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Did you almost turn the PPV off too?

Anyone who has been following the page for a while now can attest to the fact that we are HUGE fans of good Women’s Wrestling. We regularly talk about how Men and Women can and should be seen as equals when it comes to booking and TV time when their skills are matched. THAT SAID, the TBS Championship match at Full Gear had absolutely no right going to air let alone to Pay-Per-View.

I completely understand that not putting Jade on the PPV to defend her Championship that it can make her look less important than the booking makes her out to be. I understand that there was a legit story used to build this match. But neither of those reasons excuses how god-awful that match was. If you want to do that match and start booking the story far enough in advance, that match should have been planned and rehearsed well in advance when you don’t have a veteran in the ring to call the match with one of those two.

That is just talking about the actual quality of the match without even mentioning the booking decision of having these two feud. I understand that they are still pushing Athena’s new heel persona and isn’t ready to be in a major story with it yet. I understand with Thunder Rosa out, Britt feuding with Saraya, and getting the belt on Hayter left slim pickings. I understand that they may want to test the waters of Jade as a face. None of these are reasons for that match to happen on one of only four major PPVs when you have an hour pre-show that you could have had the match on so people didn’t feel their money was wasted or that they didn’t get full value.

With that said, what did YOU think of Nyla Rose vs. Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship at Full Gear?

Do you feel that Jade Cargill should still get a face turn eventually?

Do you agree that they should be having veterans like Madison Rayne feuding with these women to help make them look stronger in the ring?

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