Former tag team partners Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams battle in a No Disqualification Match with the loser leaving NXT UK. Ilja Dragunov collides with Dave Mastiff. Noam Dar's "Supernova Sessions" welcomes special guest Nathan Frazer.

Start off with Nigel and Andy going over the main event between Amir and Kenny before we get to our first action of the day.

Good of the commentary team to go over that Dave has lost his last two matches to help us hear his motivations for this one before hand.
Surprising that Ilja went straight for a big boot at the ring of the bell allowing him to get an advantage but then the referee stops the match as Mastiff is gushing blood from the face/nose after a forearm from Ilja. I hope this was not the booking of the match as it could have gone longer if this was the plan.
Post match, Medical Staff are looking at Mastiff as some cleaning take place.

Video promo for Xia Brookside leading to her spot in the match next week to determine Kay Lee Ray’s next challenger.

Kenny Williams is now being reminded by Sid Scala that the loser tonight is out of NXT UK for good.

We then get a Stevie Turner promo telling us about how she is apparently 4 dimensional while everyone else is 2 dimensional.

We are hearing from Ilja Dragunov during the break with him blaming himself for what happened to Dave in the ring.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang are kicking the football around when Rampage Brown tosses the ball away to let them know he is ready for Joe who isn’t there. Wolfie says he is willing to take Rampage on though.

Isla Dawn promo now to put over that Kay Lee Ray used her and now she has Kay Lee Ray in her sights. Match next week should be great with all the talent in it.

Supernova Sessions time with Noam Dar and Sha Samuels talking about Noam being underrated by the fans but he doesn’t care about the fans opinions.
Nathan Frazer is back with Noam Dar being confused since he thought it would be someone new since he was Ben Carter the last time on the show.
Frazer is talking about why he used the Ben Carter name before and why he is using Nathan Frazer now.
Frazer saying he wanted to be there so he can learn the British Strong Style which he has been at the PC.
Sha Samuels then goes off about how Nathan Frazer is not a real British wrestler leading to a Heritage Rules Match between Noam and Frazer.
Noam doesn’t seem to be overly happy that Sha Samuels accepted the challenge on his behalf.

Another video promo but thankfully it is for Jinny giving her reasons for winning the Gauntlet.

Sid Scala is now going over the same stuff with Amir Jordan that he went over with Kenny Williams earlier.

We get another video promo like the one last week for the Sub Culture trio of Wester, Andrews and Dani Luna.

A really good video package from A-Kid and Tyler Bate going over their history leading to their next match coming up.

More Dani Luna as it is her turn to get an individual video promo about her spot in the Gauntlet next week.

As this match is starting we are told that Mastiff actually broke his nose in that match against Ilja earlier in the show.
Huxley is taking it right to Seven to start this one off focusing on the midsection of Seven.
What a beautiful Thesz Press from Huxley out of no where.
Huxley has control now and does a drive by boot to Seven who was hanging over the bottom rope and starts to punish Seven on the outside of the ring.
Sam Gradwell comes on the screen to get in the head of Trent Seven saying he still can’t get the job done.
Huxley hits a Sky High but only gets a two count on Seven.
Seven avoids the boot from Huxley and leads to a Lariat for the pinfall victory. Good match to further the story with Gradwell.

Emilia McKenzie’s turn to go over why she will win the gauntlet match while seeing her highlights from NXT UK and Progress. I suspect the Gauntlet is going to put her over like the Thunderbasterd match did in Progress for Kanji.

We now see Amale had attacked Xia Brookside backstage apparently because she is jealous that Xia was in the gauntlet and not her.

We are starting the Main Event with a LOT of time left in the show so we could see a great classic here.
Amir Jordan is starting off strong slingshotting Kenny into the turnbuckles repeatedly and it takes a kick to the shoulder of Amir for Kenny to change things around.
Kenny Williams has brought the Toolbox out to join a chair already in the ring.
Kenny has taken out one of those steel turnbuckle connections from the toolbox being the second show in under 24 hours to have a wrestler try and/or use it in a match.
The ringside mats are starting to be pulled up by Kenny Williams which can mean only one thing, Amir is going to somehow send Kenny into the bare floor.
They are now finally mentioning on commentary that No DQ apparently also means no Countout as they are fighting all over the studio now.
Great looking cover by Kenny Williams after hitting the penalty kick on Amir. Looked like he was putting a lot of presure on to Amir.
There it is as Amir Jordan just suplexed Kenny Williams on to the bare floor that Kenny exposed earlier.
Not the best looking Senton from Amir Jordan but all is forgiven since he was selling his shoulder while hitting it.
The referee, I believe is Chris Sharpe, is looking almost exhausted at this point having had to run around the studio with Amir and Kenny.
Kenny hits a faceplant to Amir on to a steel chair and gets the pinfall victory to send Amir Jordan packing from NXT UK.
Post match, Amir Jordan actually breaks down in tears as they pipe in applause. What is next for Amir?

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