Revelations of Divine Love Tournament winner Rhio challenges Gisele Shaw for the PROGRESS Women’s Title. Luke Jacobs battles Spike Trivet in a No Disqualifications Match. Cara Noir defends the PROGRESS World Championship against Dean Allmark.


  • In 2022, how has “The Comments Section” not become the finisher of someone, anyone?
  • Did anyone actually want an invite to Spike Trivet’s party after the show?
  • Whose shoulders was the referee counting when Dean and Cara were only holding hands with both their shoulders down? Was anyone actually covered?


  • That Blacony dive during the tag title match was insane.
  • Got a lot of Brian Kendrick and Raven vibes from Oberman.
  • Something seemed really off during Falcon/Austin
  • Just the idea of the Lemon Juice mixed with Thumbtacks makes me cringe… in a good way.
  • Cara Noir is basically the Silent Film, Zero Comedy version of Danhausen
  • Great that they mentioned Gisele is now an Impact Knockout


  • Lykos Gym vs. Smokin Aces, The baclony dive, Smokin Aces having googles on to protect against Lykos “Fuji-ing” them.
  • Spike Trivet vs. Luke Jacobs, Lemon Juice + Thumbtacks
  • Chris Ridgeway vs. Jonathan Gresham, the Crowd Reaction for both
  • Dean Allmark vs. Cara Noir, Cara Noir’s selling of the double clothesline, Dean Allmark’s counter to a Sleeper
  • Kanji’s return promo to get her title back


  • The angry fan after the Tag Team Title match
  • Scott Oberman vs. Big Guns Joe
  • Lana Austin vs. Alexxis Falcon
  • Rhio vs. Gisele Shaw


  • Simon Miller’s opening
  • WWE Network making me sign in every 3 minutes
  • WWE Network NOT including the ROH World Title Match

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