Strictly Business is well represented as we hear from Kamille, Thom Latimer, and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis ahead of their title matches. Plus, we hear from NWA President William Patrick Corgan. And in a special PowerrrSurge Spotlight match, Sal Rinauro and Tim Storm team up to take on the father/son duo of Hawx Aerie!

So we open with May Valentine interviewing Kamille letting us know that she is facing Serena Deeb for the World Title at the PPV.
Kamille explains why she was really upset the last time about not being asked about herself instead of talking about Rosa.
May asks what Kamille thinks about Rosa calling Kamille a coward. Kamille says if she is a coward then Rosa is as well.

Corgan is now being interviewed by May about the situation with Murdoch and Nick. They talk about how Nick is underestimating Murdoch.
Corgan says that sometimes pushing people as Nick has done will motivate people that would normally just carry on their way.
Corgan then says he has told everyone that anyone could be the champion.
Billy is saying that NWA is here to give people opportunities while naming all those they have given opportunities to in NWA.

We get a promo for When Our Shadows Fall where they point out Kylie Rae is coming to the NWA to team with Taryn Terrell against Rosa and Melina for some reason.

Kamille and Latimer are now being interviewed about their loyalty to Strictly Business. Do we really need another Kamille interview on the same show?
They state that Nick’s comments was about everyone else being unsafe from them and not that their spots in strictly business.
Latimer is asked about wanting to get the NWA Tag Team Titles back without mentioning his former partner who no longer works for NWA.
Latimer then puts over Adonis as a good new partner for him even though we know how mad they were about him losing the last match.

Man, how long has it been since we’ve seen Luke and PJ in NWA? Really liked the potential of these two when they first debuted on NWA.
Sal tags himself in as this match is obviously being used to build Sal and Storm as a team together.
Have to agree with the commentary team about Luke Hawx looking very young still.
Stunner from Sal but Luke is able to get back to his corner allowing PJ to tag in.
Hot tag to Tim Storm but PJ is able to easily break up the pin attempt.
Storm hits a roll of the dice on PJ sending him to the outside.
Sal gets the blind tag and gets the pinfall victory after Tim hits the Eye of the Storm.
Post-match, Tim seems unsure what to make of Sal tagging in to get the pinfall.

We get the typical PowerrrSurge recap of the events from the past few Powerrr episodes. Can’t believe they actually showed that terrible finish between War Kings and the End.

Nick Aldis is now being interviewed about holding his “long” title reign even though it has a HUGE asterisk that goes with it.
Just pretty much Nick rehashing everything he’s said on Powerrr recently. Nothing special and nothing that makes me want to watch Murdoch vs. Aldis more than I already did.

Back to May Valentine interviewing Billy Corgan about Kamille’s chances of beating Serena Deeb for the NWA World’s Title.
Why would Adonis actually drop the National Title so soon after winning it to get in the Battle Royal? Just terrible booking that makes them look dumb.

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