Opening up with a video package to hype the TakeOver In Your House card putting over the fact this is the go-home edition.

We see footage that was on Twitter earlier today of Lorcan and Dunne brawling with Theory and Gargano to explain the reason for this match.
Theory was in control but made the mistake of taunting Lorcan. Oney makes him pay for it so much that Theory has to check his teeth are all still in place.
Pete Dunne comes out as we are heading to a commercial break. Would love to be able to see what happens in the picture-in-picture… SPORTSNET!
Back from the commercial break, Johnny Gargano has apparently come down to even the odds. Theory is making a comeback… to the delight of the crowd. Theory is actually being treated as the face in this one.
What a beautiful Spanish Fly variation by Austin Theory. Really liked him using the ropes to make it a Springboard Spanish Fly.
Gargano and Dunne come to blows on the outside as both Lorcan and Theory are on the mat. The refs come out to pull Dunne and Gargano apart but are just held at the top of the stage.
Lorcan gets the pinfall victory after Theory was distracted by the goings ons on the ramp. Weird finish but a good match.

Off to a video promo from LA Knight who is coming out of a shower. Women seem to be fully dressed while handing him a housecoat and a drink.
They head to the hot tub where the girls give us the worst fake laughter since Joey on Friends.

Oh. My. God. We have Michael Hayes as Dok Hendrix doing a breakdown of the In Your House card.

Sponsored Video Package to highlight last week’s NXT Tag Team Championship match with Reed taking out Escobar allowing MSK to retain.
Legado Del Fantasma are now in the ring so Escobar can cut a promo on Reed in Spanglish.
Bronson Reed doesn’t need to hear anymore and out he comes out to make some immature toilet humour. Is Vince writing bits for NXT now? Seeing it play over and over on all the screens was kind of funny though.
Escobar tells Reed to get in the ring and try doing it again which Reed is happy to accept. MSK aren’t going to give Fantasma the chance to outnumber Reed and come out.
Escobar challenges them to a 3-on-3 match with all the titles on the line. The winning team takes the Tag Titles and the North American Title. Love it, actually.
Hit Row then comes out and they may want to get in on this as well. Why don’t NXT just introduce Trios belts before AEW does it?
Hit Row walks past Legado Del Fantasma and looks like Swerve actually could be having a match as he’s in full gear.
Hit Row goes face to face with Reed and MSK before waving them off to tell them to get going.
Yup, we see the graphic as Scott is taking on Dain after this commercial break.

Good heel work from Hit Row with Swerve slapping Killian before sliding out and getting behind the crew. Dain then looks to go flying at all of them so they just move out of the way forcing Dain to stop.
B-Fab distracts Dain long enough for Swerve to take out Killian’s legs.
Ashante Adnois pulls out a ziplock full of popcorn to show how much he is enjoying seeing Swerve in control. Really like the character work from Hit Row.
All the distractions in the world will only work so much as Dain’s power helps him make the comeback against Swerve.
Ashante touches the leg of Dain leading to Maverick taking him out until Top Dolla takes Maverick out. Dain and Top Dolla get in each others face allowing Swerve to take advantage and get the pinfall victory.

We see the screaming girl, Poppy, arriving backstage She doesn’t know you’re not meant to look at the camera when walking backstage.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell are being interviewed about how everyone is talking about Poppy and not them.
Indi mentions what Dexter did last week saying she is going to go find him. She runs off to the disdain of Candice.

Time to see Cameron Grimes swimming in his pool before cutting a promo between someone’s legs. He then uses a bill to light a cigar that makees him almost puke.
Grimes says he is going to concentrate on taking that million dollar legacy… to the moon.

Mercedes Martinez is coming out for her match but Xia Li attacks her from behind instead to push their match at TakeOver.
Xia Li throws Martinez in the ring where Martinez’s opponent and the referee are waiting for the match.
Martinez is able to make a comeback but instead of staying in the ring she chases Xia Li and throws her over the barricade.

Martinez gets in the ring and tells them to ring the bell before destroying her opponent in a matter of seconds for the pinfall victory.

Fandango and Tyler Breeze are being interviewed about Imperium announcing they are targeting them on their way to the titles.

William Regal and Triple H are giving Poppy praise backstage before asking when her new album will drop. She says right now and puts out her album by pressing a button on her phone.
Dexter Lumis walks up and gives Poppy a drawing of her that she seems to like as she hugs Dexter right as Indi walks in.
Indi runs off crying as Triple H says that was awkward. Great stuff.

