AEW AEW Dynamite


Dynamite heats up as we are headed towards Double or Nothing in 11 days. Young Bucks defend against Varsity Blondes in the Main Event.

AEW sure does love showing off the blood in their opening videos, don’t they?

Was Matt Sydal paying homage to Sabu with the point during his intro?
Christian has a little orange on his trunks so Taz thinks it is Christian wanting to be with Team Taz.
Christian trips up Sydal by kicking the middle rope when Matt is going for a springboard move. All Christian after that until Sydal counters with a Leg Scissors.
How close was that near fall from Sydal with Christian just getting his shoulders up.
Nice call to his “brother” with Christian hitting the spear but not able to get the pinfall.
Christian counters Sydal and hits the Kill Switch to get the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Christian helps up Matt Sydal and hugs him to show him respect. Taz gets their attention when Ricky Starks comes out to tell us he is his own man.
Ricky calls out the boys but Team Taz come out from behind and attack Sydal and Christian until Hangman comes out. Page clears everyone out until Hook chop blocks Page and the Heels stand tall.
Starks drinks some of Hangman’s beer. Never drink another man’s beer.

Varsity Blondes with Julie/Julia Hart go over why they are going to give the Young Bucks a reality check in the main event title match.

We get earlier today promos from Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley as well as the Acclaimed. Eddie Kingston is just great.

Seeing them show people singing Wild Thing will always make me think of Major League.
Castor says Mox’s wife hits up his mentions for some “oral sessions” which did not sit well with Moxley. Bowens pays for it though as he is knocked out by Mox the minute he steps in the ring.
Kingston is a good friend if he is willing to bite a dude for speaking about his friends wife.
Castor ducks the third chop so Moxley just slaps the back of Castor.
We get our first picture in picture as The Acclaimed are in control of Kingston.
Back from the commercial break with Bowens having Kingston locked into a modified Clover Leaf.
Hot tag to Moxley who hits a double clothesline on The Acclaimed before destroying Max Castor. He chokes out Bowens before going back to Castor.
Why would you take your opponent to THEIR corner to hit a move? Especially when you are already closer to your own corner?
Bowens tries to use the chain but Bryce sees it. Castor brings in the boombox but Mox grabs it and uses it behind Bryce’s back.
Eddie Kingston holds Bowens so Moxley can hit the Paradigm Shift and Moxley picks up the Pinfall victory.

Marvez is trying to get a scoop on if Inner Circle will accept the challenge as Jericho is seen talking to Dean Malenko.
Funny moment with Malenko saying Jericho knows 4 more moves than him but Jericho says he forgot some.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Sky and Ethan Page about their actions last week in the TNT Championship match.
Ethan Page says he is there to take everything away from Darby Allin. Ethan says he will be the nail in Darby’s coffin.
Lights out and Sting is coming out to confront the two with Darby coming from behind. What is with everyone coming from behind and no one expecting it?
Scorpion Death Lock on Sky with Page being stopped by Allin from saving him.
Dark Order are now coming out from both tunnels making Sky and Ethan run off the back way.

Pinnacle are at some restaurant with Wardlow chugging back a bottle of wine when MJF goes off on Jericho having third grade humour.
Dax says they don’t want to have to face Inner Circle every week as they want championships.
Spears loses it on the waiter as he gives Dax and MJF wine before him but Tully calms him. We need more of that Spears.

Love the Rebel is coming out with the crutch over her arm. Rebel is just showing over after cheating but Shida makes her regret it.
Shida pulls out her own block glove looking right at Britt. Britt grabs the belt in response allowing Rebel to get the crutch and use it.
Suplex from Rebel but Shida still can kick out after the two.
A sick move by Shida hitting a sit-out knee breaker then locks on a submission to get the victory.
Post-match, Shida gets attacked by Britt ending with a curb stomp to Shida on to the Women’s championship.

We see Kenny Omega and Don Callis checking on Orange Cassidy in the trainer’s room having Best Friends and Kris Statlander leave.
They want Cassidy to sign a contract to give him his shot at a later date. Orange just rips it up… slowly.
Omega tries to tell Cassidy that a One-Winged Angel will hurt more than that Powerbomb and give him a second contract before leaving.
Really smart segment to give AEW an out if Cassidy isn’t cleared for the match.

