AEW AEW Dynamite


Inner Circle is celebrated, Orange Cassidy gives his answer to Kenny Omega, Dark Order take on Page and Sky, and much more.

People are in the ring so looks like we are starting off with a match and a packed house.

Darby has the ribs taped up and Bononi is using it as a target but the crowd is firing up Darby.
Tony Schiavone already wanting to call the TNT Championship the Television championship.
Bononi gains complete control by targeting the ribs of Darby. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky must be happy knowing they are going against a Senior Citizen and an injured Darby.
Darby is able to use a sleeper and the 4 count from Aubrey in order to get back into this one. Coffin Drop and he gets the three count for the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Darby calls out Ethan and Sky telling them he doesn’t want to get jumped from behind and fight now.
Sky says Double or Nothing it will be the end of one legend and the beginning of two more.
The Wingmen attack from behind and Sky and Page set up a pilmanizing until Dark Order comes out to save the day.
Sting and Darby are now in the ring with the Dark Order and they show a sign of respect with fist bumps.

Paul Wight comes out on Dynamite to a great ovation from the crowd as we head to a break before the weigh-in.
Back with Paul Wight hyping the crowd up before Ogogo and Rhodes come out. He tells us there will be no funny business.
QT Marshall has a microphone in hand to put over Ogogo before Wight tells him to shut up and tells Ogogo not to eyeball him.
Nightmare Factory students come out with Cody along with Dustin and their sister/ Red Velvet out there too.
Cody wanted to do this just so he could be in his underwear while hearing a crowd of women scream because of it.
Fireworks go off as Cody weighs in which apparently was for a team nearby winning a game.
The crowd is actually chanting Austin Powers towards Anthony Ogogo. Why not something like Mr. Bean instead?
QT doesn’t want the segment to end before letting us know this was somehow a victory by weighing one pound more than Cody.
Marshall and The Factory are not happy with the crowd going crazy for Cody and not Ogogo.
Cody now has a mic to first put over Paul Wight and tell us how much they love him.

Video package to put over Stadium Stampede between Inner Circle and Pinnacle showing off Inner Circle’s history in the match from last year.

Hobbs and Christian are fighting in the backstage area somewhere. Christian gets the better of it as they are pulled off by workers.

Page comes out even though the lower third tells us that Hangman couldn’t find the tunnel.
It really looks like this card tonight was designed to see how the crowd reacts to certain people compared to what the Internet Wrestling Community says about them.
We are told about an issue between Janela and Kiss from Dark where Joey didn’t help Sonny because of a headache.
Janela is going more heel now in the match as we go to a picture in picture break.
Back from the commercial break, Janela is in control but Hangman is starting to make his comeback as they slug it out on the hardest part of the ring.
Janela was pulling the tights of Hangman but still only able to get a two count.
Looks like Hangman’s head hit the mat hard after not making contact with the turnbuckle from the Janela Suplex.
Hangman hits the elbow drop from the top but can’t get the three count.
Buckshot Lariat from Hangman who is bleeding from the head BAD but gets the three count for the pinfall victory.
Post-match, Taz is going to cut a promo on him instead of getting the doctor to look at that gushing.
Brian Cage comes out but Hangman grabs a mic and tells Taz to shut up. He knows the plan and tells the rest to come out as Hangman expected.
Hangman plants the seeds saying he expected this from Taz but didn’t realize Cage needed these guys to beat him. Cage tells them to get out.
Great promo if not for the fact we are seeing a torrent of blood coming down the face of Page.

Kingston and Moxley start a promo but quickly, TSN at least, goes to a commercial cutting off the promo.
Back from the commercial break we get the promo now that was taped earlier today. They are putting the shoes they stole in the ground while telling us they want the belts.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to bring out Orange Cassidy to get his answer to Omega and Callis’ proposal but PAC is coming out instead.
PAC grabs the microphone and tells Tony to get out before apologizing to us since we were expecting Cassidy but he is irrelevant.
PAC says he is the only one who is relevant because he is going to be the one to become AEW Champion at Double or Nothing.
Callis comes on the screen saying he is not going to come out but PAC was ready and sees Omega coming out. Good Brothers come out to help Kenny until Penta and Fenix come out for the save.
Omega goes to put PAC in the One-Winged Angel but hit the music as Orange Cassidy comes out with Statlander and Best Friends providing backup.
Cassidy pulls out a paper “for Kenny” and hands it to Omega. The envelope is full of the contract ripped up. Orange Punch and Omega is out cold.
Cassidy goes to pick up the AEW World Title but PAC puts his foot on it. Orange Punch to PAC and Cassidy is standing tall with the World title.

