AEW AEW Dynamite


Going to start off with fire as we are seeing the tag match start it.

Announcers are talking up that Fenix was taken out earlier today by the Bucks and saying they don’t want to show the footage and condone it. They do play up the possibility it will be on BTE.
They show Nakazawa at ringside but Kazarian comes out of nowhere to attack him and the Good Brothers chase him off leaving just Cutler at ringside for the Bucks.
What great selling by Nick Jackson after the Thrust Kick by Penta. Great follow-up to have Matt tag back in only to meet the same Thurst kick.
Nick Jackson really did look like he landed in a very painful way off that suplex.
That diving dropkick from Penta definitely looked like it was a little low on Matt Jackson.
What a sick-looking assisted Destroyer from Penta but then Matt Jackson had to do his Destroyer from outside to the inside to show him up.
When was the last time that a bad match opened AEW Dynamite?
Penta had a second mask on after Nick Jackson ripped his main mask off. Fear Factor Piledriver from Penta then the Black Arrow from PAC but it is broken up just in time.
Cutler hits PAC in the knee with his camera behind Knox’s back leading to the pinfall victory when Penta couldn’t break up the pin in time.
Post-match, Kingston comes out to stop the Bucks from taking out Penta with a V Trigger. Liking they are coming full circle with the Kingston and Death Triangle story.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring after the commercial break talking about Rampage starting in two months before bringing out Mark Henry.
I just saw that Zicky Dice is at ringside. Please tell me he is on Dark. That will actually get me to watch a match or two.
Henry says he is not there to fix anything as there is nothing broken in AEW. Tony then asks Mark if he will get back in the ring. Mark won’t say yes yet but says he has a lot left in the tank.
Vicki comes out to interrupt the proceedings and says she is introducing her new client. The crowd is reacting great with her before finding out the new signing is ANDRADE!

If AEW history has taught me anything, I have to ask, how long until Lee Johnson turns on Cody Rhodes?
The late 90s Canadian Wrestling fan in me will always be weirded out praising TSN for presenting wrestling better than another network. Just makes me want to have a shower admitting.
Cody taking it to QT Marshall after coming back from the picture-in-picture commercial break. Cody even uses the entrance ramp for some extra momentum.
Frog Splash from Ogogo to Cody who had QT Marshall in the figure four allowing QT to get the Diamond Cutter in but only a two count.
Aaron Solow comes out to distract Bryce allowing Ogogo to come in and get the sucker punch right to Cody. QT Marshall falls down on Cody to get the pinfall victory.
Post-match, QT Marshall grabs a microphone complaining about Tony Schiavone for some reason.

Video package putting over Stadium Stampede II from Double or Nothing this past Sunday. This leads to Inner Circle coming out for their “Victory Lap”
Those shirts from the Inner Circle reminded me about the one’s last year that said they were the winners but actually lost. I wish I had pulled the trigger on one of those.
Sammy talks about how great it was that he went from doing 650’s off of his mom’s roof to doing it to win the main event on PPV.
Santana brings up that they didn’t accomplish anything at Double or Nothing but keep themselves together. He is pointing out that they still have to face these guys in the hall. He calls out FTR for trying to end his career.
Hager then makes my jaw drop a bit by making a challenge to Wardlow in two weeks inside an MMA cage since he’s never lost in an MMA Cage.
Jericho says that until he can end and cripple MJF’s career like MJF tried to do to him, Jericho won’t be happy.

We get a video promo from Best Friends, Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander about Cassidy’s performance in the World Title match. They bring up how Omega cheated to win.
Cassidy ends it by saying “If you think this is over, it’s not.”
Cut to Marvez coming in to an edit suite with Callis, Omega, Nakazawa. They are saying that they will have footage next week to prove they didn’t cheat.
Omega then says he is not worried about Jungle Boy being his next challenger. They say they even love his music before cutting into humming it.