Cameron Grimes drives up before LA Knight drives in at the same time and they argue before a guard tells them that Dibiase is waiting for them in the ring.
I really loved the back and forth between Knight and Grimes. They’re hilarious.
Knight throws the money Grimes in his hand so he can come out first but it leads to Grimes cutting the music before LA Knight can do his crowd work.
Dibiase is telling them that it is time that they climb the ladder of success and they lower a ladder from the roof to make the TakeOver match a Ladder match.
Cameron Grimes cuts a great promo about that no one matches him inside the ring before asking Ted what he is supposed to reach for at the top of the ladder.
The Guards bring in the briefcase with the thing we all know is in it. Like who didn’t know this would be a Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship? Still a beauty belt.

Backstage Regal and security are holding Kyle O’Reilly and Karrion Kross apart before they send us to a commercial.

Ever-Rise are letting us know that they will be hosting the Pre-Pre-Show for TakeOver on Sunday.

Gibson and Grey are starting off against each other while Grey’s partner stands on the apron with his jacket still on.
Apparently, Jiro wrestles in the jacket. This is what happens when I stop watching 205 live.
Near the end of the match, Ciampa and Thatcher come out with chairs and sit at the bottom of the ramp. This is enough to distract GYV so that Grey can get a tag and gain an advantage.
Ticket To Mayhem on Grey and Grizzled Young Veterans picks up the pinfall victory while staring right at Ciampa and Thatcher.
Post-match, Grizzled Young Veterans grab a mic to tell Ciampa and Thatcher that they are done with them.
Ciampa says they don’t get a title shot unless they go through them. Gibson says screw tag rules and next week they have a Tornado Tag match.
Ciampa says they love Tornados and they are on. Thatcher tells them that he is going to enjoy breaking their limbs.

We see footage from 2 weeks ago of Oney Lorcan taking our Bobby Fish in his first match back.
Fish is then seen working out with a punching bag letting Lorcan know that he hasn’t forgotten about him.

Candice LeRae comes out alone to cut a promo on how sick she is hearing about Poppy. Candice now refers to Dexter as Indi’s man to push more reasons why they hate Poppy.
Poppy then comes out to her very own entrance which is obviously one of her songs. She has a microphone in hand. She says she doesn’t wrestle but knows someone who does.
Io Shirai’s music then hits and she comes out to make her return. Poppy helps Io take off her entrance jacket before Shirai attacks Candice in the ring.
Poppy and Io Shirai stand tall in the ring after sending Candice packing.

Another Slam Jam Update with Dok Hendrix to go over the changes and new additions to the TakeOver In Your House card.
Anyone else happy to see Xia Li finally getting a match on a TakeOver after all the hard work she has put in?

We see footage from moments ago as Io Shirai and Poppy were getting backstage as Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai were about to come out.

Really excited to see what Dakota and Ember do here knowing that they’ve pretty much come up through the indies together.
Sick spot before the commercial break as Dakota sends Ember head first into the Ringpost.
Back from the break with Ember Moon making her comeback as is typical when they are the ones in trouble as we go to a break. Stuff like this needs to get changed up.
Interesting summersault Stunner from Ember Moon. Always nice to see slight variations to overused moves.
Ember gets the better of Raquel when Gonzalez goes for the attack behind the refs back. Dakota gets caught up by Moon on the ropes as she comes for the attack setting up Moon taking out both on the outside.
Moon goes for the Eclipse off the top but Gonzalez causes the DQ by booting Moon off the top.
Post-match, Moon gets in the ring to take out Gonzalez but the numbers get the better of Moon until Moon hits a cutter out of the chokeslam by Gonzalez.
Eclipse from Ember Moon on Raquel Gonzalez to lay her out and have Moon stand tall. We know what that means for the Title match on Sunday, right?

Video promo from Karrion Kross about the face-to-face with everyone tonight before the five-way match on Sunday.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are in the ring with William Regal reading him the riot act but Kross has none of it.
O’Reilly comes out first with Regal not happy with what he knows is about to explode in the CWC.
Gargano is next out getting up on the commentary table to try to get Kross to not let Kyle talk about Kross the WAY he just did.
Kross calls Gargano a mark after Johnny says Kross is not the most graceful in the ring. Pete Dunne is next out to interrupt.
Cole is last to show up but he doesn’t even show up as he is on the screen. Cole says he already beat Kross by Kross not doing anything after Cole embarrassed him verbally last week.
Cole brings up that he doesn’t have to beat Kross to become champion. He brings up how he has already beat Dunne and Gargano.
Security is no match after Kyle slaps Kross and the four are in the ring with Kross getting the best of EVERYONE. Eventually, security holds Kross long enough for the other three to hit moves on him.
Kross still stands tall after striking Kyle in the back of the head until, that is, we see the foot come into the shot as Cole made his way out to Superkick Kross and stall tall in the end.

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