Ryan Joy of Minutes to Bell Time has returned with this week's AEW Dark Results for those who don't want to sit through the whole show!

Nick Comoroto defeats Duke Davis – 00:50

  • Comoroto used a power bomb to get the pinfall victory.

Aaron Solow defeats Gannon Jones – 1:45

  • Solow used a pedigree to get the pinfall victory.

Preston Vance defeats Dillon McQueen – 06:26

  • Vance used the full nelson to get the submission victory.

Evil Uno and Colt Cabana defeat Steven Andrews and Simon Lotto – 02:43

  • Colt and Uno used the rip-cord flatliner for the pinfall victory

Big Swole and KiLynn King defeat The Bunny and Madi Wrenkowski – 07:21

  • Swole used a rolling elbow strike for the pinfall victory over Madi.

Billy and Colton Gunn defeat Kal Hero and Liam Gray – 05:58

  • Colton used the Colt 45 for the pinfall victory.

Leyla Hirsch defeats Vertvixen – 02:45

  • Hirsch used the cross arm breaker to get the submission victory.

Dante Martin defeats Jason Hotch – 05:06

  • Dante Martin used a 450 Splash to get the pinfall victory.

Dasha Interviews Angelico

  • Angelico is not worried.

Diamante defeats Reka Tehaka – 02:56

  • Diamante used the Code Red to get the pinfall victory.

Joey Janela defeats Bear Bronson – 08:45

  • Janela hit the elbow drop for the pinfall victory.

Angelico defeats Ryzin – 04:51

  • Angelico gets the submission victory using the Navarro

Joey Janela Promo

Julia Hart defeats Tesha Price – 04:15

  • Hart used a split leg drop to get the pinfall victory.

Brian Cage defeats Sonny Kiss – 05:26

  • Brian Cage used weapon X for the pinfall victory.
  • Hook attacked Sonny Kiss after the match and Joey Janela did not come to the rescue.

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