Impact TNA


We get the Pinoy Boys taking on Alexander and Petey, a 10 Knockout Tag Match, Kojima debuting from NJPW and much more.

BTI this week is showing Sam Beale taking on Eddie Edwards. I guess we are back to matches that don’t really matter.

We open with seeing Rhino and Heath’s backstory to get the Call Your Shot and how Rhino got involved with Violent By Design. Love the gave us the whole story.

Sami Callihan has asked to open the show and is coming out to address the situation with Moose and Kenny Omega.
Sami wants to be comfortable so he asks for a chair before telling us that Kenny is afraid of Sami because you can’t plan for him.
Sami calls out Omega but Moose’s music hits and he wants to come out to let Sami know something.
Moose says Sami is doing a lot of complaining but last time he checked Sami is not the number 1 contender.
Moose says until Against All Odds, Kenny Omega is his business and tells him to wait until after. Sami points out that Good Brothers are attacking him and not Moose because they know who the threat is.
Good Brothers have heard their name enough and are coming out to use a lot of religious references while putting over Moose.
Moose has the arm of Gallows around him when he says that Good Brothers on his side but he is not on theirs and decks them.

Cut to the back with Good Brothers coming to the back with Don Callis trying to cool them down. Callis says he can make any match he wants and makes the tag match tonight.

Don Callis is now being interviewed about whether the match is official since he is not the one to usually make matches.
Scott then walks in to talk about him making thematch without talking with him. Scott is okay with the match in the end.
Don goes back in saying he has to get Kenny ready which Scott wants to know what he has to get ready for.

I just realized we have Josh Matthews with D’Lo this week instead of Matt Striker on commentary.

Really looking forward to this tag team match with being a Canadian who has lived in the Philippines and is married to a Filipino.
Alexander tries to suplex Fallah Bahh but Fallah holds the neck and just falls down on Alexander.
Fallah Bahh knocks down both Petey and Josh when they try to double team him.
Funny spot with Fallah not able to get up after a double team against Petey so TJP tries to help him up but TJP just goes face-first into the mat.
Back from the commercial break with Petey trying to get a pin on Fallah but is tossed off before the 1 count.
Both Josh and Petey are working over Fallah but he just won’t stay down. Fallah finally falls down after suplexing Alexander only he fell ON to Alexander.
Boot wash from TJP to Williams and D’Lo reminds us how much he hates that move.
Bahh runs through both again as Petey is setting up TJP for the Destroyer. Alexander tries to get the best of Bahh but Samoan Drop followed by the Mamba Splash by TJP allowing him to get the pinfall victory.
They are playing up the fact TJP has pinned the current X Division Champion.

Morrissey is being interviewed with him going off about how fake everyone is. He talks about how people didn’t call 911 when he had a seizure, they recorded it.
Morrissey says he got tweets and messages from people that wouldn’t talk to him for years just because he is doing good now.
Rich Swann and Willie Mack come up and Morrissey says Swann just wanted the validation. That there is no friendship there.
Rich Swann superkicks the face of Morrissey from off camera to end the interview.

We get the five “face” team without Taylor Wilde though being interviewed with Rachael suggesting Jordynne Grace.
Grace walks in upset that she wasn’t originally picked but says she will take Taylor’s spot.

Kimber Lee starts off against Havok but gets destroyed and Susan tags in who gets destroyed before Kiera tags in to get the same treatment.
Havok tags in Rachael who shows off her power but the heels are able to have a better chance against her.
Typical Tennile fashion with her tagging in when Jordynne was trying to tag in doing a double team with Rachael.
When Jordynne and Rachael then try to do a double team Tolle gets Rachael out of the ring since she had been in too long.
Tasha is in control of Jordynne who is in the wrong corner as we come back from the commercial break.
Cheap shot from Tasha Steelz to Rosemary when Kiera distracts Brandon Tolle.
D’Lo Brown is the second person from Impact tonight to tell us to get our popcorn ready. Did someone just remember that saying during this taping?
Deonna Purrazzo finally tags in but has to deal with Rachael Ellering who tags in at the same time and handles Deonna with ease.
Fire N Flava have attacked Kimber and Susan for some reason allowing Rosemary to pin Deonna Purrazzo in the ring. Looks like we know who could be the next challenger.

Josh Alexander is saying that TJP can have a shot after pinning him setting up TJP and Fallah Bahh come in saying he’s right that he does deserve a shot.
Scott D’Amore comes in to talk about how great they were tonight and says he wants to give them all of BTI next week in an Iron Man Match.

We are actually getting a backstory between Rohit and Jake Something how they came up together. Rohit is pissed off that Jake Something got put over in front of everyone by Scott and he is treated like trash.
This actually instantly made me interested in this feud from this and looking forward to their Tables Match now.

Violent By Design coming out with their newly won Tag Team Championships. Eric Young puts over each member by saying why he picked each to be in Violent by Design.
Eric says they picked their moment by Design as FinJuice now can’t use their rematch clause because they are back in Japan.
After Eric Young mentioned Japan getting taken over by them, the lights go out and Kojima comes out and stares down Joe Doering.
Kojima looks at no one else and simply says Against All Odds and Doering nods. Kojima seems satisfied and leaves.

We are being reshown the footage of Myers attacks Cardona in the hallway before we get an update from the most fake looking doctor ever. Matt is apparently out for 3 months.
Sam Beale walks in when Brian Myers was cutting a promo and Myers is not pleased but tells him he will teach Beale to be a professional.

Eric Young and Violent by Design are returning to the back to accept the challenge of Kojima.
Deaner goes off on Crazzy Steve as he and Black Taurus go to walk by them on their way to the ring. Looks like we could see Deaner and Steve feud.

Alisha coming out with Swinger in a full manager role for him and Hernandez now. No Bravo and Rosemary at ringside for this one.
Funny spot with Hernandez about to help Swinger to hit a high risk move but Swinger has second thoughts, telling Hernandez to put him down.
Black Taurus is distracting Tolle for no reason as nothing happens behind his back.
All editing to make it look okay but Steve hits a DDT on Swinger to get the pinfall victory in this one.

We see Don Callis talking up Good Brothers backstage before the Main Event match.

They are teasing Moose thinking of going to NXT and AEW when his contract renews but as we all know, he has re-signed with Impact at this point.
No Don Callis with the Good Brothers here so this must have been shot on a day after Kenny and Don weren’t there.
As we head to the commercial break, we see Moose and Callihan argue in the ring as Good Brothers regroup on the ramp.
We are back from hopefully our final commercial break of the show with Sami taking it to Karl Anderson in the ring
Gallows gets a hot tag and uses his power to bring Sami to the mat with Moose yelling for him to get up.
Moose gets the hot tag to destroy both Good Brothers but Sami blind tags in while Moose sets up Karl for the spear.
Things break down between Sami and Moose leading to Good Brothers getting the pinfall on Sami.
Post-match, Good Brothers high tail it leaving Moose to hit the Lights Out spear on Sami as we end the show.

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