Finn Balor challenges Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship in their second meeting as the Main Event of a stacked card.

Online only viewing today as SN360 has the hockey playoffs instead. We open with clips from last week’s Prime Target for tonight’s NXT Title match tonight.
Really love how they put up the graphics on the screens around the arena while introducing the card for tonight.

Who else wants to tune out every time Shotzi comes out with her gimmick and ridiculous sayings. She is the embodiment of EVERY “punk” chick that knows nothing about Punk music and culture.
The reverse title thing is cool and all but the shoulder blade thing is still ridiculous.
Shotzi taking it to the NXT Champion right away but Raquel just uses her power to fight her off. Shotzi is at a loss and tags in Ember.
A lot of confusion from the women early on in this match. Not sure if it is Raquel as Dakota has yet to get in.
Are they calling Ember and Shotzi the Fire Pit? Seriously, that is their team name?
Raquel is able to grab the arm of Dakota’s to pull her out of the submission from Shotzi. Raquel tags in to control Ember and Shotzi as we head to our first commercial break.
Back from the break, both Shotzi and Kai are down in the ring as we get both tagging out but Ember has the fire for the official hot tag.
That Code Breaker off the top rope didn’t seem to hit as Ember Moon had hoped. A lot of that happening so far in this match.
Ember Moon counters the kick from Dakota and puts on a cool looking leg lock until Raquel comes in to pull Moon off.
Eclipse on Raquel countering the chokeslam from Raquel allowing the double team on Dakota and the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Raquel attacks the victors and makes Ember watch her destroy Shotzi around the ring. Dakota and Raquel looking like they are on the same page.

Ciampa and Thatcher are talking about how Grizzled Young Veterans cost them their shot at MSK and that a round three is coming.

We are seeing a video package now of Pete Dunne and Bobby Fish with them showing the injury that Dunne caused to Fish.

We see Finn Balor arriving at the arena Earlier Today with Kross and Scarlett then shown coming in.

Can we get an explanation as to why Oney Lorcan is still aligned with Pete Dunne when it was Pat McAfee who had brought them together and not a common bond?
Getting to hear and see the new entrance and theme for Bobby Fish. Hard to believe it has been 6 months without him.
Sick-looking forearm from Dunne while Fish was talking to the referee.
Bobby Fish needs to work on his abs at his age if he doesn’t want to end up with Jericho Gut.
Fish finally can counter Dunne and get an arm bar locked on while Dunne tries everything he can to get out of it.
Dunne punches his way out of the submission only for Fish to send him to the outside as we head to the commercial.
Back from the commercial, Pete Dunne is in control of Fish in the ring as they point out the huge bruise forming on the face of Dunne.
Bobby no-sells as he makes his comeback against Dunne hitting a sick Spinebuster in the process.
Dunne fights out of the choke but pulling the fingers of Fish before landing on the repaired elbow of Bobby.
Pete Dunne landed very badly based on the one camera angle after getting suplexed into the ropes.
Dunne looks exhausted but was playing Possum and comes out of the corner with fire but Bobby counters the running boot from Dunne.
Bitter End out of nowhere by Pete Dunne and he gets the pinfall victory in a very even match. Not sure how I feel about the ending.
Post-match, Oney Lorcan attacked Fish and beat him down until the referees came out to try to break it up. No Kyle or Roddy.

Quick video package to highlight last week’s main event between Reed and Gargano.

Mercedes Martinez is cutting a promo walking backstage with Boa appearing at the end of it implying something will go down between Xia Li and crew.

Hit Row promo time from their studio telling us they have put everyone on notice. They are showing off their new merch while telling us they need some gold.
They are all talking about how they are going to be able to take all the belts.

We got the fluke win girl when she beat Toni Storm thanks to a distraction. Could we see that happen again with this match?
Just realized how much better the referees have been this week with Bad Fake Tan “Q” Referee finally got sent packing.
Mercedes is just using her power to counter anything Zayda pulls out of her bag.
Huge Knee from Martinez before hitting the Air Raid Crash on Ramier to get the easy pinfall victory.
Post-match, lights go out and when they come back on we see smoke and nothing but Red. A mark shows up on the screen before everything returns to normal but with the mark on Martinez’s hand.

Ted Dibiase is talking to Toni Storm backstage then throws some money at Robert Stone so we know that the Million Dollar Face-Off is next.

Kross is shown warming up backstage ahead of the main event tonight as Scarlett yells at him for motivation.

