AEW AEW Dynamite


Darby Allin is defending against Miro and the Young Bucks defend against SCU plus much more.

We open with a cold shot of Moxley and Nagata in split screen prepping for their title match tonight.

Is Moxley seriously coming out to Wild Thing now? So he is just Charlie Sheen from Major League?
This is going to be under NJPW title rules so 20 seconds on the floor and a 60-minute time limit.
Nagata telling Moxley to just bring it with the kicks as he is not phased by them.
Nagata is not the fastest man in the world but you don’t have to be when you only sell a fraction of the moves done to you.
Nice fake-out by Nagata to fool Moxley before hitting a shot to the knees of Mox.
Moxley flips off Nagata before getting the kick to the chest. Nagata only gets a two-count after the strong kick, though.
Moxley has been busted open around the left eye but is in control until Nagata works his way out of the choke sleeper.
Paradigm Shift from Moxley gets the pinfall victory on Nagata to retain.
Post-match, Moxley shows respect to Nagata by bowing to him and Nagata returns the favour before the two raise each other’s hand.

Ortiz, Hager, and Sammy cut a promo backstage with Marvez telling the Pinnacle this is never going to be over and they want a match.

Cody comes out before the commercial break so we know his announcement will be up after the commercial.
Cody is turning into Mick Foley getting the cheap chants from the crowd while talking about being proud to be American.
So we are going to be getting Anthony Ogogo and Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing it is looking like.
Cody says Anthony won’t be getting the American Nightmare but the American Dream.

SCU are talking about their history with Young Bucks and what is driving them going into the title match tonight.

Callis is on commentary while Good Brothers are at ringside for this one. SCU loses they are done as a team.
SCU has complete control as Callis compliments them for it to the shock of Schiavone.
Bucks hit Daniels with a powerbomb to the second hardest part of the ring before we head to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial with Kazarian tagging in Daniels as SCU have control of Nick Jackson.
Daniels has been busted open and is gushing on the outside with Nick Jackson distracted allowing Kazarian to sling Nick into the ring and into a cutter but an Enziguri later and Bucks are back in control.
Doc Gallows distracts the referee when Kazarian had the roll-up pin.
Kazarian hits a Styles Clash on Matt Jackson while looking right at the Good Brothers at ringside. Love it.
Daniels has wiped the blood off and is back up and tags himself in but gets speared immediately by matt Jackson.
Matt Jackson calling on his inner HBK as he fake cries before superkicking Daniels but only gets a two count.
Daniels slips on the top rope going for the BME but hits it on the second try.
They spray Daniels with something but even after all Daniels still kicks out at two.
BTE Trigger is what was needed as they get the pinfall victory for the win and SCU is done as a team.

Moxley and Kingston are now destroying the Elite’s locker room backstage instead of us watching an emotional moment.

We are seeing an emotional moment between Kazarian and Daniels during the commercial break instead of seeing it live.

Christian Cage is now talking about Taz’s critique last week before saying anyone can face him next week.
Matt Sydal walks in after Cage says he is going to win the Casino Battle Royal to let Christian know that he signed the contract and not a team Taz member.

Best Friends and Kris Statlander comes out with Cassidy but he tells them to go to the back. Lucha Bros do the same after coming out with PAC.
Cassidy avoids the strike from PAC and hits Beach Break to get a two count right away.
Back from the commercial, PAC is in control of Orange Cassidy on the outside. PAC is repeating what Cassidy did to him during the Picture in Picture.
PAC taking a lot of time to hit multiple Dropkicks off the top turnbuckle slowly the match down. After the third one to the back, PAC only gets a two-count on the pinfall.
Cassidy rolls under the turnbuckle to avoid the Black Arrow and starts his comeback until PAC hits a SICK Liger Bomb that rocks Cassidy but still only a two count.
Cassidy is sent to the outside as we got to a picture in picture but they are checking on Cassidy off camera.
Cassidy has got back in the ring but Aubrey calls over the doctor to check on Cassidy after putting up the X just before we come back from commercial.
Callis is coming out to distract Aubrey so Kenny can take out PAC with the belt.
We now have a double count out as Cassidy is definitely hurt.
Post-match, Omega and Callis say they get the night off since there is no winner. Tony Schiavone comes over with a microphone to let us know it is now a triple threat match.
Omega is not happy over this and says they are heading back to Winnipeg.

