Sam Gradwell gets his wish when he faces Trent Seven. Nathan Frazer and Sha Samuels settle their differences in a head-to-head showdown.

Starting off talking about the Main Event between Trent Seven and Sam Gradwell before getting to the action.

Noam is coming out with backs up what Frazer was saying about Sha not able to stand on his own. Will be interesting how these two are booked with Noam out there.
Noam gets a little close to Nathan Frazer as he is on the top causing a distraction so Sha can get back up.
Frazer tries to make his come back but runs in to Sha Samuels and falls like he hit a brick wall.
Sha Samuels is doing the cocky, Big Man Heel act taking his time to beat down Nathan until Frazer kicks out of a pin too many times.
Frazer goes for a finisher but is met by a fury of offense by Frazer who finally can get control of the match.
Sha fakes an eye injury so Noam Dar can interfere but Frazer decks Noam and as he tries to get Frazer the ref decides to give Dar the boot.
Samuels tries to use the ejection to his advantage rolling up Frazer from behind but is only able to keep him pinned for a two count.
Another kick out by Frazer who seems to find just enough to kick out before the three.
Frog Splash from Frazer and he is able to get the pinfall victory in this one after hitting AJ’s springboard into the inverted DDT variation.

We see footage from 2 weeks ago with Dani Luna running into Jinny and Joseph Conners when Flash Morgan walks up.
Cut to now with Joseph and Jinny cutting a promo on Flash Morgan Webster. When are we getting them?
They let us know that the Higher Class always wins and in that they trust.

Noam Dar was interviewed during the break about being ejected. He thinks he should have got three chances before being booted.
Noam says he is pissed off and is going to take it out on Ilja Dragunov next week.

We see the video from last week that sets up this match where Teoman is bringing up that Oliver Carter is no where to be found at the PC.
We also see the clip of that nasty crossface move Teoman used last month that gave that nasty sound to dude’s arm and they play up the injury it caused.
Smith takes it to Teoman right away showing off his power to the shock and horror of Teoman.
Teoman finally gains control after pulling the ring skirt to trap Smith in it and repeatedly hit him with rights and lefts.
Teoman has started to focus his attack on the right arm and shoulder of Ashton Smith. They’re doing this to push his ability to damage and injure that body part with others.
Teoman is now going for the crossface for the first time in this one however, Smith is able to power our with a Suplex using his good left arm.
Crossface is finally locked in and Smith has to tap out. Thankfully we don’t get a repeat of that awful sound from the last time.
Post-match, Teoman taunts Smith then attacks him and puts the Crossface back on until Oliver Carter runs out to save his partner.

Ilja is now interviewed backstage about his match against Noam next week. He goes off on a tangent about truth this and truth that but doesn’t make much sense.

We see Jack Starz on the phone earlier this week before getting interviewed but Pretty Deadly come in with their belts instead.
Jack tells them he is not in the mood and snaps telling them he is tired of hearing their jokes when they are the joke.
They tell Jack that he has to earn something but he still needs a friend if he wants to face them.

Kenny is coming out in new gear and thout facial hair giving him a new start with Amir Jordan gone.
Williams is getting man handled by Wild but one eye rake later and Williams is in control. Williams, on his first attempt, only gets a 1 count.
Williams chop blocks the left knee of Wild with Williams now smelling the blood in the water and focus on it completely.
Really like seeing how Williams is able to finally be a full heel now.
Williams gets the pinfall victory after hitting his One Percenter variation finisher.

Now we are being told that Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura II will take place in two weeks. We get to hear from KLR telling us how showing respect got her no where.
Kay Lee Ray talks about how it was worth it to lose every friend she has to stand where she stands.
How great was it to see the WCW footage of Meiko Satomura from over 20 years ago?
Meiko says that the moment Kay Lee Ray kicked her, she stopped respecting KLR.

Video package now for Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown starting off with footage of their last meeting from February.
Rampage says his only prediction for the next match is Pain. He says he has respect for Joe but also won their last match.
Joe Coffey says he is going to mark Rampage up this time because this is his kingdom.

Love the trash talk before the bell leading to them locking up immediately after the ringing of the bell.
Really personal brawl so far with Nigel and Andy putting over their history while also reinforcing the gripes Gradwell has.
Seven hits a DDT on Gradwell which destroys the mohawk of Gradwell and Trent is now in control.
Someone tell Nigel that “Just slipped out the back door” is my code phrase for an accident in the pants, usually after a bad burrito.
Seven goes for a high risk move off the top which hurts his knee when Gradwell is no there upon landing. Gradwell sees the injury and immediately puts on a single leg crab.
Seven is able to reverse and puts his own Single Leg Crab on Gradwell’s surgically repaired leg.
What a sick Diving Forearm from Gradwell to Seven on the outside after Seven had just hit his head on the apron.
Gradwell was trying to throw Seven off the top turnbuckle to the outside but Seven is able to fight it off. Seven turns it around and hits the Superplex on Gradwell but only a two count on the pin attempt afterwards.
Seriously, Nigel really likes to say “out the back door” a lot.
Seven kicks out at the very last second after spitting his gum out on the mat following a sick forearm from Sam. Nigel and Andy play the gum off like it was a tooth but clearly was a piece of gum.
Gradwell flies into the boots of Seven then a massive Lariat but Gradwell finds a way to kick out just before the three.
Trash Talk has started again with Seven firing up Gradwell but gets the better of it with the burning hammer and the pinfall victory. Really good brawling main event match.

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