Cameron Grimes is the first to come out for the Million Dollar Face-Off. Grimes is about to talk when Ted Dibiase’s music hits and he comes out.
We have back and forth chants of Dibiase and To The Moon. Grimes starts things off by asking why? Grimes has never had this much money and he starts embarrassing him.
Grimes says he looks up to Million Dollar Man because he could treat people badly but would still like him.
Dibiase says he really likes Grimes as he reminds him a lot of himself and is trying to improve him.
Dibiase says he is here to see if there is someone here that can meet his standards but it is in the ring.
LA Knight comes out to interrupt as Dibiase is talking about Grimes needing motivation in the ring. Knight is wearing a LOT of yellow.
LA Knight says he has everything he is looking for and not Cameron Grimes who is lucky.
Looks like we are setting up a match for the Million Dollar Championship between Grimes and Knight.
Dibiase says Knight has a million-dollar body and brain which sets off Grimes who wants a face-off with just Dibiase.
Grimes tells Knight to get out of the ring or he is going to kick his rear To The Moon. Knight attacks Grimes and leaves him laying.

Franky Monet is putting the final touches on her makeup before her in-ring debut next.

Indi Hartwell is running around looking for Dexter Lumis when she runs into Ever Rise filming their show. Drake Maverick walks in to tell Indi where he saw Dexter last. She walks in to the room seeing all the drawings from Dexter who is apparently broken hearted.

Will be interesting to see how NXT books Franky and how they handicap her in the ring compared to her previous styles.
Franky showing off her moveset effectively without letting Jade getting in a single move yet. It’s really hard for me not to write or say Taya instead of Franky still.
Cora finally gets some forearm strikes in as Franky got a little too cocky. Only a one count after the Side Russian Leg Sweep by Cora.
Franky Monet hits her finisher that the announcers didn’t name with its new name but it gives her the pinfall victory either way.

Grizzled Young Veterans cut a promo telling them that was just a receipt last week. They are done with Ciampa and Thatcher as they are only caring about MSK and the Tag Champs.

Imperium video package to go over the booting of Alexander Wolfe from the group before Walter tells them to get revenge on Breezango for taking the titles from them.

Bronson Reed coming out for his moment as the NEW North American Champion. How do you feel about people winning Championships named after regions they are not from?
Hey, did you know it has been 14 years for Bronson Reed? How about that it’s been 14 years? Yeah it has been repeated multiple times tonight.
Bronson Reed says he had a big Mountain to climb but everyone else has a Colossal Mountain to climb.
Santos Escobar’s music hits and Legado Del Fantasma comes out to answer the challenge. Escobar says he was born a star and didn’t have to climb.
Escobar says something caught his eye after the victory last week and that was the North American Title.
A stupid moment with them bashing Canada saying we don’t matter in North America even though we are the best part.
Just as Legado Del Fantasma are about to jump Reed three on one but MSK come out and we have Fantasma sent packing.

We are back with William Regal letting us know that we are getting Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano next week to determine the next #1 contender.
How does Gargano deserve a chance at the NXT Championship when he just LOST the North American Championship?

Does anyone else think that Karrion Kross is wearing similar entrance gear as Kamille in the NWA?
Love the graphic on the screen at the CWC for the match during the intros.
We are off and running with neither man backing down until Balor hits a dropkick to the knee of Kross. Kross heads to the outside to regroup as we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break with Kross in control. Kross appears to be unhappy with his gear looking like Kamille’s and rips off the front part of it.
Balor gets his opening and makes Kross pay but only able to get a two count as Balor continues to work over the side of the ribs.
Just like that Kross is back in control has his power game is in full swing now.
Balor is able to pull lots of Submissions out of his bag of tricks to keep Kross from having complete control.
Both men looking exhausted at this point as they are moving very slowly even when they are “running.”
Balor hits a punt kick on Kross but the camera angle made it very obvious he was no where near the kick but we are off to a commercial break so no time to reflect on it.
Back from the commercial break with Kross in control showing off his power carrying Balor around the ring but only able to get a two count.
What a no-sell from Kross topped off by Countering the Coup de Grace locking on the Straight Jacket Submission. Balor is able to get to the bottom rope to break it.
Kross showing off to the fans recording them with their phones at ringside by sending Balor into the barrier in front of him.
Sling Blade from Balor but Kross is not down. Another no-sell from Kross after Balor goes flying over the top rope to the outside landing on Kross.
Balor is back up and taking it to Kross as Kross tries to get back in the ring after tossing Balor in the ring.
Kross just keeps coming back like he has not been destroyed by Balor throughout the match. Kross lines up Balor but Finn counters into a two-count pin attempt.
Kross starts hitting forearms to the back of Finn until Balor gets out of it and hits his own. Referee had to check on Kross to make sure he wasn’t out.
Balor gets his own straight jacket submission on but Kross continues to power out of everything. Kross even holds on to the arm of the referee so his arm doesn’t drop.
Both men are getting up staring each other down but Kross gets the best of it with forearms and stomps to the head of Balor.
Balor is out cold in the Straight Jacket and the referee calls for the bell as Kross retains.

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