Roman Reigns defends against Cesaro in Cesaro's first WWE world title matchup as well as The Mysterio's looking to be the first Father and Son to win tag gold together.

Got some preshow action with Sheamus doing an open challenge with the United States Championship.

Sheamus says it is an open challenge but not for the United States Championship as title shots are earned and not handed out.
Ricochet answers the challenge and comes out ready to right.
Huge knee to the face by Sheamus to Ricochet gets the pinfall victory. Why not put the title on the line if Sheamus was going to win?
Post-match, Sheamus asks for his jacket and hat. Ricochet pulls it off and attacks him before running off.

We are getting an opening video narrated by Batista to help promote his new movie. Really cool how they mixed the movie scenes with the current storylines going into the PPV.

Who is Charlotte Flair dressed as tonight? Looks like it could be the villain from 101 Dalmatians.
A few spots already have been bad angles or just sloppy as they look WAY over-sold.
I actually forgot that Asuka and Charlotte were the tag team champions until they reminded us on Commentary.
Rhea actually spits on the back of Charlotte’s head in a massive sign of disrespect.
Wouldn’t be a Charlotte Flair match if she didn’t do the Moonsault off the top to the outside on Rhea and Asuka.
The biggest Over-Sell of the night goes to Corey Graves putting over that “SuperPlex” on Charlotte.
Double Natural Selection by Charlotte and she tries to pin both but Rhea and Asuka both kick out.
Asuka and Rhea fight out of each other’s finishers before Asuka fights out of Charlotte’s. Asuka keeps going for the Asuka Lock.
Riptide from Rhea on Asuka to get the pinfall victory and retain.
Post-match, we get a taunting by Rhea to set up a camera angle to imply Rhea vs. Charlotte is not over.

Dominick is being told he can’t wrestle tonight by Rey after being checked on by the doctor. Rey Mysterio just comes out on his own for this one.
Rey is taking it right to the champs and has the advantage against Roode in the ring.
This is just a beat down on Rey until the likely appearance of Dominick near the end.
Rey really selling it after being knocked off the top and caught in the turnbuckle hanging upside down.
Love the heel work from Dolph saying he hopes Rey’s leg is okay before hitting a move on said leg.
Sick spot with Roode sending Rey sliding across the mat to the outside into a kick from Ziggler. The champs are looking for a count-out win but Rey gets in just at 9.
Rey is able to send both Roode and Ziggler into opposite ring posts as Dominick is coming out to piped-in cheers and reaches out for the tag.
Dom looks in better shape than Rey at this point and would be an actual smart tag in.
Zig Zag from Ziggler but still only a two count on Rey Mysterio.
Bulldog from Rey to Roode off the top with Dominick looking for the tag from his dad. Rey is debating whether to tag and that allows Roode to get to him.
Dominick tags in once Rey is close enough to get to Rey and is spinebusted by Roode.
Nice call back with Dolph sending Dom into the ringpost as Rey did to Roode and Dolph earlier. Dom hits a superkick as Dolph tries for his after it.
Dominick gets tagged in to hit the Frogsplash on Roode to get the pinfall victory and become the first Father and Son to win the Tag Team Titles.
Post-match, The Mysterio’s are being interviewed about winning the tag team championships.

Morrison is going to the Lumberjacks locker room and apparently they are all zombies.

Jimmy Uso is now walking into Roman Reigns’ locker room to talk to his brother as Roman isn’t there. Jimmy getting into his brothers head until Roman walks in.

Morrison is seen explaining to Miz what he found in the Lumberjacks locker room who doesn’t believe him but we see the Zombies walking in.

What is with everyone pointing at things tonight? WrestleMania is 11 months away.
Here they come, yup the Lumberjacks are Zombies, seriously. This is stupid.
Morrison runs away and the match is on. This better not last long.
At least, Corey Graves mentioned the ECW zombie in a joke about what is going on.
If these were real zombies you wouldn’t be wrestling in the middle of them, you’d be trying to kill them. Stop acting like they are real zombies.
Priest and Miz have to fight off the Zombies after they are pulled to the outside. They have common ground and ignore each other to beat up the zombies.
Back in the ring, Priest hits the Broken Arrow but only gets a two count on Miz.
Morrison comes running down and helps Miz get the running knee but only a two count. Morrison is taken by the zombies allowing Priest to get the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Priest gets on the top rope as the zombies get in the ring and “eat” The Miz in the ring.

