Karrion Kross defends the NXT Championship in a Fatal 5-Way Match against Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Kyle O'Reilly and Pete Dunne. Ember Moon challenges Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women's Title

WWE have missed the ball by not calling the Pre-Show the “Free-For-All” like back in the day.

Okay, the opening to look like the old school WWF logo intro was a great addition.

We open with someone named Naomi Fox lip-syncing to a song called In Your House. What, was Ashlee Simpson unavailable?

Legado Del Fantasma coming out wearing their usual new gear for a TakeOver. Their entrance was the first chance for me to notice the RAMP to the ring is back!
They needed to have two referees to hold all three belts before the match but only one is the referee for the match.
Has anyone else realized half the guys in this match made their names in Impact Wrestling?
Reed single-handedly is able to destroy all three members of Legado Del Fantasma.
Everyone gets in their high flying spots to the outside that climaxes with Bronson Reed hitting a Suicide Dive on everyone. Very obvious piped in sound as you can hear the real crowd drown it out with a different chant.
Hot tag goes to Bronson Reed but it was a pretty quiet hot tag. The Crowd doesn’t seem to be behind Reed that way NXT wants.
Smart heel work with Escobar being told to get in the ring by Reed but doesn’t do the tag to get the ref distracted so Mendoza can get the cheap shot in.
Escobar is having a fit at ringside and tries to steal the North American Title but Reed plows him through one of the barricades at ringside.
Mendoza dives into a superkick before a double team from MSK before Reed hits the Tsunami and gets the pinfall win.

We see what Kyle O’Reilly had to say earlier today just as The Way were arriving and security has to keep them all apart.

We are seeing the footage from 4 years ago when Mercedes Martinez beat Xia Li in the Mae Young Classic. It is nice that they at least gave a reason for this match-up.

I’m not sure what is up with the hair of Xia Li. I don’t think I’ve seen many ancient Chinese traditions where they have multi coloured hair.
It really is amazing to see how far both Xia Li and Tay Conti have come from their debuts in the Mae Young Classic.
Sick kick and great selling of it by Xia Li after Mercedes Martinez moves from the ring post. Xia is now selling the leg perfectly after each time she uses it.
Cliffhanger from Martinez but Xia Li has able to kick out as the announcers keep pushing that Xia has not lost since joining Tian Sha.
Boa pulls Xia Li out of the ring after a great-looking running knee from Martinez.
Xia Li is able to pick up the pinfall victory after a sweet spin kick.
Post-match, Xia tells Boa to give her a chair but Martinez is able to fight her off and get the chair herself.
Boa and Xia Li both get beat down with the chair but the lights go down and Mercedes yells at Mei Ying she isn’t scared. Mei Ying then stands up leading Martinez and her to walk towards each other.
Mei Ying grabs the throat of Martinez the second she is in range. She no sells a chair shot before tossing Martinez off the stage and into the barricade with one hand.

We get a video promo from Thatcher and Ciampa to push the tag match against Grizzled Young Veterans on Tuesday night.

Ted Dibiase is coming out for this one, as you would expect. He has the wish versions of Brinks driver’s bring out the belt before it gets hung above the ring.
They are seriously hanging the belt up by having it in the box? Why not just hang a briefcase up like with Money in the Bank?
Grimes is super over with the crowd getting them to chant “Kiss His Grits” after saying it to LA Knight.
Some ladder spots make no logical sense. I know it is wrestling and we aren’t supposed to think logically but do they smash the ladders against each other instead of doing the stab motion?
That one ladder had a very bad landing on the head of Cameron Grimes. No blood so it looks like it simply looked worse than it was.
Is it just me or is this show missing a spark? Just feels like it is not that special of a show so far.
The neck breaker on Grimes from Knight looked like it was a bad idea from the get-go. Neither of the men came out of that for the better.
LA Knight learned that you don’t use another wrestlers catchphrase as Grimes reverses the Irish Whip and sends Knight into the set up ladder in the corner.
Grimes wanted the Gold Ladder and heads to the stage to grab the prop ladder painted gold. Did Wade Barrett actually think it was made of Gold?
Knight meets Grimes at the top of the ladder. Knight gets sent off but he sends the Ladder, and Grimes, toppling to the ground.
Anyone else wondering if the colours at the bottom of the ladder legs are signals and not just decoration?
Grimes takes Knight to the outside and heads to the top of the but Knight gets back in and tips over the ladder to send Grimes through another.
Knight climbs to the top and takes the belt in a box down to be the new Million Dollar Champion.
Post-match, Dibiase takes the belt out of the box and presents the belt to LA Knight who gets some pyro.

