Impact TNA


FinJuice vs. Ace and Fulton, Tenille vs. Kiera, Rohit vs. jake Something, Under Siege Fallout and MORE!

Hernandez and Swinger are taking on XXXL in this week’s BTI going off of last week’s encounter at Swinger’s Palace. With a huge splash by Larry D off the top to Swinger, XXXL gets the win.

We get a tribute to New Jack before getting the recap of Under Siege. We see Swann save Mack from Morrissey, the 6 man tag with Omega, and Moose wanting back what belongs to Impact.

Jake Something shows that there is not much Rohit can do if he just stands in the way.
Shera gets in the cheap shot with Tolle’s back turn looking after Rohit in the ring.
Rohit Raju avoids the first running Ram in the corner but Jake Something connects immediately after with it.
Pretty much back and forth so far in this one. I had expected this to be more to push a Shera vs. Something match but Rohit is looking good in this one.
Like the counter by Jake Something by catching Rohit doing the Cannonball in the corner and turning it into an attempted powerbomb.
Jake Something gets tripped by Shera and has the leg held down so Rohit can get the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Jake Something attacks Shera and Rohit just stands on the ramp refusing to get involved.
Rohit is calling Jake Something a Coward. Isn’t that ironic, don’t you think? Love how they are doing this in a way I hadn’t expected.
Jake Something spears Shera through a table, well the side of the table at least.

Taylor Wilde is being interviewed in the back to keep trying to convince everyone that she is going after the Knockouts title. Tenille and Kaleb with a K are of course listening right there.
Taylor lets them know she is not happy with Kaleb helping get the win at Under Siege.

Ellering and Grace are being interviewed about their loss at Under Siege and Grace agrees that they need to get back out there. Grace leaves to go and talk to Scott.

Tasha Steelz is looking, pardon the pun, like FIRE tonight. I know that is almost dad joke level but still true.
They mention the long reign of Deonna Purrazzo but do we think she’d be champion right now if Kylie Rae had stayed with Impact?
Tasha is able to cause a distraction but Tenille doesn’t fall for it and is able to get a two count on the following pin attempt.
Sick kick from Kiera Hogan on Tenille followed by trash talk as we head to a commercial break.
Anyone else rather watch Fire N Flava trash-talking for a few minutes than the Davey Richards and Angelina Love make-out session?
Back with Kiera connecting with the running boot to Tenille in the corner while Tasha trash talks Tenille.
Tenille starts her comeback but her and Kiera looked unsure what the next spot was for a split second there.
Tenille gets the pinfall victory by pressing down with all her weight.
Post-match, Deonna, Kimber and Susan come out to help Tasha and Kiera. This leads to Taylor coming out but she only wants a piece of Deonna so Havok has to come out for the save.
After the ring is cleared, Decay comes out from the back to sandwich the heels who escape by running for the hills over the barricades.

Saw that coming. Grace comes back to see Rachael letting her know they have a match tonight… against each other.

We see a video package highlighting NJPW talent, Kojima, who is debuting next week on Impact.

FinJuice is being interviewed about their title defense against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. I have a feeling their reign ends tonight.
FinJuice said they are heading back to Japan after tonight which makes me think even more they are losing tonight.

This is going to be a great one to watch I think since VSK showed a lot in the match against El Phantasmo.
All Petey Williams after VSK tries to take a short cut early on. Vintage Petey Williams with the over the top to the outside Hurricarana on VSK.
If you don’t hook the leg but there is no announcer to call it out, does it really happen?
Running Knee from Petey and calls for the Canadian Destroyer but VSK fights it off.
Canadian Destroyer and Petey Williams picks up the eventual win. Nothing like the original.

Rich Swann is being interviewed backstage by Gia about what made him decide to return at Under Siege after losing the world title’s to Kenny Omega.
Swann said he felt the pain of that match both Mentally and Physically.
Did Rich Swann actually use the word AROVE in an actual promo?
Great selling by Gia when Morrissey hits a huge boot from off-screen to Rich Swann before throwing him out a door.

About time we are checking in with Swinger’s Palace where TJP is cleaning up as we see Fallah Bahh in an outfit like the girls. TJP pays off Fallah’s debt.
Petey walks in offended that TJP wants Fallah Bahh as his partner again. We get a tag match set up between the Filipinos and Canadians.
Decay teleport in and we get an awesome interaction between Rosemary and Bravo. A Storyline that never ends is a story line told right.

