nice looking spinning diving DDT before locking on the crossface.
Teoman wins by Referee stoppage after snapping the shoulder or arm of Rohan Raja with some nasty sound effects.
Post match, Teoman has a microphone calling Raja stupid and/or brave.

We are getting a video promo from Flash, Dani and Andrews about where they came from and why they stood out.
They give their background in different Sub Cultures as they have named themselves Sub Culture.

Ilja Dragunov was about to be interviewed earlier today when Dave Mastiff comes in to offer to beat the tempers out of each other. Ilja accepts.

Sid Scala is in the ring to introduce the longest reigning women’s champion, Kay Lee Ray.
Kay Lee Ray says that no one has done what she does and can’t get any one to beat her.
We are getting a five woman gauntlet match to determine the next challenger but Kay Lee Ray says none of them are good enough.
Xia, Jinny, Isla, Emelia and Dani are the five women in the gauntlet.

Pretty Deadly gracing us with their presence in a video promo to share their work with the media recently.

Another video promo from A-Kid going over what is next for him and how he is handling being the Heritage Cup Champion.
A-Kid goes over the two previous matches against Tyler Bate to push their next match in three weeks.

Levi is holding off Sha to start off but a couple forearms from Samuels changes that.
Nice crossbody from Muir on Samuels going in at full speed.
This is all about the speed of Muir against the strength of Sha Samuels.
Referee is unable to see Samuels rake the eyes of Muir who had Samuels up in the Torture Rack which leads to a spinebuster for Samuels to get the pinfall victory.

We see Trent Seven arrive at the PC earlier this week and he talks about inspiring other people.
Sam Gradwell takes offense to Trent being a role model and a founding father when they signed the same day.

Aoife Valkyrie starts it off by bowing to Meiko out of respect.
Meiko kicks the leg of Valkyrie after backing Aoife into the ropes. Aoife tries the same thing but Meiko is too smart for that.
Great ways to show how smart Meiko is by being able to fight off Valkyrie’s attempts to break the arm hold.
Aoife Valkyrie has her opening after hitting a great Enzeguri and followed up with a great drop kick through the ropes as Meiko had to go to the outside.
Great looking submission by Valkyrie pulling both arms back and hooked with her legs requiring Meiko to get to the ropes with her Leg.
Great selling from Aoife during the knee bar leg lock from Meiko.
Sick looking kick from Aoife Valkyrie after Meiko missed her move.
Great back and forth between these two here with either one being able to get the win at any time.
Aoife misses her leg drop from the top and Meiko takes advantage.
Meiko ends the streak after hitting her Scorpion Rising to get the pinfall victory in a great match.
Post match, Meiko offers the handshake to Aoife who accepts then gives the ring to Aoife for respect.

Video promo from Eddie Dennis, Primate and T-Bone about being called Symbiosis.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan give a video promo about their history to lead up to their Loser Leaves NXT UK match.

Eddie Dennis looks to start off against Joe Coffey but tags in Primate in typical heel fashion.
Eddie Dennis comes in after Primate & T-Bone wore down Joe Coffey but not enough as Joe gets the advantage.
Symbiosis have control over Joe Coffey now as we are starting the build to a hot tag to Mark or Wolfie.
Nice spot with Primate going for the sunset flip while Joe Coffey reaches for a tag. Great build of anticipation.
Wolfgang gets the eventual hot tag from Joe Coffey and takes it to all of Symbiosis.
Is “Innovative and Creative Offense” a wrestling announcers way of saying “I don’t know the name of that move”?
Glasgow Sendoff and Best of the Bells to Primate giving Joe Coffey the pinfall victory for the team.
Post match, Gallus celebrate after Joe Coffey is helped to his feet after the battle.

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