Jey Uso is walking backstage getting in the face of his brother about causing distractions for Roman tonight.
How obvious was it that Jimmy was going to call his brother Roman’s female dog?

Bayley’s look is starting to look like that 30 something single mother who has lost her marbles but insists everything is fine.
Bianca Belair’s outfit is very‚Ķ Shiny. I think the people on the ISS could see it during her entrance. Yes, I know I use that joke all the time.
Bayley covers up as Bianca teases using her hair as a whip.
Bayley gets out of the way on the first attempt but Bianca hits her springing Sommersault Splash on Bayley.
The two roll each other to the outside after each tries to schoolboy the other. On the outside, Bayley uses the Steel Steps to gain the advantage but only a two count.
What the heck was that move that Bayley was trying to hit when Bianca just fell onto the mat?
Always nice to see someone go flying to the outside when their opponent powers out of the pin attempt.
Flying Elbow from Bayley but it only gets her a two count on the pin attempt.
Bianca sends Bayley stomach first into the second hardest part of the ring.
Bayley now going desperation with the rake of the eyes to Bianca.
Bayley pulls Bianca in with the hair to hit the Bayley to Belly but only a two count again.
Bianca uses her hair to old the leg of Bayley to get the pinfall victory and retain.
Post-match, Bayley is calling Bianca a cheater for using her hair to get the pinfall.

The British Dude is interviewing Bobby Lashley backstage about what Braun Strowman did on Raw.

How fake did that Drew chant sound during the entrance for McIntyre?
Drew getting in the face of Bobby Lashley during the introductions showing how personal he feels this is with Bobby and not Braun.
Braun goes after Bobby and Drew before they can agree on an alliance to take him out but Drew and Bobby are able to get on the same page to take out Braun.
Cool spot with Bobby and Drew holding up Braun before hitting the Suplex.
I think Braun was meant to hit a Diving Cannonball onto Drew and Bobby on the outside but didn’t get the full rotation.
Bobby runs Drew head first into the ringpost before turning around and going face first into steel steps thanks to Braun Strowman.
Drew counters Bobby with a Glasgow Kiss while they fight on the stage. This allows Drew to send Bobby through the side of the stage setting off some good pyro.
Braun gets a Two Count after hitting a massive senton on Drew.
Michinoku Driver by Drew on Braun out of nowhere to shock everyone who has eyes.
Braun barely got the complete rotation on the belly to belly by Drew but man did he get everything of that table when he put Drew through it.
Claymore from Drew on Braun but Bobby comes out of nowhere to hit a spear on Braun and get the pinfall victory to retain.

Really like how Michael Cole and Pat McAfee put over the moment for Cesaro as he came to the ring.
Backstage, Roman tells Jey to go find his brother as he doesn’t need him. What are the bets Jey comes out later looking like Jimmy to help Roman?
This match has a former ROH Star, TNA Referee, ECW Owner/Booker, and a WWE Made Star. An interesting mix for the Main Event on a WWE PPV.
Roman Reigns goes to the outside showing his frustration over Cesaro getting the better of him.
Roman is able to fight off the Swing from Cesaro with some boots to the ring. Cesaro favours his arm after being sent to the outside by Reigns.
Cesaro counters the Superman Punch with the European Uppercut which Roman sells perfectly. Uppercut Train from Cesaro leads to a two count.
Roman is focusing completely on the arm and shoulder of Cesaro now. Reigns calls out Daniel Bryan while working over the arm of Cesaro.
Great selling from Cesaro after hitting the clothesline with his bad arm.
Cesaro gets a close two count after SuperPlexing Reigns into the ring over the ropes.
Roman sells the double stomp from Cesaro like he was Orange Cassidy this past Wednesday.
Superman Punch out of nowhere as Cesaro was coming off the ropes but Reigns can only get a two count to the shock of us.
Reigns locks on the Guillotine Submission but Cesaro fights it off and hits a spinebuster to break.
Sharpshooter Variation from Cesaro as he can’t use his bad arm and then turns it into a Crossface in the middle of the ring. Roman gets out by pulling on the bad arm of Cesaro.
Reigns is able to float into the Guillotine Submission again but Cesaro tries to power out of it but Roman can hold on.
Cesaro tried but couldn’t get out of it and passes out for Roman to get the TKO victory.
Post match, Jey Uso comes running down with the floral arrangement and puts it on Roman and asks to take out Cesaro. Roman gives him the nod.
Before Jey Uso can hit a splash the music for Rollins hits and he comes down to face off with Roman before smiling and attacking Cesaro himself.

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