A-Kid battles Tyler Bate for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Noam Dar hosts "Supernova Sessions" with special guest Ilja Dragunov.

A Video package opens the show to go over the history of Tyler Bate and A-Kid as they battle over the Heritage Cup tonight.

I thought that Rampage is facing Wolfgang because Joe wasn’t available to fight him in the match Joe offered to Rampage? If that is the case why is Joe Coffey here as he and Mark come out with Wolfgang before heading to the back?
Nice to hear that the commentators bring up that Wolfgang hasn’t had a singles match in NXT UK in over two years now but go over him being a former ICW Champion.
Looked like Wolfgang was expecting Rampage to push him out of the corner right away as he backs away without being pushed then gets pushed by Rampage right after.
Wolfgang smells blood with the ribs of Rampage and is working them over exclusively but in doing so gets a knee to the head from Rampage.
Brown is able to use this to get the pinfall victory after hitting his sitout powerbomb.

Tyler Bate is warming up backstage while Trent Seven is giving him advice ahead of the match.

We are seeing footage from the PC earlier this week with Ashton Smith talking about being a father when Teoman comes in to point out Oliver still is MIA.

Aoife Valkyrie video promo going over her losing to Meiko and how she is picking herself up from her first defeat. Her promos are getting better.

Rampage Brown is backstage holding his ribs when Gallus runs into him with Joe saying that he’s going to let Brown heal up before their match.

Love that they made this match after the attack by Amale instead of the usual of putting the heel in the match. Much more realistic.
Amale goes to the ropes immediately to avoid the offense of Xia but it backfires as Xia avoids the cheap shot from Amale.
Looked almost like one or two of those stomps by Amale to Xia in the corner looked like they legit connected with Xia’s head.
Does anyone else think Amale looks a LOT like Zelina Vega?
Amale hits a folding powerslam into the pin attempt to get the victory.

Time for us to see A-Kid warming up after he apparently just sprayed himself with water.

Sha Samuels is in catering when Nathan Frazer comes in to tell Samuels he keeps sticking his nose in Frazer’s business.
Frazer angers Samuels into agreeing to a match with him after saying Sha only fights Noam’s battles.

Video package highlighting what happened last week with Meiko becoming the number 1 contender before getting to hear from Meiko after that match telling KLR she is going to regret the kick.

SuperNova Sessions once again with Noam Dar introducing Ilja Dragunov to further his change in character.
Noam turns the show into the SuperNova Spa to help deal with Ilja’s anger issues with Ilja just laughing it off.
Noam Dar is poking the bear by explaining what has happened to him after the loss to Walter. Ilja says he is not that person anymore.
Noam brings up breaking the nose of Dave Mastiff before giving him a stuffed therapy dog.
Ilja is fake laughing and calls this Noam’s circus with Noam being a clown. Ilja says that if Noam wants to trigger him, he can still hurt Noam really, really bad.
Noam calls Ilja a fake and he is still a scared little boy who is scared of Walter and Noam Dar. Noam is offended by the clown comment and we are looking to get a match between the two. Ilja comes back and takes the therapy dog… for his son.

Sam Gradwell is now looking for Sid Scala and goes in to the office about being assaulted by Trent Seven. He wants a match against him instead of pressing charges.

In another segment, we are getting Sid Scala announcing Noam vs. Ilja and Brown vs. Joe for two weeks’ time.

Tyler Bate seems to be pushing the Zen in this one at the start to get under the head of A-Kid showing that Bate is not concerned ahead of the match starting.
Last-minute of the first round with A-Kid in control of Bate on the mat but in no way close to get a fall. Both are facing each other as the round ends.
TIED 0-0
A-Kid starts off Round Two by taking Bate to the mat with a side headlock.
I love British wrestling for reasons like we see in these type matches where you are working over one or more body parts of your opponent and trying to get the win from it.
TIED 0-0
Round 3 starts off with neither one ahead of the other and both equally tired/worn out.
Nice counter from A-Kid who just falls onto Bate who was trying to back away through the legs of A-Kid and locks on a choke.
What a sick strike from A-Kid as he basically falls into the punch leading to both men getting a LOT more physical.
Great punch from Bate as A-Kid was kipping up before the two fight so hard they go over the top to the outside to end Round 3.
TIED 0-0
Bate goes running at A-Kid to start Round 4 but A-Kid turns it around to get our first real close pin attempt of the match.
Airplane Spin from Bate but A-Kid is able to counter into a choke at the halfway mark of the round. A-Kid doesn’t wait and hit a penalty kick but can’t get the pin.
A-Kid goes back for the choke but Bate breaks it by backing into the corner and hitting a European uppercut on A-Kid coming out of it.
Bate just keeps fighting out of the chokes from A-Kid and we are still tied after four rounds.
TIED 0-0
Both men are slowly coming out of their corners to start Round 5 as they are both feeling the effects of this match.
A-Kid is now holding his neck after a powerful suplex from Bate.
Tyler Driver 97 from Bate but A-Kid has enough left in him to kick out of the pinfall.
Corkscrew from Bate misses A-Kid who locks on the Arm Bar which Bate still can get out of it. Bate fights off another Submission attempt long enough to make it to the end of the round without Seven throwing the towel in.
TIED 0-0
In the corner, Bate tells Seven to promise him not to throw the towel in no matter what.
This is the first fall to a win or a draw as apparently there is no overtime like we have seen in the past.
Both are countering each other right now. Tyler Bate counters into a strong press pin to get the three count and win the Heritage Cup from A-Kid.
Post-match, A-Kid hands the cup over to Tyler Bate who celebrates as A-Kid is distraught over the loss.

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