NWA Powerrr


On this week's episode, we'll hear from Trevor Murdoch regarding his recent suspension from the NWA, Thunder Rosa will speak on her ongoing rivalry with Kamille, and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis will expand upon the hierarchy of Strictly Business. Plus, we'll see an exclusive PowerrrSurge Spotlight match when Skye Blue takes on Jennacide!

Joe Galli and May Valentine breaking down the episode and talking about May’s emotional interview with Trevor coming up.

Video package going over Kamille and Rosa’s history and basically an edited version of last week’s summit.
Thunder Rosa is now at the booth to be interviewed about the feud and what Rosa has done over the last year.
May questions Rosa about Kamille’s courage and whether they think Kamille will face her.
Rosa says she has bills to pay on whether she is disloyal appearing for other promotions like AEW and her own promotion.

Come on. We have to actually get Velvet Sky on commentary for this one? She screws up out of the gate saying this is a debut for both women when we have already seen Jennacide on Powerrr.
Why would Velvet Sky, a former wrestler, ask Joe Galli, not a former wrestler, how to get out of a wrestling move?
Jennacide has a lot of Power in her as she is getting out of everything by just powering out.
Skye Blue is actually making a good comeback using the speed but Jennacide hits a piledriver to get the pinfall victory.

Commercial break with Universal Wrestling College and This is the NWA Podcast.

We are seeing the clips of all the feuds from the past two weeks of Powerrr.

Time for the “emotional” interview with Trevor Murdoch from May Valentine.
Trevor says that he is feeling beat up but says he has a chance at the World Title, he lost so how did he get that shot he thinks he has?
Murdoch says he has been slowly moving up the ranks without having any expectations coming to the NWA.
Funny that Murdoch looks like a hillbilly but is wearing an Apple Watch. 2021 everyone.
May gets deep asking Trevor if he is afraid to be disappointed by setting expectations.
They go over the sacrifices a Wrestler has to go through to be a professional wrestler.
Murdoch goes over how he is following the path of Harley Race and is emotional over Race not being able to see it.

This week’s powerrrstar is Aron Stevens seeing the finish of the match between him and Aldis from the PPV and after the face.
We then see Stevens stopping Kratos from using the chair in their next match.
Next we the footage of Storm and Stevens getting Kratos off Sal Rinauro leading to Sal getting the win over Kratos.

Nick Aldis has joined May and Joe at the booth to be interviewed and is first asked about what we just watched on Aron Stevens.
Aldis mentions that it was Latimer who picked Kratos as the champion and Aldis had no problem with it.
Aldis is letting us know that Adonis and Latimer are now the number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles.
They ask Nick who he wants to defend the World Title against next and he says who ever is most qualified.
Galli announces that in 3 weeks time we are getting a battle royal to determine the next contender. Aldis is not happy about this and tells may to shut up.

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