I loved the comic book graphics to end the opening hype video.

Starting off with Toni Storm and Zoey Stark so hopefully they live up the opening streak for shows lately.
A Slap from Toni to start it off and it lights Zoey’s fire and she takes it to Toni.
The Crowd, like us, is dead for Zoey and actually reacting for Toni Storm including when Toni sandwiches Zoey’s head against the steel steps with her rear end.
Jumping Enziguri from Zoey Stark leaves both women on the mat as we head to our first commercial break.
Slug fest back and forth as we come back from commercial with Zoey getting the advantage after a nice kick to Toni in the corner.
Toni is looking out on her feet until she counters into a suplex and a storm zero but Zoey kicks out before the three. Toni is in shock.
Toni Storm just hits a move that drops Zoey on her head to get the pinfall victory with a clean win.
Post-match, lights go out and Franky Monet debuts in the arena to announce her in ring debut next week.

Legado Del Fantasma is backstage looking for their title shot until Ciampa and Thatcher came in to say neither team has beaten them.
Thatcher speaks nonsense in Spanish accepting the challenge of Fantasma for tonight.

We see Cameron Grimes arriving in his Rolls Royce. He tells Atlas to park it but apparently Ted has the spot. Grimes challenges Atlas and we get the match tonight.

Spa Day for Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae to celebrate their title win.
Dexter Lumis is getting trashed by Indi and Candice but Dexter was actually the one massaging Indi. He gets sad hearing the badmouthing and walks off.

Prime Target with Finn Balor and Kross going over their match from TakeOver.
Kross puts over how bad the stomp by Balor hurt his chest.
Balor says staying down is how you die and he isn’t dead yet.
Great to hear from Pat McAfee putting over the show instead of himself. It is when he is being used best.
Paul Heyman puts over it is too close to call to make a spoiler on who will win while still putting over Reigns. Good stuff.

Who expects Ted Dibiase to distract Grimes to allow Atlas to get the win in this one.
Grimes coming out with a microphone showing a video package for Ted Dibiase losing and being embarrassed.
Grimes gets pissed that the crowd started chanting for Dibiase. He goes after Atlas to start the match but Atlas sends him to the outside as we head to the next commercial.
Back from the commercial break with both fighting it out in the ring with Atlas getting the better of it.
Atlas runs into the knee of Grimes before getting hit with a clothesline and a two-count on the pinfall attempt.
Great selling from Atlas after getting Irish Whipped into the corner. What goes around comes around as Atlas sends Grimes chest first.
We see Ted Dibiase’s limo arriving on the outside in a picture in picture.
Dibiase’s music hits and he comes out causing a distraction as predicted allowing Atlas to get the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Grimes runs to the back looking for Dibiase and gets told off by Ted before he drives off.

Bronson Reed is giving a video promo saying tonight’s match is the biggest match of his 14-year career.
Reed says he will not let Gargano stop his Destiny and will have his moment with his wife after the match.

Pete Dunne is now having a sit down interview about calling the entire roster. He gives his reason for wanting each title match.
Dunne says the quality of his work speaks for itself and he doesn’t need to ask for respect.
Pete says his style is his own but it is not just one style and a mix of everything he likes.
He says he doesn’t set goals anymore but takes the opportunities as they come.

Maverick gets tossed off the apron when Aichner tries to distract Dain and Aichner gets sent flying from Dain.
Wolfe doesn’t want to use the chair but when he goes to finally use it he gets hit by Dain who picks up the pinfall victory.
Post match, Aichner and Barthel attack Wolfe kicking him out of Imperium.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are being interviewed about an argument between the two but they blow it off. They want a tag title shot again.
Ever Rise walk in to promote their show but get slapped by Raquel.

