AEW AEW Dynamite


Thunder Rosa challenges Britt Baker in a Steel Cage, The Hardy's AEW in-ring debut, TNT Title Match and much more!


  • Anyone else hear some booing for the faces in the opening trios match?
  • Onw had to think that someone would go into the pot of gold at some point during the night, right?
  • How did it take seeing it as an on screen graphic 15 minutes in to the show am I JUST finding out of Hardys vs. Private Party happening later tonight?
  • How great must Wheeler Yuta be for so many to want to help get him over?
  • How awesome is it to have Chris Jericho as a Heel again?
  • We all knew MJF was going to cost Wardlow the match, right?
  • Session Moth Martina wrestled on Dark? If she ends Jade’s streak down the road, how funny would that be?
  • Can we go just ONE AEW show without someone bleeding?
  • Aubrey could have made it there faster if she hadn’t put her gloves on before coming out, no?
  • Kayfabe or not, how did Britt kick out after landing on those chairs?


  • Wheeler Yuta has fought Moxley a few times now and every time they’ve built on the previous time. The fact they have spread these matches out without them being in an actual feud shows how AEW does things differently.
  • At this point, Hardys doing their gimmick at this age reminds me of those dad’s that have the hair dye dripping down their head trying not to look old but end up looking older.
  • Not a good sign of Britt retaining when they don’t update her video package with the new title.
  • Really good that the announcers explained that this is old school TNA rules with the cage match. Britt trying to escape made it seem like that is a viable way to win. Britt just wanting to get out puts over the match even more.


  • reDRagon & Adaam Cole vs. Adam Page & Jurassic Express, reDRagon being written in red in the lower third, the triple moonsault
  • Chuck Taylor & Wheeler Yuta vs. Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley, Wiliam Regal on Commentary, Danielson using the Muta Lock, Wheeler Yuta getting a story
  • Jericho Appreciation Society
  • Deeb’s video promo continuing the feud with Shida
  • Beat down of Wardlow after the match
  • Hometown Fans reaction to Rosa’s entrance
  • Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker honouring Scott Hall with her gear, JR asking why they need thumbtacks under a wrestling ring with Tony giving a reason


  • Teasing the end of Statlander’s alien gimmick
  • Jericho mentioning his friend “Kevin”
  • Wardlow vs. Scorpio Sky


  • Lambert wearing the Interim TNT TItle, Paige VanZant’s husband’s acting ability
  • The Hardys vs. Private Party, Jeff Hardy being out of gas
  • More blood on another AEW show, Ref bump in the Cage Match

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