We are seeing an interview from earlier today with Jade Cargill. Matt Hardy comes in again to try to recruit Jade Cargill.
Mark Sterling comes in to reveal that he is now representing Cargill. This could be a good partnership for both.

Some of these matches are also making me feel some of these wrestlers are put in matches because they won’t be on Double or Nothing.
Showcasing the power of Jade Cargill off right now. She slams King to the ring as we head to another Picture in Picture.
Back from the commercial break with JR’s voice sounding like it is about to break.
Sterling not happy that King took a swing at him after offering her his card.
Jaded from Jade and she gets the pinfall victory as we all expected.

Jake Roberts and Lance Archer say they don’t want Dante Martin but they want Miro.

The crowd really seems to be excited for Miro during his entrance. Will be interesting to see how they react to him throughout the match.
Crowd is loving the destruction so far but we will see how long that lasts. He is starting to show he doesn’t care about the crowd loving him trying to get the heat.
Dante actually gets the chance to go for a pin attempt but still only gets a one count.
Thrust Kick from Miro takes out Martin. Miro puts on the Clutch and gets the submission victory.
Post-match, Roberts and Archer come out on the stage letting Miro they don’t play fairy tales. He then tells Miro to shut the F up.
Miro’s microphone wasn’t on and when it finally comes on he tells Archer to go out from behind Roberts. We get the brawl but the refs come out to keep them apart.

Tony is now in the ring with Bryce holding the Women’s Championship as they bring out Hikaru Shida to honour her historic reign. She has her belt so begs the question as what is the belt Bryce is holding.
The belt is the new belt and looks a bit bigger than the old one.
Shida says that when she won the championship there were no fans and now they are all here. Nice she gets the moment with fans before losing to Britt on Sunday.
Speaking of Britt Baker, her music hits and she comes out on the stage.
Britt says she is the face of the women’s division and will be the face of a whole new era when she wins the belt.

Sammy Guevara comes out to do his cue card bit in the crowd during the next picture in picture commercial break.

Dark Order all come out but only Grayson and Uno stay for the match. The crowd is SOLIDLY behind Evil Uno in this one.
Nice change up to have Uno challenge for the Test of Strength but Sky putting his hands behind his back to show he’s not doing that.
Grayson tags in and ignores Page who is legal and jumps over the top to hit a DDT to the ring apron on Sky instead.
Sky hits a sweet swing in cutter on Grayson as we head to the picture in picture.
As we come back from the commercial break with Grayson being worked over by Page and Sky. Back flipping kick from Grayson gives him the space he needs to get the hot tag to Uno.
Cannonball and 450 combo from Dark Order but only a two count on Ethan Page.
Heel Hook locked into Grayson while Ethan Page hits the Razors Edge on Uno to get the pinfall victory. Good match when we knew what the result would be.
Post-match, Ethan Page grabs the microphone but doesn’t take long before Darby comes out with a bunch of people in sting masks. They look like the nightmare factory students from earlier tonight.

Eric Bischoff is next out getting a special introduction ahead of Inner Circle Celebration coming up after the break.
Bischoff says 25 years ago last night he introduced what would be one of the biggest factions in history on this very network. He then puts over that Inner Circle could take that title from the nWo.
Bischoff throws to a greatest hits of the Inner Circle package showing everything they’ve done.
Santana brings up October 2nd, 2019 when they created magic and standing stronger than ever.
Hager says show me the bad times and all the hard times they’ve had if this is the last time they stand together.
Sammy says he didn’t like when he was alone after quitting the Inner Circle and will do everything to prevent that from happening again.
How many 80s Hairband references were made during Jericho’s promo?
They give us the one-finger salute but then MJF shows up on the video screen from the stadium where they have Dean Malenko tied up. Pinnacle attack Inner Circle on the way and the fight is on.
Piledrivers to everyone but FTR put Santana and Ortiz through tables with theirs.
MJF and the Pinnacle are standing tall at the end of the show which can only mean we won’t be seeing the end of the Inner Circle.

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