Here comes the new number one contender in Moose who says it was just that easy. Moose tells Omega that he respects him for calling himself The God but Moose is the Wrestling God. He uses the Roman Gods to say why he won’t be knocked off his Olympus.
Omega’s music hits and he comes out cleaning his ear while Don Callis leads the way.
Don Callis calls Moose an insect compared to Omega the God. Callis even calls Moose the most physically powerful wrestler in the industry.
Don Callis takes a shot at Ring of Honor saying Moose couldn’t even win a title there. Omega has won multiple world titles recently and Moose never does.
Moose reminds Callis that he is not Rich Swann and will rip off Don’s head and shove it up Kenny’s rear end.
Kenny says it will take just a single One Winged Angel to take him out and Moose says try hitting on on him right now.
Omega acts like he is going to do something but Good Brothers come out leading to Sami hacking in to even the odds and The Elite leave with their tail between their legs.

We are seeing an advertisement for Talk N Shop Live.

Moose is talking to Sami Callihan backstage saying he didn’t need the help and isn’t going to thank him.
Sami says he only went out there because he is tired of Kenny and the Good Brothers. He lets Moose know he is going to come after the belt regardless of who wins at Against All Odds.

This should be very telling of the future of Jordynne’s character depending on which way they book her.
Grace offers up the handshake as the match starts which is accepted by Rachael without hesitation.
You have to suspect that if they are going to turn Grace heel properly that Ellering gets the win cleanly and decisively here.
Grace has changed the look on her face and showing us some aggression after not happy with Ellering being in control.
Nice stand off before the commercial break with Rachael catching and holding the leg of Jordynne Grace.
Back from the commercial break, we have Grace in control showing off her power by sending Rachael into the turnbuckles VERY hard.
Full Nelson Lock from Jordynne Grace but Rachael is able to fight her off by ramming her into the turnbuckle repeatedly.
Rachael is able to avoid the Vader Bomb but both go back and forth with multiple attempts ending with Rachael Ellering getting the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Grace is not happy with the loss and shakes the hand of Rachael and gives a half-hearted hug before walking off.

Brian Myers is going off on being called Bad Mood Brian while going over all the things that piss him off.
Matt Cardona walks out of a room and Myers just decks him and assaults him backstage.

Everyone comes out for the match before a commercial break but they are nice enough to stand around in the ring until they come back.
Ace Austin looks to start off but in great heel fashion he tags in Fulton to start off the match.
Neither member of FinJuice seem to be able to get in any series of moves on Fulton until the double teaming starts.
Ace Austin finally tags in as Fulton has finally taken some punishment. FinJuice getting a lot more offense in against Austin. They stand tall as we head to another commercial break.
We are back seeing what happened during the break with Fulton clotheslining Juice Robinson on the outside who was chasing Austin.
Austin gets the card out to “cut” the webbing between the fingers of Finlay.
Love how Austin used Robinson to assist him in hitting the Enziguri on Finlay before tagging out to Fulton.
Hot tag to David Finlay who is taking out both Austin and Fulton before just concentrating on Austin in the ring. Only a two count on the pin attempt.
Series of rights from Robinson to Fulton but Madman fights him off hitting a slam so Austin could take the pin but a kick out at two for Robinson.
Hebner says a two but looks like Robinson may have been a little late with the kick out.
Chokeslam into the Fold but David Finlay is able to break up the pin but gets destroyed by Fulton for his efforts.
Finlay counters Fulton with a cutter sending Madman into Ace knocking him off the top. Finlay then throws Robinson into Fulton.
FinJuice takes out Austin and try to hit a Doomsday on Fulton but Madman fights both off until they can get Madman with the Unprettier to get the pinfall and retain the titles. Shocker.
Post-match, Violent By Design come out and seem to have FinJuice in their sights. Are they cashing in the Cup?
They have cashed in the Call Your Shot trophy and we have a title match.

Joe Doering stops FinJuice in their tracks with a Crossbody. Rhino hits a Gore and Doering gets the pinfall on Juice Robinson. We have new tag team champions.

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