Two titles are on the line as Tuesday Night NXT heats up as we head towards Summer.

Great opening recapping last week and letting us know how it leads in to tonight’s show.

Who didn’t laugh at the look on Theory’s face after the Kross entrance? Johnny had to push Theory into the ring.
Seriously, what is up with the new ring gear for Kross?
I get Kross is a Tweener but he is coming off more full heel in this one taunting Johnny.
Distraction by Gargano allowing Theory to rake the eyes of Kross causing him to be able to throw him in the barricade before Theory hits a wicked DDT to the mats.
Theory was in full control but Kross got up and is able to hit the forearm to the back of the head repeatedly to TKO Theory while looking in the face of Kross.
Post match, Balor appears over the shoulder of Kross like Kross did to Balor. Finn saying he doesn’t wait in lines, he wants his match. Kross says let’s do this.

We see Kushida arriving earlier today as we hear that match will be the Main Event tonight before seeing Raquel and Dakota arriving earlier today.

Ruff is then shown earlier today busting in pissed off wanting a match tonight but Regal is having none of it even after having his office trashed by Ruff.

Glad they told us real quick that this was a match with the titles not on the line.
MSK showing up Tyler Breeze a bit after Breeze did his spot laying on the top. It leads to a nice superkick to each others superkick and both teams switching who was in the ring.
We now know that referee’s can get out of the way of Wrestlers so theyhave to do that from now.
Fandango in control as we come back from commercial with him sending Wes Lee into the turnbuckle.
Breeze looking for the tag after superkicking both members of MSK but Carter is able to get to his feet before Fandango could hit his leg drop.
MSK hit End Transmission on Tyler Breeze to pick up the win.
Post match, Breezango show respect to MSK giving them a handshake before MSK tell Legado Del Fantasma, anytime.

Gargano goes into the office of Regal who has the door open and no meeting. Regal says he actually values Johnny but is still facing Reed next week.
Funny spot with Johnny reaching for the Brass Knucks on the desk of Regal and Regal telling him to keep his hands off.

Mercedes Martinez is seen getting ready backstage for her title match.

Ever-Rise is seriously just ripping off Troy and Abed in the Morning, right?

Pete Dunne is in the ring with a microphone saying Kross is ducking him by taking Balor’s challenge. He asks anyone in the back that thinks they are the baddest to come out and prove it.
Leon Ruff attacks Dunne from behind because he wants a match tonight and we are getting it.

Dunne is able to avoid the bounce around move by Ruff by grabbing the arm of Ruff and starts working it over.
Ruff is eventually able to get out of the move but one clothesline from Dunne later and Dunne is back in control and working the arm.
Dunne is able to regain control pretty quickly after every bit off offense from Leon Ruff.
Dunne finally locks his legs around Ruff’s head and elbows him until the referee stops it giving Dunne the win.
Post match, Dunne does the finger thing to Leon Ruff.

Legado Del Fantasma are cutting a promo on Kushida for the main event tonight.

We then see Dakota pumping up Raquel as she is getting ready and they head off as the match is after this commercial.

We see a video package for Franky Monet’s “World Premiere” in two weeks.

Dakota comes out wearing outfits straight out of every 90s girls closet with bagging overalls and doc martins.
Mercedes takes it right to Raquel not even allowing Raquel to get a punch in and taking it to the outside. Kai gets chased off before Mercedes hits a running knee to send Raquel into a barricade.
We are off to a commercial already with Raquel starting to get some hits in as they go back in to the ring.
Back from commercial with Raquel countering Mercedes with a Lariat but only a two count on the pinfall attempt.
Did they seriously just say Uber Close to talk about how close the count was?
Sick spear from Martinez to Raquel on the second hardest part of the ring.
Interesting spot with Raquel countering Mercedes by dropping Mercedes on to the top rope.
The Human Dart spot from Raquel to the Ringpost could have looked worse with a different angle but still looked bad.
Martinez counters the Chokeslam into a running knee but still not able to get the pinfall there.
Raquel hits her Chokeslam finally to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

Swerve and his Entourage are seen arriving backstage and just leaving their car in the middle of the parking lot. Safety issue anyone?

We are back with Reed down and out backstage with Gargano and Theory being forced out of the room.

Swerve has a microphone and is on the stage to tell us it is about to get creepy and a new music hit and his entourage join him. Didn’t realize Ashante Adonis is the other guy other.
Is their name Hit Bow? Really? They all have microphones now while Swerve sits in a custom chair while the others yes sir everything he says.
Swerve says everything about him before was not him including the Swerve’s House thing.
We get introduced to each of the others with Francis (aka Top Dolla) “rapping” before Adonis talks about his shoes and the girl says she is Be Fab? She is apparently the manager.
So their name is Hit Row not Hit Bow. That makes a bit more sense I guess.

We are now at an Auction for a house with Cameron Grimes biding on it. Is Ted going to out bid Cameron Grimes.
Ted Dibiase outbids at $20 Million when Grimes was at $8 Million. Grimes challenges Ted.

Zoey Stark and Toni Storm video promo to push their feud. Just something about the presentation of Zoey Stark I don’t get.

Is Kyle’s music supposed to be like a remix of the Kill Bill theme song?
At least we got to see a picture in picture from earlier today to explain why we are getting this match.
A lot of mat wrestling to start this one off as you’d expect from these two.
Pete gets in the face of Kyle on the outside allowing Oney to hit from behind as we go to another commercial.
Back from commercial with Oney hitting repeated chops to Kyle in the corner until Kyle fires up to make his comeback.
Like the spot from Lorcan catching the kick of Kyle and elbowing the leg. Different moves help make matches feel less cookie cutter.
Brainbuster from Kyle before heading to the top to hit the knee to the back of Lorcan to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Pete Dunne attacks leading to Bobby Fish coming out in street clothes to save Kyle O’Reilly.
Bobby and Kyle stare each other down before both say they are doing their own thing and they will see each other when they see each other.

Love the homemade style movie trailer to put over The Way before Reed tells us that next week the North American Championship match next week is now going to be in a Steel Cage.

Mendoza and Wilde try to attack Kushida behind the ref’s back right away but MSK out of nowhere take them out and everyone is ejected.
Kushida uses this as a chance to hit a senton from the top to the outside on Escobar as we head to a commercial break.
Back from commercial break with Escobar in control of Kushida back in the ring.
Kushida sells being dropped on the top turnbuckle so well.
Surprised we are 12 minutes away from the top of the hour with no falls so far.
Anyone else hear the whistling like Hernandez was in the building?
Santos gets the pinfall to go up 1-0 after the ref made Escobar fix the pin to get the pinfall victory.
Right away before we go to a commercial Kushida is able to fight Escobar enough to get the the Arm Bar locked on to even it up 1-1.
Back from the break with Escobar fighting off another arm bar from Kushida as they both go to the outside.
Escobar gets hit by a diving knee from Kushida coming off the top rope. Literally everything Kushida is doing is focused on that arm of Escobar.
Almost nothing left in the take for either of these two.
Classic double clothesline spot with both men spent and laid out on the mat.
Kushida fights off Escobar on the top rope hitting a Spanish Fly in to the Hoverboard Lock including Kushida rolling Escobar into the middle of the ring but Santos gets to the ropes.
Kushida hits that sick bridging arm lock pin attempt on Escobar and it prevents Escobar from kicking out to get the victory and retain.

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