NWA Powerrr


On this week's SuperPowerrr edition of NWA Powerrr, Matt Cross and Mims battle in a TV Title qualifying match, Sal Rinauro has a rematch against Kratos, Jax Dane takes on Slice Boogie in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and the NWA Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Starting off with a recap of last week’s PowerrrSurge with Nick Aldis pissed off finding out about how his next challenger will be determined.

Joe Galli is interviewing Strictly Business about Nick’s reaction with him going off on Billy Corgan not being thankful for having Nick.
Nick is going off on there being a Battle Royal to determine his next challenger then goes off on Joe Galli saying he will be back in San Antonio if he doesn’t show Nick Respect.
Now Nick is putting over Adonis, Latimer and Kamille about how they all do, will or should have gold.
Kamille is then asked about her announcement later tonight where she tells us to tune in. We already are tuned in Kamille.
Nick is saying that Billy Corgan wants to ensure that Strictly Business doesn’t get all the gold and says he won’t be allowing the World Tag Match to happen so they don’t get forced out of the Battle Royal.

Back and forth to start with Cross showing off his speed while Mims is showing off his power.
Two clotheslines couldn’t get Mims down but the springboard crossbody by Cross did the trick.
Nice spot with Mims taking out the legs of Cross sending him back first into the turnbuckle.
Cross hits his Cutter to get the pinfall victory to earn a TV Title shot.

Austin Idol and his client come out but go straight to Kyle Davis at the Podium to call out Pope.
Anyone else hear “It’s Trap” in their head when Austin Idol put his hand out to shake the hand of Pope. Pope just walks away.

May Valentine is now interviewing Aron Stevens backstage about the possibility of not defending against Latimer and Adonis tonight.
Kratos is brought up and Stevens says he wishes Kratos would up hold the tradition but is a mercenary.

Sal Rinaruo is out with Kyle Davis to explain why he would want a rematch against Kratos.
Sal is thankful for every bit of help he has been given but he needs to do this on his own as this is his Bully.

We are told that no one is allowed at ringside to go along with Sal wanting to do this on his own.
Sal going right at Kratos but is slapped away like a fly by Kratos. It is all Kratos destroying him now.
Sal gets out of the way of Kratos and tries to hit a move springing off the top but is kicked by Kratos.
Kratos picks Sal up at the two on the first pin attempt so he can hit a deadlift German before getting the pinfall victory.

Once again we are at the podium with Rosa, Melina, Kamille & Taryn Terrell. Rosa is lecturing Kamille on Women’s Wrestling.
Kamille tells everyone to shut up and thinks just because they are there they want to hear her speak.
Kamille tells Rosa she is just out for herself seeing Rosa on “another show” but just sounds like Kamille is jealous.
Rosa tells Kamille she has been handed things that she has fought it for.
Kamille says Rosa has to tell everyone she is a bad ass while Kamille just has to stand there.
Kamille accepts the match and says the stipulation is that if Kamille wins, Rosa can’t work for AEW anymore.

Hey Slice Boogie, learn how to grow a beard before acting all “street” in his character.
Jax Dane is just destroying Boogie all over the ring to start off.
Slice Boogie able to take advantage only after Dane goes into the ringpost after Slice moves out of the way.
Slice Boogie is still not able to keep Dane down for too long as he counters the suplex on the concrete floor.
Slice Boogie sets up Jax Dane on a chair on the floor but Dane stands up and Boogie runs into what can only be described as a brick wall in Dane’s body.
Boogie looked insane flying over the top rope on to Dane on the outside.
Boogie starts smashing a chair over Dane leading to Crimson coming out with a towel telling Dane not to make him use it.
Boogie puts the chair around the neck of Dane but gets it off while Boogie is distracted by Crimson on the ring.
Dane runs into Crimson sending him flying and Dane is so concerned he throws in the towel himself in some really weird booking.

What the hell is going on? So Strictly business has left the building and Galli tells us the main event is off and the show is over. Credits roll. What a Garbage ending.

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