I really love when they use eliminations in a battle royal to create match ups on the next week or two of tv shows. Great use of Battle Royals.
The fancy street clothes-looking gear of Private Party is quickly growing on me. If they can still hit the moves, I’m all for unique stuff like that.
Christian Cage gets hung up on the rope while Aubrey is distracted giving Private Party control of the match as we head to a commercial break.
Nice heel spot after the commercial break with Private Party giving us the old-school Edge and Christian 5 Second Pose.
Hot tag to Jungle Boy and he is like a house on fire taking out both members of Private Party. The crowd is really behind Jungle Boy.
Thumb to the eye of Jungle Boy and a hand full of tights still can’t put Jungle Boy away.
Christian stops the Gin and Juice allowing Jungle Boy to put on the Snare Trap to get the submission victory.
Post-match, Matt Hardy hits a twist of fate on Christian Cage on the ramp while Jungle Boy is celebrating the victory in the ring.

We get a video promo from Team Taz about Hangman Page beating Cage at Double or Nothing. They tell him to pick a partner and face Cage and Hobbs next week.
Starks seems disgusted with what is happening and walks off during the Promo.

Tony Schiavone is now in the ring to bring out Sting and Darby. Likely out to promote the new Sting/Darby t-shirt they are both wearing.
Sting says he has had a lot of incredible experiences in wrestling but Double or Nothing is a night he will never forget. Huge “You stil Got It” chant from the crowd.
We now are seeing Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky clapping on the big screen before cutting a promo about Sting dragging Darby Allin through the match.
They then challenge Darby to find a partner other than Sting to see if he can still get a win over them.

Tony is now in the ring with a bunch of the AEW Dark heel crew for Britt Baker’s Championship Ceremony.
No Crutch for Rebel this week for the first time in a while. Britt then calls herself La Champion instead of Le Champion.
Britt Baker goes on to tease the crowd with free burger coupons but actually still has them. She says she deserves them as she put in the work and no one else.
Nyla Rose grabs the burgers and then walks off while popping the balloons. Looks like we may have a former champion wanting her belt back.

Marvez is interviewing Eddie Kingston but Pac and Penta come in to tell Eddie they don’t need his help and they don’t want it.
Eddie just tells them that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and walks off.

Am I the only one that wants to see Rosemary show up at some time during a Bunny match?
Bunny tries to get the advantage by jumping Velvet from behind to start the match but Velvet sees it coming.
Velvet goes flying to the outside and lands very awkwardly that had Knox concerned enough to get to the outside immediately but Velvet gets right up.
Bunny only gets a two count but still in control when we head to the picture-in-picture commercial break.
Back from the commercial break with Red Velvet hitting a stunner on Bunny but only able to get a two count with the fold over pin attempt.
Blade hands Brass Knuckles to Bunny but Red Velvet hits Just Desserts instead and gets the pinfall victory.

Evil Uno and the Dark Order are cutting a promo backstage about John Silver’s birthday who gives a TNT Title Shot he has earned to Evil Uno.
Miro then is talking about how his Wife is hot and that he found out he has to face Evil Uno tonight. He says this will be a teachable lesson that you don’t come after Miro unless you think you can survive.

They are letting us know that this is a regular Bull Rope Match as a Texas Bull Rope Match is where one has to touch all four turnbuckles to win. This match only requires a pinfall or submission to win.
Doesn’t take long for Dustin Rhodes to start using the bell on the rope to work over Comoroto.
Fuego Del Sol, for some reason, jumps on the back of Comoroto when the two are fighting in the crowd.
Aaron Solow comes out but gets taken out by Dustin Rhodes before he can do anything. The distraction, however, is enough for Comoroto to regain the advantage.
Here are the black gloves as Comoroto is busted open. Had to expect the colour in a Bull Rope Match.
Back from the commercial break, Aaron Solow is setting up a table while Comoroto and Dustin are fighting on the edge of the ring.
Comoroto avoids the kick from Dustin Rhodes and puts him into the powerbomb through the table that Solow had set up.
Solow is now taking the turnbuckle off. After he exposes it, Colton Gunn comes out to take out Aaron Solow.
Final Reckoning from Dustin Rhodes but Comoroto kicks out before the two. This builds to Dustin trying to get Comoroto off his feet but can’t until Comoroto goes headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle.
Bulldog from the turnbuckle by Dustin Rhodes letting him get the pinfall victory in an old-school style match.

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