Backstage we are seeing The Elite are pissed off over their trashed locker room thanks to Eddie and Moxley.
Young Bucks then talk about how they beat and put SCU to pasture tonight before saying they will face off against Varsity Blondes next week before challenging Kingston and Mox to a match at Double or Nothing.

Marvez is now interviewing Hangman Page with the Dark Order about his loss against Brian Cage. He mentions all that it took for him to actually get the loss he knew was going to come eventually.
Hangman challenges Cage to a match at Double or Nothing telling him to leave Team Taz in the back to prove he can do it on his own.

The Pinnacle is now coming to the ring with a crown on MJF’s head and two escorts on his arm.
MJF tells us not to Boo but to Bow to the greatest crew in the industry. He also takes credit for the #1 in the demo last week and the record they broke on TSN in Canada.
Tully talks about what it is like to be at the top looking down. Tully gives them all watches. Why do people wear watches in 2021?
We hear some honking going on to interrupt the celebration as it is Inner Circle members coming with a hose truck filled with a Little Bit of the Bubbly.
We hear Jericho and he comes out from the truck but is bandaged up on the arm to ask for that rematch one more time.
The dosing of The Pinnacle was a sad attempt to recreate a cool segment from the Attitude Era.
MJF finally agrees to a match at Double or Nothing in Stadium Stampede and if Inner Circle loses they have to break up forever.

We now get a sit-down interview from Jim Ross with Britt Baker about her match with Shida at Double or Nothing.
Britt says the monster that was created by Shida is going to be the one that takes her out and takes the title from her.
Britt did not carry this division on her own as Shida and Rosa had a lot to do with it over the last year too.

Is there any doubt who is going to win this one? This isn’t NXT where they have a no-name go over a known talent after all.
Not the prettiest finish but Rosa gets a Thunder Driver and gets the win.

Jade Cargill was being interviewed earlier today about how Mark Sterling offered his services to Jade on Dark.
Jade says no one handles her business as she handles her own business. Great when they keep her to bullet points.

We are getting a premade promo from Darby being interviewed while driving in Seattle where he came from.
Darby asks Miro what he has done since coming to AEW because he has not lived up to what he said. Darby calls Miro a Generic SOB.

Darby Allin is coming out painted like he was painted by Finn Balor and Rosemary.
Before the bell rings, Miro attacks Darby as he is getting in the ring.
Miro keeps yelling at Paul Turner to ring the bell. When Turner doesn’t and tells Miro to wait, Miro just destroys Darby more.
Miro is getting fired up from the crowd chanting for Darby. We see Ethan Page and Sky in the audience laughing as Miro and Darby get in the ring.
Bell finally rings and we get Miro striking Darby with a Knee but only a two count even if Miro thought it should be three.
That Cannonball Tope Sucida that Darby hit was sick with the speed he was going at.
During the Picture-In-Picture commercial, break we see Ethan and Sky attack Sting on the outside before heading to the back.
Back from the commercial break, Miro is smiling while prancing around Darby who is out on the mat.
Darby really needs to buy better belts if guys are going to continue tossing him around by it.
Miro is finally able to get out of the choke from Darby by running into the stage back first.
Miro is ripping off the tape from the shoulder of Darby to punish it further.
Sting and Darby lock eyes before a fist bump wakes up Darby who slaps Miro for a no sell but Darby is able to roll up miro for a two count after a series of moves.
A second stunner followed by an attempted Coffin Drop but is caught by Miro.
Code Red on Miro from Darby Allin but another two count as it is getting close to the time limit.
Game Over is locked in and Miro gets the win by TKO to become the new TNT Champion.
Post match, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack Sting but Dark Order come out to run them off. Miro is taunting Darby until Lance Archer comes out wanting some of Miro.

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