AEW AEW Rampage


Dante Martin and Hobbs, Adam Cole and Dark Order's 10, and Jay White makes his in-ring AEW debut.


  • Did Preston Vance get the okay from Shawn Spears to start doing the 10 thing with his hands?
  • Anyone else notice that they don’t mention Lio Rush at all when Dante Martin comes out now?
  • Gun to your head, could you describe what Darius Martin looks like? Be honest.
  • Can we PLEASE not get Broken Matt Hardy again? Please?
  • How long before Deeb’s killing of the clock will backfire on her?
  • Anyone else just realize that the Face of the Revolution match is for a shot at the TNT Title and NOT the World Title?


  • I’m amazed that fans still want to do the 10 chants after all these years
  • 10 could be the next big monster with Wardlow and Lance Archer. If booked right.
  • Loved seeing shots of Valentine vs. Piper during the MJF/Punk recap video.
  • Dante Martin is starting to really give me early years AJ Styles vibes with the moves he pulls off.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs getting the win over Dante Martin took that match from being in the middle to a plus. Was really shocked they went that way but liked that they did.
  • Deeb and Risk showed that you can tell how truly tough someone is by the amount they talk. The less they talk, the more you should be scared of how tough they are.


  • Adam Cole vs. Dark Order’s 10
  • Dante Martin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
  • Jade Cargill’s outfit, The Bunny
  • Jay White vs. Trent Bereta


  • Angelica Risk vs. Serena Deeb


  • The further “breaking” of Matt Hardy

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