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Alexander vs TJP in an Ironman Match for the X-Division Title on BTI, Moose vs Sami, Kojima vs Deaner, KO Tag Team Champions Fire 'N Flava defend against Grace & Ellering, Jake Something vs Rohit Raju in a Tables Match, plus more!

Starting the Soundoff with BTI this week for the Alexander and TJP Iron Man Match.

We get a commercial break within the first minute. Not a major complaint but makes me think of NXT production when they do that.
We are back with five minutes passed and still even but TJP has Josh in a leg lock on the mat.
Back and forth mat wrestling as one would expect from these two at the start of an Iron Man Match. I suspect we have another commercial break before the first fall.
TJP gets his head driven into the mat both times he tries to do his Headstand Escape. Eventually, TJP counters into a Muta Lock but Alexander is able to fight it off.
Here comes that commercial break right on cue as Alexander is hitting a series of Suplexes on TJP.
Back from the commercial break at the 40th minute with TJP trying to do the face wash to Josh who works to fight him off and get a pinfall.
Why is Hebner counting when he could have just used the clock they had on the screen in the studio so it was actually 30 seconds and not longer? Just boring watching Hebner practice his counting.
First time I have seen Alexander wrestle without the headgear as it has come off just before Alexander uses an illegal stretch with the ropes on TJP. Once he breaks after the four count, Petey helps Josh put the headgear back on.
At the halfway mark of the match, Alexander is in control of the match coming back from this commercial break which means it is TJP’s turn to make his comeback.
TJP doing everything he can to put pressure on Alexander and can’t get the pinfall so moves into the Muta Lock. Alexander can’t fight it off this time but won’t tap out and gets to the rope when TJP readjusts.
Another commercial break with 20 minutes left in the match as Alexander drops TJP onto the top turnbuckle, face first.
During the commercial break, TJP is able to make a comeback and is now in control with 15 minutes left in the match and no more commercial breaks during BTI.
I have never understood why some referees in some promotions stop the count during a double count-out when only one of the wrestlers gets back in the ring. Still keep the count until both get back in.
Josh Alexander was going to hit a move on TJP on the ramp but Petey, Sabin, and Trey come out to tell him not to do it.
TJP is able to use the time to recover and hit a move on Alexander on the stage.
We are seeing a lot of the locker room coming out of the back and into the ringside area to watch the match. Why haven’t they been doing this the whole time?
TJP takes too long on the Mamba Splash and Alexander gets out of the way but he is busted up.
Sam Beale comes out with Brian Myers with Beale taking notes to push the idea of these two teaming up.
TJP this time takes off the headgear of Alexander as he is hanging upside down in the tree of woe and hits the facewash on him repeatedly.
Springboard DDT from TJP but Alexander is able to kick out. Alexander kicks out even stronger on the next attempt after a code breaker variation.
Detonation Kick out of the Ankle Lock but TJP still can’t get a pinfall on Alexander. Mamba Splash is hit but yet ANOTHER kick out by Alexander at two.
Two minutes left on the lock with TJP setting in the figure four leg lock variation in the middle of the ring. Alexander gets out of it by grabbing the closest foot of TJP and puts on his own Ankle Lock.
With two seconds left, TJP bridges back and gets the pinfall on Alexander to give us a tie.
TJP ties it 1-1
We are going to Over Time for next fall wins. We all knew this was going to go to Sudden Death with it starting on BTI.
Moonsault from Josh Alexander but TJP is able to kick out with just before the three. Alexander finally takes out TJP to retain with the Divine Intervention and a pinfall victory.
ALEXANDER wins 2-1
A slow start to the match but really picked up in the last 20-30 minutes.
Post-match, everyone at ringside shows respect to the exhausted two in the ring.

We hear Callis and Good Brothers talking about their plan working when they realize a camera is watching them and chase it off.

Alexander and Williams are being interviewed backstage. Eddie Edwards come over to congratulate him before TJP and Fallah come over and TJP says thank you.
Scott D’Amore then comes in to congratulate both men for the performance.
Josh Alexander just said he is the King of the Mountain more than once. Do you think we get a King of the Mountain match?
Trey, Ace, Petey, and Bey all want to be the next to challenge him so Scott walks away.

Rohit Raju heads to the outside to regroup as Jake Something is taking it to him early on. Seems like a good time to take a commercial break.
Back from the break with Rohit and Jake Something going back and forth on the outside flirting with one of the tables out there.
The fluid counters and crisp moves from these two is evidence of what can be done by two people who have trained together for a long time.
Rohit finally is able to get Jake Something laid out on a table at ringside but Something gets up the minute Rohit climbs the turnbuckles.
Sick Double Stomp through the chairs by Rohit on Jake Something.
Black Hole Slam from Jake Something to counter Rohit before hitting a second one but doesn’t go to put Rohit through a table at that point.
Jake Something gets the win after no selling a chair shot to his head and spearing Rohit through the table in the corner.

