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The AEW and IMPACT Summit, Morrissey vs. Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering, Rosemary vs. Havok and MORE!

Tuning into the Twitch Stream as Deaner and Crazzy Steve are doing battle on BTI. VBD is at ringside as is Decay. Crazzy Steve gets the pinfall victory after a diving DDT.

Opening with the usual previously on… video package. This week we see the Iron Man Match highlights, Sami Callihan and Moose getting attacked by The Elite, and that TK is coming to Impact.

Scott D’Amore is in the ring to start the show to clear the air and brings out Tony Khan who is in full Forbidden Door Tony look. Right down to complaining that he didn’t an AEW microphone.
Don Callis decides to come out and join the Summitt before anything can be said about Sami possibly being added to the match.
Don Callis talks about how TK wants to protect his investments. Don says there is no better investment than Kenny Omega. Callis tries to push that Sami Callihan is hated around the world by promotions and brings up the bat incident.
Callis makes a Snuka reference saying he and Scott had to hand over briefcases to cover up Sami stuff.
Scott and TK whisper to each other before Scott mentions that it will be Kenny Omega vs. Moose, one-on-one at Against All Odds.
TK is now bringing up how Kenny needs to compete in Daly’s Place as it is a great venue for wrestling over the last year. TK says that the match will actually take place THERE so Sami won’t be there.
Don Callis seems happy, wait for the shoe to drop though. Scott says that who wins between Moose and Kenny Omega will defend against Sami at Slammiversary. Don is pissed.

Backstage, we now have Good Brothers, Don Callis and Kenny Omega are talking with Don telling Good Brothers to take people out.
Scott D’Amore happens to walk in just at that moment hearing it all, obviously. D’Amore says Good Brothers are facing Sami Callihan and a partner of his choice in Nashville at Against All Odds in a street fight. Who talks about putting a hit out on someone in front of a live camera?

Chapter Two of Brian Myers turning Sam Beale into a professional wrestler. He says a Match is a Promo and a Promo is a match.
Brian Myers gets pissed off when Sam Beale starts putting over Matt Cardona instead of putting him down. Good mention of Chelsea.

Scott D’Amore is about to talk about Don Callis being put front and center but Sami comes in thinking he is getting screwed.
Tommy Dreamer walks in and offers himself as Sami’s partner. He says he will never be his friend but they both hate Don Callis.
Sami says what the hell because no matter what happens he will get to beat up Dreamer if he screws up.
Scott doesn’t like how Dreamer talked about Don Callis since Don is still an EVP as well as Dreamer apologizing while waving a finger in his face.

I know there is a lot of people talking about favourite entrances and themes but Rosemary and Decay have to be at the top of that discussion, for me personally.
Rosemary starts the match with Two Spears but can only get a two count on Havok. Rosemary continues the offense locking in a Bridging Chin Lock.
Havok eventually can power her way back and gain control just as we head to a commercial break.
Back with Havok having Rosemary in a Full Nelson but Rosemary is holding on.
Even back and forth now but Rosemary hits the fourth spear and puts all her weight on Havok to get the pinfall victory. We don’t get the triple threat match that one expects from this.
Post-match, Rosemary gets up close and personal signally that she may want to be a team in Decay but Deonna and company come out and attack.
Susan calls them freaks before calling out Tasha and Kiera wanting their match right now. We go to a commercial as Tasha and Kiera come out.

You can’t get more “Karen” than telling two other people to have their match now because YOU are pissed off.
So far it is your typical singles match to push a PPV tag team match. Although, how they transitioned to this from the Havok and Rosemary match was creative.
Senton from Kimber Lee but unfortunately for her, it was to the knees of Tasha Steelz.
Looked like a Blue Thunder Bomb from Tasha and she gets the pinfall victory here.
Post-match, Deonna is pissed at Susan for making this match and it leads to a loss. Susan and Deonna end up attacking Tasha and Kiera but Rosemary and Havok come back out to get revenge.
Deonna is taken out by Rosemary and Havok but so is Kiera. Rosemary and Havok are delighted over being the ones left standing.

Video promo from Maclin about meeting Mr. Mayhem which I think is meant to be like the bad man inside him?

Josh Alexander is now being interviewed about how he was happy to compete in the Iron Man Match and wanting the top talent.
Ace Austin then walks in to mock him about how prepared he is and that he should only be worried about Austin. Josh brings up beating Ace multiple times before.

Commentators made a good point about tapping out quick to save yourself for the match on Saturday. It made me think, why not have them not go for the Submission and just use the match to hurt two opponents as much as possible before Saturday?
Rohit and Bey are the ones to first have communication issues, as expected from Heels.
Code Breaker from Petey on Rohit allows Trey to get a figure four variation on Rohit and gets the submission victory.
Post-match, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come out to destroy everyone until Josh Alexander comes down to try and stop the attack. In the end, everyone is fighting with Fulton taking the most of it.
Petey Williams has Trey and Bey hold up Fulton so he can hit a Canadian Destroyer on him off the top. Was that better than Willie Mack hitting it on Alexander?

Willie Mack and Rich Swann are being interviewed by Gia Miller about Morrissey who Mack is facing in a No DQ match tonight before Swann has him on Saturday.
Mack tells Swann that tonight is his night and asks Swann not to get involved even though it is a No DQ. Swann agrees.

It’s time for It’s All About Me with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K. This week’s host is Rachael Ellering who brings Jordynne Grace with her.
Tenille and Kaleb are not happy with Grace being there.
Rachael’s only question is why she is there. Tenille is working her best to getting in between but Rachael is having none of it. Rachael gets ready to challenge Tenille but Grace wants the match against Tenille instead.

We see the highlights of the match on BTI earlier tonight. This leads to a video promo by Violent By Design to put over the Against All Odds match and Doering’s match against Eddie Edwards tonight.

No one out there to be in the corner of Eddie even though Violent by Design are just trash talking and not touching Eddie… yet.
Rhino is first to get involved behind the back of Brandon Tolle but Eddie fights it off. Seconds later Tolle sees Deaner interfering and calls for the bell.
Post-match, Kojima comes running down to save Eddie which leads to Joe Doering going blow for blow until Kojima sends Doering to the outside.
Loved the holding back of Joe Doering by Rhino and Deaner. The caged animal treatment really helps push the possibilities of their match on Saturday.

Video promo with Moose telling us about how he has never been able to become the Impact World Champion. He says if he had been in the Main Event at Rebellion, he would be AEW and Impact World Champion right now.

Am I the only one that really wants to see a Samoa Joe vs. Willie Mack match? Two of the biggest, size wise, X Division Champions in TNA/Impact history.
Morrissey has control early on as we head to a commercial break. Still possible they could give us another commercial break for the show is over.
We are back with Morrissey working over Mack still. The only change is they are now on the outside. Morrissey makes his first mistake going knees first into the steel steps when Mack moves.
The height of the Splash by Morrissey that didn’t hit Mack in the corner looked like he almost went in crotch first into the top turnbuckle. THAT is height.
Morrissey’s selling of the chair shots from Mack was at HBK vs. Hogan levels of selling.
The chair gets booted into the face of Willie Mack and Morrissey gets the pinfall victory.
Post-match, as expected, Morrissey decides to further attack Mack in order to get Rich Swann out there. Speaking of Swann, how much Pink can one man wear?

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