AEW AEW Dynamite


Opening up with The Pinnacle exiting their limo to arrive at the building giving JR an opportunity to let us know that Business is about to pick up.

Big Money Matt is in the ring with TH2 cutting a promo on Christian Cage. Angelico is going to be taking on Cage here to further the Cage and Hardy feud.

Very obvious this is taped show and they are piping in the crowd noise. Still better than the noise from the ThunderDome.
Interesting Submission from Angelico locking up the arms of Christian who is eventually able to reach the ropes with his feet. We really do forget sometimes how tall Christian actually is.
Diving Headbutt from Christian Cage. I had originally thought he was going for the Frog Splash and just couldn’t make it to Angelico.
A couple spots in this one just came off looking awkward. Not sure if they are botches or meant to come off the way they did but they did look weird.
Killswitch on Angelico and Christian Cage picks up the pinfall victory that we all expected.
Post-match, Jack Evans comes in getting his rear handed to him but he was merely the decoy. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Christian once he turns around.
Jungle Boy eventually comes out to make the save to continue the budding friendship between Christan and Jungle Boy.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to let us know that Cody Rhodes will be teaming with Brock… Anderson next week.
Brock definitely looks a LOT like his dad did when he debuted in the NWA. If they bring in Tessa Blanchard they can put her with Cody, Brock and Andrade to have the next generation Horsemen.
QT Marshall comes out to pretend like he beat Cody all by himself and not with the help we all know.
QT Marshall wants their next match to be on July 7th in front of a live audience on the road and wants it to be a Strap Match.
The segment breaks down when QT straps Arn Anderson in the back with his belt so Brock jumps him. Referees have to come out to break everything up.

Eddie Kingston gets an earlier today picture-in-picture promo with Penta and Pac with Eddie doing the talking and Pac just walking off showing he and Eddie are NOT friends.
Pac is starting this off and tells Matt that he wants Brandon Cutler but Bucks aren’t that stupid. Matt gets beat so tags Cutler in anyways and tosses him in the ring… to the wolves or wolf.
Pac avoids tagging in Eddie Kingston to tag in Penta instead. Really liked that they just don’t have people get along simply because they are all similarly aligned.
Pac tags himself in while Eddie is in the ring but won’t double team Cutler with him and just waits for Eddie to let him go. Great story so far.
Off to our first restaurant quality picture-in-picture commercial break of the night. Thanks TSN. Take note Sportsnet!
We are back from the commercial break with the Young Bucks in control until Pac makes his comeback and eventually but reluctantly tags in Kingston.
Young Bucks hits a Superkick Party but hit Cutler with it instead of Penta allowing Penta to hit the Destroyer on Matt Jackson.
Penta and Eddie take out Nick and Cutler allowing Pac to hit the 450 Splash on Matt Jackson and locks on the Brutalizer. Nick tries to break it but Pac doesn’t let go.
Matt tries to roll up Pac and hold the trunks but only gets a two-count. Triple team before cutler tags in but nobody home except the back fist from Kingston allowing Pac to get the pinfall victory.
Good Brothers hit the ring to help the post-match beat down leading Kazarian to come out and help clear the ring.

The “raw” footage that Don Callis and Kenny Omega said they had is just them putting fake subtitles making Bryce look biased. Classic Old School Carny heel booking.

Pinnacle come out to explain their loss to Inner Circle in the Stadium Stampede match. FTR starts it off by saying why they tried to take food out of Santana and Ortiz’s career.
Spears tells Sammy that he got the moment of his career at Spears’ expense. Spears calls Sammy a glorified Indy Wrestler before telling Sammy it isn’t finished.
Wardlow even cuts a promo on Jake Hager being obsessed with him. He says it is because he brings out the best in Hager. Wardlow says it won’t matter where the fight happens, he will win.
MJF denies Jericho another match because he is tired of it. MJF says that Sammy has the same reading skills as Helen Keller. Wow.
MJF gets his tag line in before Jericho appears on the screen to explain that he should know what happens when the Inner Circle don’t get what they want.
Pan over to Inner Circle destroying the Limo that the Pinnacle arrived in earlier. Jake Hager tops it off by using a forklift to impale the limo and lift it up. They may have broke that forklift.

Video promo from Sting and Darby Allin to say that he is not going to replace Sting. He’s going to fight it as a Handicap Match. Sting and Darby talk over each other with their disagreement.
Sting says if that is what Darby wants, Sting won’t be there.