Joaquin Wilde sends Ciampa to the outside who just then pulls Joaquin to the outside too. Ciampa ends up sending Phoenix into the barricade.
Was wondering why some of the rules were not being enforced but then I saw who the referee was for the match. The dude only likes to follow certain rules.
Black gloves are on and the blood is really pouring out of the face of Raul Mendoza now.
We get a bleep as Thatcher pulls Phoenix into the ring so we can have a double submission spot that is countered into a double pin attempt but no count is made since it is illegal.
Everyone is down as we got to another commercial break.
Back from the commercial break with Ciampa going full speed destroying both members of Fantasma in different corners of the ring. The dude has been working on his cardio.
We are seeing footage from the break where Mendoza was checked on and cleared by the medical team at ringside.
Thatcher gets a hot tag and is now taking it to both members of Legado Del Fantasma before concentrating just on Mendoza.
Mendoza looking good as he keeps coming back from the beatings he is getting from Thatcher and Ciampa.
Thatcher comes in the minute Mendoza goes for the pinfall which I like and should be done any time they can.
Willows Bell from Ciampa but the pinfall is broken up.
With the referee distracted Grizzled Young Veterans come out to take out Ciampa allowing Legado Del Fantasma to get the pinfall victory.

Bobby Fish is being interviewed backstage where he says that last week had nothing to do with Kyle and everything to do with Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan.
Fish wants the debt repaid for the injury they gave him at War Games. He says it will be happening next week.

Another Spa Day video from The Way with the Credit Card being declined because of a florist purchase three weeks ago.
Indi is finding out that Candice sent the stuff and not Dexter. Indi is all happy now that Dexter apparently still loves her.

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory are cutting a promo on why he is walking out of the Main Event as the Winner.

Sarray offers the handshake to start the match and Aliyah uses it to get the advantage by kicking Sarray.
Sarray is able to counter quickly causing Jessi to trip up Sarray to allow Aliyah to get the advantage.
Sarray is finally in total control of the match and destroys Aliyah quickly to get the pinfall victory.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon were cutting a promo on wanting their tag belts back. They act like how every Adult thinks “cool kids” act.

Another video package to promote the Diamond Mine with no real indication of what or who it is.

Surprised to them have Nese and Daivari square off against heels since they’re cocky heels themselves.
Top Dolla is just throwing Daivari and Nese all over the ring before tagging Adonis back in.
The referee has no control over the ring as Hit Row just showing off as Top Dolla gets the pinfall victory on Daivari in a full squash.
Post-match, Hit Row cut a promo about how they are taking off and that Scott wants the winner of tonight’s main event.

William Regal is talking about all the new people coming in for all the divisions before letting us know Ember and Shotzi are facing Raquel and Dakota to determine The Way’s first challenge.

Franky Monet video promo to push her In-Ring Debut next week on NXT.

Am I the only one not seeing Gargano come out of this retaining the championship?
Gargano gets in the face of Reed too many times as he gets pushed down this time.
Loved that Johnny Gargano darts for the door immediately after the bell rings. Fits his character perfectly.
Sweet moonsault springing off the top rope by Johnny but doesn’t keep Reed down long enough.
Austin Theory is able to distract Reed long enough allowing Johnny to make Reed lose his balance and get crotched on the top rope.
Back from the final commercial break with Johnny in control. Theory helps Johnny Sandwich Reed against the cage even from the outside.
Reed catches Johnny coming off the top and starts his comeback. Reed puts Johnny on his shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop from the second rope after Johnny starts fighting it off.
Johnny is able to stop Reed from climbing the cage and hits him with a sick powerbomb off the top rope but only a two.
Theory grabs the arm of Gargano to help him crawl out but isn’t able to hold on and even gets squashed between the door and outside of the cage.
Johnny counters Reed with a Poison Rana and both are done with the door wide open. Johnny doesn’t know the door is open so starts to try climbing the cage but changes his mind.
Reed counters the One Final Beat the first time but gets the door in his face after Theory pushes the ref into the open door.
One Final Beat hits but isn’t able to get a three count on the pin attempt.
From the top Reed grabs Gargano and hits an almost sit out powerbomb as both are out once again.
Reed is now trying to climb but Theory comes up one side and Gargano comes up the inside but Reed fights both off and hits a splash to Johnny.
Reed hits the Tsunami and gets the pinfall victory to become the NEW North American Champion.

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