Five women compete in a Gauntlet Match to determine the No. 1 contender to Kay Lee Ray’s NXT UK Women's Championship. Nathan Frazer battles Noam Dar in a Heritage Cup Rules Match.

We open up with the promotion for tonight’s main event with us finding out Xia is out of the match.

Should be interesting to see what these two can do under the special rules.
Love the heel work from Nigel on commentary saying that Supernova Sessions was what led to Peacock wanting WWE.
No one was close to getting a fall in the first round but Noam Dar does a sick European Uppercut after the bell but pretends he didn’t hear the bell.
TIED 0-0
Nathan Frazer not backing down but the veteran experience of Dar is avoiding him until Frazer gets a small package to get a pinfall 1 minute in Round 2.
Nathan Frazer coming out with a lot of fire to start Round Three with Dar wanting Sha Samuels who comes out 30 seconds into the round to be the second for Dar.
Dar is able to gain an advantage thanks to Frazer being distracted by Samuels at ringside now.
Frazer does his best AJ Styles springing off the ropes.
Round 3 ends with Frazer on the top rope unable to hit the move he planned.
Shotgun Dropkick by Frazer to start Round 4 but he misses the stomp off the top allowing Dar to connect with his spinning elbow but only a two count.
Dar counters the springing off of the rope move by Frazer this time and locks on the leg lock to get a submission and tie it up.
TIED 1-1
Both men are going full speed back and forth in Round Five with neither getting more than a two count.
Sha Samuels is able to hold on to the leg of Frazer behind the back of the referee allowing Dar to get his Enziguri finisher to get the pin and win.
Post-match, Dar and Samuels celebrate and taunt Frazer who just points out it was all Samuels. Nice to see heelwork make its way into the Heritage Cup Rules matches.

We see the moment from earlier this month between Rampage and Wolfgang.

Video promo from the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, who we have yet to see wrestle since winning the belts.

Piper Niven is apparently at the PC and Jack Starz is all sad being talked to by Trent Seven until Sam Gradwell comes in to get in the face of Seven.
Seven has had enough and smacks Gradwell across the face and both are held back.

We see the new entrance for SubCulture as the three come out for this one. Black and White with Subculture written all over our screen. At least Andrews doesn’t have that terrible music.
Out of the Tully Blanchard playbook, Levi Muir hits the slingshot suplex using the top rope but only gets a two-count on Andrews.
They’re putting over the speed of Andrews as he uses it to counter the power of Muir in this one.
Stundog millionaire from Andrews but Muir rolls to the outside. Andrews not worried as he uses that as a chance to get in a Tope Suicida.
Shooting Star Press to Muir from Andrews and he gets the win we all knew he would with the pinfall.

Amale comes in to tell Sid Scala that she wants the spot in the Gauntlet match. Sid says they will not reward her for taking out Xia. She is told her next match will be against Xia when she is cleared.

Video package to recap last week’s main event with Amir Jordan losing and having to leave NXT UK.

After hearing that Bate and A-Kid will be having their Heritage Cup match next week we get a sit down with Sid talking to both.
Bate says this Cup was made for him but Kid says he has already beat A-Kid but Bate tells him that he doesn’t make the same mistakes again.
Tyler Bate corrects A-Kid in that Bate is not actually chasing A-Kid like he thinks and is in his own lane.

Isla Dawn is the first woman to come out. Something tells me the mystery person will be the last person to come out in the gauntlet.
With Emilia coming out next makes me think she, pardon the phrasing, will run the gauntlet to win but we will see as she has to get past Isla first.
Funny that there is no mention of Travis Banks having a hand in the training of McKenzie. I wonder why that is.
Spear from Emilia but she only gets the two count on Isla Dawn.
I guess I was wrong as Isla Dawn gets the pinfall with a bridging suplex.
Dani Luna is coming out next and taking it to Dawn immediately after the bell rings.
At least with the SubCulture gimmick now, Dani Luna no longer looks like a mix of Kimber Lee and the girl who always brings the binder to the ring.
Dani Luna gets pinned after running into the turnbuckles and Dawn rolling her up.
Meiko Satomura is next out as she is the one to replace Xia Brookside. Isla Dawn not looking happy about this one.
Isla Dawn showing no fear and hits the Shotgun Dropkick to send Meiko the outside.
Meiko misses her leg to the back of Isla causing her to hit nothing but the ring mat. Meiko sells her knee after the move.
Mediora from Isla Dawn but Meiko is still alive kicking out at two.
Looked like Isla connected with her knees but she sells it like she missed allowing Meiko to hit the move she missed earlier.
Satomura locks on the armbar but rolls Isla over into a pinfall to eliminate Dawn.
Jinny is, of course, next and last out who is coming out with Joseph Conners.
Jinny was able to find an interesting move to get out of a move from Meiko. It is moves like that which make me love Chain Wrestling. When you see unique and interesting ways to get out it keeps your eyeballs on the product.
Satomura no-sells some strikes from Jinny while putting pressure on Jinny’s legs. Loved seeing Jinny found a way to counter it.
Meiko Satomura is not happy with Joseph Conners telling the referee to break the STF after Jinny got to the ropes.
Conners gets on the mat now to try and distract Meiko but it doesn’t work and Meiko hits Scorpion Rising gets the pinfall victory to become the #1 contender.
Post-match, Kay Lee Ray comes out for the staredown with Meiko as one would expect but she gets right in the ring.
Kay Lee Ray bows to Meiko and when she does it back to Kay Lee Ray she gets a superkick and KLR stands tall.

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