Todd is trying to shill some merchandise which is the cue for Hit Row to come in and present their shirt and apparently a new single from them.

Cut to Dunne and Kross being held apart in the backstage area to help promote the main event.

Before the video package for the NXT Women’s Championship match, they once again mention this is the best women’s division in the world. If YOU say it, it is not true. If OTHERS say it, THEN it is true.

Seriously… what is with showing off the shoulder blades? I ask every time because it just boggles my mind that someone thought that looks cool or sexy or anything but weird.
Dakota trying to be a distraction really early on and it works as Raquel is able to send Ember Moon flying off the ring apron.
Gonzalez actually hits a corkscrew splash from the second turnbuckle onto Moon. Wade called a twisting Vader Bomb but I think the Corkscrew Splash is a more accurate description.
The Code Red from Ember on Raquel is a great example of how it is a move dependant on how good the person getting it is.
Dakota gets up on the apron as Ember goes to the top for another distraction but Moon is still able to kick out after the suplex from Raquel. Really feels like they’re building to Shotzi returning to take out Dakota.
Modified Eclipse from Ember Moon to counter Raquel’s possible Brainbuster attempt. A regular Eclipse from Ember but Dakota puts Raquels foot on the rope. Here she comes, Shotzi chases off Dakota and it is just the two left in the ring.
Raquel Gonzalez catches Ember on the Eclipse attempt and is able to hit Snake Eyes. Raquel then hits the chokeslam to get the pinfall victory and retain.

Todd is playing a classic Karate Fights game with Dexter Lumis. He doesn’t like that Todd brought up his lady luck as of late.

We get a promo for Great American Bash taking place on Tuesday, July 6th.

As Johnny is making his way to the ring for his entrance he sees that Shotzi, Ember, Raquel, and Dakota being held apart.
Really liked seeing Gargano come out in HBK gear but even better than that was him calling back to last year by walking out through the set door.
Said it before but worth saying it again. I love that they just say the city and province for Canadian wrestlers instead of having to add Canada. American Wrestling fans should know Canadian Provinces by now.
Nice to finally see that Adam Cole has new music and entrance to finally put an end to the Undisputed Era… Era.
Scarlett does come out for the entrance but is “dismissed” by Kross after the entrance and she heads to the back.
Nice spot with Dunne doing the finger spot on Gargano and O’Reilly after Gargano locked on his submission on Kyle.
After Kross gets back in it, Dunne and Gargano are able to work together to send Kross through the Front Door on the stage.
Kross is having to take on all four until he finally falls to the mat. Once he is done the others turn their attention to each other with everyone down and out now.
Cole and O’Reilly look at each other and work together to powerbomb Kross into the Broadcast table. The four now square off in the ring while Kross is out cold.
Sick Double Superkick from Cole and Gargano on Dunne as Dunne was in midair and upside down.
Panama Sunrise without full rotation on Gargano but Dunne pulls Cole out of the ring before the three count.
Kross has not got up and Dunne just gets back in the ring to call him back in showing no fear.
Bitter End on Kross but a kick out at two by Kross so Dunne goes for the triangle choke with it almost over until the other 3 break it up.
Kross locks the Kross Jacket in on Dunne but Pete bends back the fingers of Kross with Kross selling it great.
Gargano hits the one final beat on Dunne allowing Kross to put the Kross Jacket on Gargano. Cole hits the last shot to break that up.
Kyle dives off the top to hit his knee strike on Kross but Cole breaks that up.
Kyle has the leg lock on Cole but Kross again with the Kross Jacket on Kyle. Kyle lets go as he fades andd it is over as Kross retains.

Cut to William Regal being interviewed about all the craziness that happened tonight. Regal talks like he is done as the GM of NXT. Do you want a new GM for NXT?

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