We get Finn Balor returning, a Falls Count Anywhere match between Swerve & Ruff as well as the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships on the line in the Main Event.

Great open to start the show off highlighting our major matches.

Starting off strong with the Falls Count Anywhere. Love the opening spot with Swerve taking his time knowing Ruff is ready to go leading to Ruff running right into a knee.
Sick spot with Swerve catching Ruff during the Tope Suicida attempt before sending him back first upside down into the edge of the ring.
The more Swerve is punishing Ruff without getting the win the more I think Ruff is going to get the win.
Ruff gets the advantage tripping up Swerve on the edge of the ring after Swerve took time to taunt to the camera and crowd.
Great look on Ruff’s face after Swerve missed him after throwing the Tool Box at him as we head to the commercial.
Back from commercial with Leon blinding Swerve with a stage light before hitting a diving senton.
Sick counter into the Crucifix Bomb off the top by Ruff to Swerve.
These two are pulling out all the stops with Ruff able to hit a Poison Rana on Scott off the ring apron to the outside.
Diving Spinning Cutter from Ruff to the outside was sick.
AJ Francis, who ever that is, catches Ruff to protect Swerve allowing Swerve to hit his finisher.
Post match, Swerve celebrates with a full entourage.

Theory and Gargano are going into Regal’s office who is having a meeting with Scarlett.
Theory is fascinated with the big… nails of Scarlett.

Asher needs to learn that if you are going to have gear, make sure it has more art on it then your skin.
Asher Hale is getting a lot more offense than I had expected going into this one.
Sick move by Hale twisting the legs of Cameron Grimes.
Cave in from Cameron Grimes and he gets the eventual obvious pinfall victory.

Kacy and Kayden Catanzaro are now being interviewed saying they are done with Xia and looking for a tag title match.
Franky Monet comes in to stir the pot as she has been lately.

Grimes is backstage when Ever Rise come in to celebrate with him to push their online show.

They are having the Grizzled Young Veterans tell the fans not to do the shoe thing as a way to ensure the fans will in fact do the shoe thing.
Thatcher just breaking down Gibson and more importantly the arm and shoulder blade until Gibson goes after the leg.
Great spot with Gibson being told to come in to break the hold by Thatcher on Gibson but the kick had no impact and Thatcher just smiled.
Commercial break after Thatcher and Ciampa beat down the GYV.
Weird spot back from commercial with Gibson not holding the tag rope for the tag and arguing it for a while.
Finally the hot tag to Ciampa who runs the gauntlet on Grizzled Young Veterans.
All four going at it back and forth in the ring now with the referee losing control.
Ciampa sent into the broadcast table hard by Drake before getting hit by a Tope Suicida sending him into it again.
Thatcher uses Wade Barrett’s shoe behind the referee’s back and gets the pinfall victory.

Theory and Gargano are trying to force a meeting with Regal who was in the hallway not the office. Johnny wants out of the match against Reed but Regal has none of it and tells Theory he also is facing Kross next week.

Swerve and his entourage are interviewed as they are leaving about beating Ruff earlier before leaving to a party.

Video package highlighting Ramier and Sarray who are going to face off later tonight.

Here come Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Karrion Kross coming out dressed like he is a dealer at a Vegas casino.
Kross says he is not afraid of any of the ones that said they are not afraid of him.
Kross says what are we waiting for? Let’s fight. You have to come in here to prove themselves right.
Kyle O’Reilly interrupts to continue his wish dot com Orange Cassidy gimmick. Face Kyle sounds so fake during his promos.
What gives him a title shot when he keeps losing matches lately?
Pete Dunne is coming out next to stake his claim saying they must be having a laugh if he doesn’t get the next shot.
Right on cue, Finn Balor comes out next to join the fun and say he has beat Kyle and Pete already and just punches Kross.
All three men are taking their shots at Kross who is trying to fight them all off.
Security breaks everyone up to end the segment. Good segment setting up challenges.
Gargano and Theory attack when you think all is settled and the two were able to get Kross done and laid out with a title shot.
“Start Walking Johnny” needs to be a new shirt now. Got to love hearing those stage directions during the broadcast.

During the commercial, Theory and Gargano are leaving the building allowing Candice and Indi to fend for themselves.

Not expecting Zayda Ramier to come out of this one 2-0 but didn’t expect her to be 1-0 after last week either.
Ramier’s head looked like it almost came right off when Sarray dropkicked her against the bottom. The Replay looked just as sick.
Sarray went into the ropes bad after trying the rope kick again.
Those suplexes that led to Sarray getting the pinfall victory were nasty.

Why didn’t we get subtitles for Walter giving the riot act to Imperium when Wolfe walks out.

Sarray is offering respect to Ramier after the match when Toni Storm comes running but is stopped by Zoey Starks who just happened to be standing by.

LA Knight is cutting a promo on his way to the ring about what is and isn’t cool. Saying Jake is going to need an atlas to find his rear after this match.
Atlas takes it right to Knight immediately at the start of the match to the surprise of Knight.
A stiff forearm is always a good defense against a Tope Suicida.
Knight hits his One Percenter Variation finisher and gets the pinfall victory.

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae are in the locker room with Candice trying to avoid Indi seeing all the stuff from Dexter.

Toni Storm is cutting a promo on Zoey Stark saying she is a flavour of the month that is losing its flavour.

In ring promo now with Legado Del Fantasma to let us know where they are going. We know they want their title matches for the tag titles and the cruiserweight title.
Kushida comes up on the screen to tell him it was mistake what they did last week and offers Santos a title match.

We are getting Beth and the commentators asking Raquel and Mercedes questions about their match in different pictures from different locations.
Mercedes says Raquel is using the blueprint Merdeces Martinez made. Raquel says she did more in 1 year than Mercedes has done.

Franky Monet’s dog is in the tank and leaves a present for Ember and Shotzi. They can’t take the tank now. Seriously, a little dog poop is all it took?

We see Cameron Grimes looking to get in to a club downtown trying to get in the VIP.
Ted Dibiase is showing up in a Limo as he apparently rented the club instead.
These two are great if we can get this every week for a while it would be perfect.

Do Ember and Shotzi know that it is May and not October? They are coming out as Freddy and Jason.
Indi gets sandwiched inside a trash can but the pinfall attempt is broken up by Candice.
Candice is able to use a fire extinguisher to stop Shotzi hitting a Tope on Indi who was sitting on a chair setup on the outside.
Back from commercial with Ember taking it to Candice and the champs are in complete control.
Not sure if the ladder was meant to break the way it did and I am definitely certain that table needed to break more than it did.
Sick Springing Moonsault from Candice to Shotzi on the ladder but the ladder needed to be just a little closer.
That spinebuster didn’t look like it hit properly but that could have been the selling of Ember more than anything.
Shotzi hits a cross body off the Supports on to Indi through the broadcast table.
Surprised we still haven’t seen Dexter at ringside yet with the match so far ahead now.
Indi hits a sick elbow drop to Ember through a table on the outside so that Candice can plant Shotzi’s face in to a chair to get the pinfall victory and crown NEW Tag Team Champions!

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