We get a video package from Evil Uno over what the TNT Championship means to him and the Dark Order. He tells Miro he will find out just how devious he can be.

Dark Order comes out for the entrance but as is the norm now, they head to the back after the entrance.
All Miro out of the gate of this one including no-selling the chops from Uno.
Miro looked like he seriously hurt his hand smashing it against the ring post.
Back from the commercial, Grayson and Angels come out to encourage Uno to get him hyped enough to get in the ring. Miro is not happy at this and he heads to the back to go after both.
Miro pulls off the top turnbuckle after Angels gets away. Let’s see who ends up going into it.
Negative One and the rest of the Dark order come out to encourage Uno.
Miro goes face first into the the exposed turnbuckle but still kicks out at Two.
Uno does the tribute to Brodie with the Disqus Forearm but Miro just no sells it and wags his finger at Negative One before making Uno tap out to the Game Over.

Video package to hype Andrade after his debut last week on Friday Night Dynamite.

Tony Schiavone brings out Kenny Omega and Don Callis for an in-ring interview to push the match against Jungle Boy on the 26th.
Don Callis grabs the mic away from Tony Schiavone when he calls BS on the conspiracy theory of Callis and Omega.
They call Jungle Boy a One Hit Wonder just like the band that does his entrance music.
Kenny Omega actually says he respects Jungle Boy because he sees himself in Jungle Boy but is just missing one thing, the guts.
Jungle Boy has heard enough and he comes out with Don trying to get the crowd at ringside not to sing the theme song.
Jungle Boy just tells Kenny that he talks too much. Omega then goes for the cheap shot but Jungle Boy was ready for it. Young Bucks have to make it out to the ring to prevent the Snare Trap being locked on Omega.

Smart Mark with Jade Cargill letting us know that Jade has stripped the fat off so she can take care of her family and her needs.
Apparently, Jade gets paid every time she says her catchphrase. Why else would anyone say that so often?

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are now responding to Darby Allin saying he wants to fight them by himself.

Took the announcers letting us know the opponent’s name because Archer is in the ring attacking his opponent before Justin can introduce him.
Archer gets the easy win and walks right to the back without even waiting to celebrate.

The Wingmen are throwing down a challenge to Orange Cassidy saying they want to make him over. If he declines they will just beat him down.

Vicki leaves a stool on the ramp making fun of the height of Leyla but Leyla tosses it at her in the ring.
Nyla Rose goes after Leyla once she gets in the ring but Hirsch gets an armbar locked on. Nyla is able to get to the ropes to break it.
Nyla finally counters a Tope Suicida to gain control on the outside. She is able to get a full advantage after sending Leyla headfirst into the Barricades.
Good cover from Tony Schiavone to say that Nyla meant to get the shoulder of Leyla on the knee drop since we got a bad camera angle.
Vicki gets a slap to the face in when the Referee has his back to them.
Back from the commercial break, Leyla Hirsch is in control of Nyla and gets a two on the pinfall attempt.
This is a great example of how you can book a smaller person to be believable against a much bigger opponent.
Nyla fights off Leyla on the top and hits an Avalanche Beast Bomb to get the pinfall victory.

Tony is now interviewing Britt Baker and Rebel backstage with Britt saying Nyla was so good at flipping burgers last week, she should make a career change.
Britt says the title made Nyla but Britt is making the title.

Hangman Adam Page apparently has lost all sense of time according to the lower third.
Page and Cage are countering pretty much everything the other throws at them.
Likely the last commercial break but Hobbs is in control of Ten as we start the break.
Huge forearm from Hangman to Hobbs as we return from commercial allowing Ten enough time to get to Hangman and tag in.
We see that Hook and Starks have come down to the ringside during the commercial break.
What a massive crossbody from Hobbs on Hangman. Bryce actually had to check on Page after it to make sure he was okay.
Double Team High/Low from Cage and Hobbs on Ten but only a two count as Ten is able to just kick out.
Hook gets in the ring to let Starks toss the FTW title again. Cage tossed the belt leading to Starks slapping Cage and getting chased off. Hobbs is left alone at ringside.
Tazz is livid on Commentary at Brian Cage for leaving ringside as well as not using the Title.
Buckshot Lariat on Hobbs from Hangman allows Ten to get the pinfall victory.

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