Judas is playing and that can only mean one thig… Inner Circle is on the way to give us their answer to the Stadium Stampede challenge.
Ortiz starts off by saying talk is cheap and he just wants to fight. Sammy agrees and is on the same page.
Hager says they don’t have a choice as they have said they are the baddest. If they don’t accept they are cowards.
Jericho talks about if it is worth it because of the damage they took in WarGames. He says falling off the cage was the most scared he’s ever been. Jericho says it is worth it because of the fire lit in him to hurt MJF now.
The answer is 1000% yes and agree to the stipulation that they will be done if they lose.

We see that Mark Sterling is trying to become the manager for Jade Cargill. She says don’t interrupt her time and exit left.

Great to see the NWA Women’s Champion back after being unable to defend for THREE MONTHS!
Deeb wasting no time like a woman on a mission and hits a Spinning Neck Breaker but Velvet kicks out at around a two-count.
Deeb really working over the leg of Red Velvet hitting a Dragon Corkscrew as we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break with Red Velvet making her comeback.
That moonsault off the ring apron by Red Velvet was not the most crisp move I have ever seen.
Serena Deeb is either really good at selling or was legit shakey on her legs.
Red Velvet goes to the top for another moonsault but the knees are up by Deeb and she hits a powerbomb into the pin but gets only a two.
Serenity Lock from Serena Deeb in the middle of the ring. Red Velvet almost gets to the rope so Serena readjusts but Velvet works out again.
Serena Deeb goes for the Serenity Lock again but smashes the knee of Velvet a few times first and gets the submission victory.

Marvez is in the back with Pac who wants in the Elite locker room. Pac says he is tired of getting robbed of his opportunities. He says he has his match now so it doesn’t matter.

We all know this is just a match to get Ogogo over as a threat to Cody ahead of the match at Double or Nothing.
Austin Gunn comes running and hits a dropkick to start it off. During the exchange the announcers mention that Ogogo is partially blind in one eye.
Two Gut punches from Ogogo with him spitting out “blood” with Bryce about to call is but Austin stops him.
Third time Austin Gunn is out cold and Bruce calls for the bell.
Post-match, Ogogo grabs Cody’s American flag and throws it causing the referees to come out to keep them apart.

Marvez is now interviewing SCU backstage after last week’s match. Daniels says nothing, shakes the hand of Kazarian and walks off.
Kazarian says that Daniels has earned the right to choose what ever path he wants but he knows what path he is on.
Kazarian is blaming all of the Elite and wants to hunt down every member of them until they know what it feels like to be him.

Here comes Miro to show off his new TNT Championship and talk about Archer being his next challenger at Double or Nothing.
Is Miro a born again now? What is with the Jesus talk all of a sudden?
Miro is saying that if you have what he wants, it’s over and will be his.
When the fans start to chant that they want Darby he holds up the TNT Title and says here is Darby.
Archer comes out after Miro announces he will defend the belt next week on the Live Friday Dynamite.
Archer says that he is going to make Miro his Bulgarian Bitch but Miro just says that nothing holds him back like Jake holds Archer back.
Miro even tells Jake that if he gets in Miro’s way there won’t be enough Yoga to save his life.

Isn’t Julia Hart just a rip-off of Alexa Bliss’ NXT valet role?
Garrison gets control early allowing Varsity Blondes to make the Young Bucks look like foolish heels.
Nick Jackson is ripping off El Phantasmo having Matt help him tight rope across the top rope before hitting a move to Pillman on the stage.
Coming back from the picture in picture as Brian Pillman counters with a cross body as we then see Griff get the hot tag and taking it to both of the Bucks.
Bucks fight off Blondes as they are going for the finisher giving them the advantage back.
How many times are they going to mention the Dark Side of The Ring episode in this match?
Cutler distracts the ref allowing Nick to spray the face of Pillman but when Matt goes for it but Julia lets Bryce know.
Julia gets the third bottle in her face allowing Matt to get the sharpshooter on and finally taps out after a facebuster by Nick while still in the move.
Post-match, Don Callis joins Cutler and the Bucks to celebrate in the ring. Then, on cue, Kingston and Moxley enter the ring and take on the Bucks.
Moxley and Kingston put both Bucks to sleep with a rear naked choke. Kingston then steals the shoes of the Bucks and Moxley joins in.
We are told the match is official for the tag titles at Double or Nothing.

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