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The NWA World Tag Team Titles are on the line as champions Aron Stevens and Kratos defend against The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane), NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis is in action, Kamille and Thunder Rosa meet in a rematch for the number one contendership for the NWA Women's World Title, and in the main event, we have a 14 Man Battle Royale to decide who will challenge Nick Aldis for his Ten Pounds of Gold at When Our Shadows Fall!

Packed show but still no Tim Storm on commentary but we are going to get Pope in Tim’s spot this week.

Over to Kyle Davis to interview Aron Stevens and Kratos at the podium ahead of their title match.
The trust between the two is brought up with Stevens saying the Belts are all they need to know. Kratos says nothing on the mic but tells Stevens not to tell him what to do.

I suspect that if Kratos and Stevens come out of this is will be because of the story going on between Crimson and Dane.
Kratos tags in blindly immediately to show the issues and Jax Dane asks Crimson to tag him as he wants some.
Kratos and Dane are going blow for blow until Kratos gets the best of it sending Dane into the corner. Dane is still not out of it though as he clotheslines Kratos to the mat.
Stevens is finally able to get the tag in after Kratos can drag Crimson back to his own corner.
Stevens doesn’t fare any better as Crimson takes it right to him and has him on the mat within seconds.
Stevens is able to move out of the way as Crimson is coming down with the Elbow Drop giving Stevens the chance to tag Kratos in.
Dane is arguing with the ref when a hooded man comes out to deck Crimson allowing Kratos to get the pinfall victory.

Kyle Davis is now bringing out Nick Aldis to the podium before his upcoming match.
Nick Aldis doesn’t like the question about if Strictly Business is upset over him wanting them in the Battle Royal instead of being tag champs.
Kyle Davis is told to dance and he does the Alex Wright dance… shockingly well.
Aldis puts over Mims as his opponent but he obviously just picked someone he thinks he can beat.
Kyle Davis goes over the list of the people in the Battle Royal with Nick not being happy seeing the list for the first time. Trevor Murdoch is in the battle royal.

Aldis being pissed off is not going to work out well for Mims in this one. Aldis keeps yelling at Galli blaming him for some reason.
Mims actually gets a series of three moves but only a 1 count on the World Champion.
Piledriver from Aldis before he heads to the top for his Elbow Drop to make a point. He still doesn’t go for the pin.
Aldis locks in the Cloverleaf and gets the submission victory.

Video promo to show the history between Kamille and Rosa to hype their match next. We even get some AEW footage of Rosa, of course.

Rosa has her cape on to push she is some superhero while Kamille has her almost Gladiator gear. Nice imagery to show their character differences.
We start off with both going face to face before Kamille starts trash talking which fires up Rosa. Rosa is able to use that fire to get Kamille to the mat.
Velvet Sky just said “Kamilla” when talking about Kamille. They are spelled the same but don’t sound the same so not sure how she makes that mistake.
Not the crispest match we’ve seen from either woman as they are trying to do some chain wrestling that is not working out as they likely planned.
So far, we are seeing a story of Rosa working the submissions while Kamille keeps trying to use her power to counter.
Kamille finally counters Rosa sending Rosa face-first into a middle turnbuckle.
Kamille is not able to get anywhere near a three count but continues to punish Rosa with her power. Kamille is in complete control but just can’t finish it.
Kamille starts to taunt Rosa which is not the best idea as it actually fires up Rosa. Kamille stops her with a bearhug before turning it into a suplex.
Rosa counters Kamille at the top hitting a sunset flip powerbomb.
Apparently, there was a wardrobe malfunction and we are getting a blurred screen until Melina and Taryn go to the outside. Weird.
Rosa takes it to the outside with Kamille using the announcer’s table and the ringpost to break down Kamille.
Going back and forth now with neither able to hold the advantage long enough to get the victory.
Kamille still seems to struggle to communicate while also selling at the same time. You can clearly tell when she is calling spots.
Kamille sets up the Spear but Melina comes back out to distract Kamille. Code Breaker from Rosa but only a two count so Rosa is going back to the arm.
Pope actually said NWO instead of NWA on commentary and when he does it, it’s hilarious. When Velvet does it, it’s sad.
Kamille is able to gain the advantage back again after a boot but decides to taunt Rosa again, not learning from earlier.
We can clearly hear them calling spots right before we hear the referee telling the girls two minutes. A draw is coming we know it.
Kamille is lining up for the Spear again while the referee is telling both we have one minute to go. Kamille hits it but the foot on the rope.
Missed second spear and Rosa has control as we get to the limit with Kamille in the submission.
Post-match, Rosa gives Kamille the middle finger as they are both struggling to get to their feet.

We see that Austin Idol and Nick Aldis with Joe Galli on the commentary booth for the Battle Royal.

We are under NWA rules which means that if one foot touches the floor, regardless of how, they are out Adonis is the final person in the match even if he is the National Champion. They are playing it up like Aldis called it.
Sal is first out. Parrow accidently eliminates Odinson before Dane eliminates him. A lot of stuff going on quickly.
So distracting hearing Aldis and Galli arguing on Commentary as it looks like Rockett was eliminated. Clearwater is next out as Tyrus dumps him to the outside.
Dane and Crimson cause each other to get eliminated and argue on the outside as we see Slice Boogie get eliminated.
Matt Cross is next out as we are done to the final four. Adonis, Murdoch, Tyrus and Adonis are left when Pope comes out to pull Tyrus out and eliminate him.
We see Adonis knock Latimer off the apron eliminating him before Murdoch eliminates him to get the win.
Post-match, Aldis yells at the two losers before jumping Murdoch from behind but Trevor stands tall after the flying bulldog.
Kyle Davis is not interviewing Murdoch over at the podium about challenging for the World Title at the PPV.
Murdoch is getting emotional over having a chance at the World Title and wishing Harley was there to see it.

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