Morrissey is seen asking Scott D’Amore for a match against Swann tonight. Scott says Swann already asked for one against Morrissey so it’s coming up next.
Scott then tells Morrissey he has a lot of moxie and that’s something you can’t teach.

Rosemary is cutting a great promo on taking the Knockouts Title back to the darkness where it belongs.
Havok walks in letting Rosemary know that her sights are set on the Knockouts Title regardless if they have been on the same side.
This all leads to Havok vs. Rosemary for the shot at Deonna at Against All Odds.

Rich Swann does his usual entrance but Morrissey takes the opportunity to come out and attack Swann from behind before the match officially starts.
Security eventually come out to try to stop the beat down but he attacks them. Mack comes out with a Chair to try and even the odds but has no real impact on Morrissey.
Morrissey just leaves while keeping his eyes on Mack and nodding his head.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K come up on Rachael Ellering backstage to give her a pitch to be a tag team partner.
Jordynne Grace walks in to interrupt things, which Rachael was very happy about as it meant she didn’t have to answer Tenille.

We are getting a video for Brian Myers starting to work on improving Sam Beale into a Professional Wrestler. Why DOES Sam Beale have two pairs of Sunglasses.
Brian Myers tells Sam Beale to never smell his fingers during an entrance again before showing him how to do a professional entrance.
Sam asks Brian why he wears a mask when he’s had both shots. Brian says it is not that type of mask and walks off.

Deonna is being interviewed by Gia about the Havok vs. Rosemary match where we find out that if Havok wins it will be a triple threat and not Havok replacing Rosemary.
Deonna says the odds will forever be in her favour but doesn’t seem to sure of herself.

I think we all expect that this will progress or be a heel turn for Jordynne Grace. Not sure if it will be during or after the match.
With how well Tasha and Kiera have been booked, you just have to know that Tasha is happy to be out of NWA and Impact. Remember when NWA tried to make her a face?
Nice double-team series from Grace and Ellering with the splash and leg drop from the corner.
How convenient that it took the referee EXACTLY as much time to get Grace out of the ring as it took for Kiera to cheat?
Muscle Buster from Grace into the Powerbomb by Ellering on Tasha was a really cool move.
Kiera Hogan holds Jordynne Grace down while Tasha hits the Splash from the top to get the pinfall victory and retain as Rachael was taken out.

Sami Callihan is cutting a video promo about how he is a different breed and is not afraid of Moose.
Sami channels his silent rage as Don Callis walks in to stir the pot and try to play on all the stuff people say about Sami.
When Don is finished Sami just says “Go” telling Callis to leave.

We see a video for someone drinking Jameson and it ends up being Steve Cutler now known as Macklin.

Fire N Flava are now bragging about beating everyone to Scott D’Amore when Kimber Lee and Susan come out. Scott makes the match for Against All Odds.

I like how the announcers even put over why Deaner likely isn’t going to win this one and how it is likely not what Violent By Design’s plan is for this match. Good foreshadowing.
Eddie Edwards comes out with his Kendo stick to keep VBD out of the match allowing Kojima to get the pinfall victory
Post-match, Eddie Edwards gets in the ring immediately to prevent VBD from jumping Kojima.

Moose then cuts a promo when Don Callis walks in and tries the same thing with him as he did with Sami earlier.

Violent By Design is cutting a promo on Eddie Edwards getting involved when Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus come in laughing.
Eric Young says he trained Steve to be better than that but Steve talks them into making Decay vs. VBD for the tag titles. They suggest Freebird rules with Deaner being in the match.

Seeing as we have more than 20 minutes left in the show it means we get the entrances for the Main Event before we have another commercial break.
When we come back from the commercial, surprisingly, the match is already in progress. Better than making wrestlers who have a beef wait 4 minutes across from each other without fighting.
Moose goes flying into the Barricades at ringside after Sami gets out of the way of the Killshot Spear attempt.
I am not a fan of a referee stopping their count randomly when the wrestlers are still on the outside. That’s why I liked that Brian Hebner at least went to stop Sami from doing an illegal hold. Little things go a long way.
They’re finally back in the ring after we come back from the commercial break with Moose selling his arm which apparently Sami worked over during the break.
Someone needs to break Brian Hebner of the Scoop Swing habit on the three count. Every referee should be doing the Hold count like Bryce does in AEW.
Piledriver’s always looked sick but when a guy does it to someone the size of Moose, it looks even more so.
The match ends with Good Brothers come out to attack and hits a magic killer on Sami before laying the boots on Moose.
Callis and Omega come out slowly after the beat down has Moose and Sami down and out.
Backstage, The Good Brothers, Omega, and Callis are celebrating as Scott comes up to them. Callis sends the wrestlers away.
Scott suggests that the Main Event of Against All Odds should now be a triple threat. Callis says that Sami is on the blacklist of TK and they won’t agree but Scott says TK will be here next week to talk about it. Good ending.

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