NWA Powerrr


On this special season premiere of NWA Powerrr, Strictly Business celebrates their newest champion, La Rebelión make their Powerrr debut, Pope puts his NWA World Television Title on the line against Luke Hawx, and much more!

NWA opens up with Billy Corgan and Mickie James at the podium to announce they are going to have an All Women’s PPV.
Mickie James says she doesn’t care if they are signed elsewhere, she is going to try to get them on the show.

Joe Galli is opening the show proper after the intro to introduce the NEW NWA Women’s World Champion, Kamille.
Kamille says she was going to take it easy but that is not her style. She asked to be put in the Main Event tonight.
Without saying what the match will be she moves on to bring out Latimer who tells Galli to settle down about Aldis. Galli tries to make it back about Kamille but Latimer pushes him out of the way to kiss Kamille.
Galli is actually standing up to the Bully that is Thom Latimer but Latimer just brings out Adonis and Nick Aldis. Aldis getting booed by the crowd.
Aldis is threatening Galli but he is having none of it and mentions that Aldis got fined $25,000 for his attack on the official.
Tim Storm comes over and has a quick chat with Galli before taking over the interview. Storm brings up the National Title situation with Adonis saying he still considers himself the National Champion.
Aldis is talking about Corgan making Conspiracies to stop Strictly Business but it doesn’t work since they keep having championships.
We are hearing that there will be two triple threat matches to determine who would fight for the National Title. Adonis and Latimer are in one of the triple threats with Parrow.

May Valentine is now backstage interviewing AEW Wrestler and former NWA Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb, about her loss to Kamille. No comment on if she will be back regularly.

They are putting over how close Pope is getting to the magic 7 defenses to get a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold.
Typical back and forth between Pope and Hawx so far with both getting in some offense even if we have a strong belief that Pope is going to defend.
Hawx has started to focus his attack on the ribs area of Pope’s back and chest with just under 2 minutes to go.
I know it is a cool looking effect to put into wrestling but have we not learned not to just spit randomly in the air, even if you are vaccinated?
Elijah Express by Pope and he gets the pinfall victory.
Post-match, PJ looks after his dad but Pope comes over to offer a handshake in a sign of good sportsmanship.

May Valentine and Kyle Davis are at the podium now to push the NWA Merchandise sold on the NWA website when a masked guy comes up.
The masked man says he doesn’t need to introduce himself. He is out here though because he is SUPPOSED to be out here.
The Masked Man says he is the newest signee to the National Wrestling Alliance. He says he only has to answer the questions to Corgan.
The Masked Man says he has no respect for anyone in the back and that when he comes out to the ring we will see something special.

Lady Frost is making her NWA in ring debut here and she is giving a good showing to start. Taryn ends up rolling to the outside to the podium.
Taryn gets on the microphone while the referee is counting her out. Taryn says she is not in the mood but Lady Frost leaves the ring to chase her.
Taryn eventually gets back in the ring after lady Frost gets back in first.
Taryn Terrell gets the pinfall by making Frost think she can leave and rolls Frost up the minute she turns her back to her. Good job to get Taryn over as a heel.

Austin Idol and his client come out to the podium to talk about the loaded hand of Idol’s Client without mentioning that it was loaded at the PPV.
They bring out a guy that looks like a small version of Cedric Alexander. BLKJeez is his name apparently and he is asking Idol and his Client to speak privately that could make them all money.

May Valentine in the back again to interview Trevor Murdoch. She is telling him how much she wanted to see him win.
Murdoch talks about how he was screwed over all over the place but thought he would have a chance in the NWA.
Trevor says he is a man without direction as he thinks it is just not in his cards to win the Championship. His best just doesn’t get him what he wants.

Did Velvet Sky, a retired pro wrestler, seriously tell Galli to stop putting their lives in danger by upseting the wrestlers? If an announcer with no fighting background can stand up, why can’t a trained wrestler like Velvet?
The End attack the minute Rebelion gets in the ring and before the bell starts to make sure they have the advantage to start the match.
Amazing to see how well Parrow and Odinson are keeping up with the AAA team’s speed. Love seeing big men who can move at such high speeds.
Both teams are fighting in the ring ignoring the count by the referee who calls for a No Contest or Double DQ.
Post-match, The End stand tall before heading to the commentary table until La Rebelion gets back to their feet and attack on the outside. Brawl continues to the back. Best tag team segment since the return.

Aldis is now coming out with flowers to start the coronation of Kamille who comes out behind him. She is not dressed to wrestle, though.
Melina comes out and throws her shoes before getting in the face of Kamille in the ring with Aldis disgusted.
Jennacide comes out to grab Melina and get her out of the ring to the surprise of everyone. Wasn’t really an attack but Jennacide ends up raising the arm of Kamille.
They leave the ring and that is it. Really? That is Kamille’s big coronation?

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