A loaded show with Jon Moxley, Miro, Orange Cassidy, Thunder Rosa, FTR and More in Action!

Miro defeats Will Allday – 04:39

  • Miro used the Game Over for the submission victory.

Abadon defeats Ryo Mizunami – 07:50

  • Abadon used the cemetery driver for the pinfall victory.

Jon Moxley defeats Andrew Palace – 03:07

  • Moxley used a rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Preston Vance defeats D3 – 01:54

  • Vance used the full nelson to get the submission victory.

Orange Cassidy defeats VSK – 01:49

  • Cassidy used beach break for the pinfall victory.

FTR defeats the Hughes Brothers – 04:54

  • FTR used a spike piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Nyla Rose defeats Madi Wrenkowski – 01:54

  • Nyla Rose used the beast bomb to get the pinfall victory.

Nick Comoroto defeats Baron Black – 02:12

  • Comoroto used a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Red Velvet defeats Reka Tehaka – 03:37

  • Red Velvet used a spinning back kick to get the pinfall victory.

Private Party defeats Duke Davis and Ganon Jones – 03:57

  • Private Party used a sunset flip to get the pinfall victory.

Thunder Rosa defeats Willow Nightingale – 04:47

  • Rosa hit the Fire Thunder Driver for the pinfall victory.

QT Marshall defeats Dillon McQueen – 03:00

  • QT used a diamond cutter and then the Cross Rhodes to get the pinfall victory.

Austin and Colten Gunn defeats Chaos Project – 08:55

  • Colt used the Colt 45 for the pinfall victory over Serpentico

The Blade and Matt Hardy defats Colt Cabana and Alan Angels – 09:03

  • Matt Hardy used the Leech for the pinfall victory.

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